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Message from the Family

Loved By: Rachel & Dawn

June 2001-12/6/2018

Boomer the best kitty, more affectionately known as boo boo, boo boo kitty and boobie. You came to us as a little ball of fur with a personality that was huge. I became your mom and you became the best friend of Rachel whom you loved so much, you slept with her, laid on her, laid in her book bag and became her guard cat. Through the seventeen and half years we had you, you would never come up to bed until Rachel was home. This was difficult for you when Rachel went to college and those first few weeks you did not understand but then she came home on break and you were back to your guard mode, no rest till my best friend is home. Then when Rachel moved out you were lost again but then she would come to visit and you were oh so happy until she brought her dog mason with her. But through the years you continued to be at the door when I came home and you greeted every guest that entered our house. I will miss how you always woke me up every Saturday and Sunday early so you could get your special treat of wet food that morning. How you knew when the weekend arrived is still a mystery to me, but you taught snickers well because now he does what you use to do. You were the only cat I knew that walked on a leash, sat on the bleachers at Rachels soccer games, ate lettuce, doritos, pepper rings and kielbasa and sauerkraut, you would sit and cry in front of the oven till the kielbasa and sauerkraut was done so you could get your share one day a year on new years day.