Condolence & Memory Journal

Rev. Moon was a Father, a leader and an example to me. I have spent hundreds of hours at his feet listening to him speak over a period of more than twenty years. At his passing many memories of those precious times pour over me. He loved to teach. He loved to play the audience and tease out responses. He gained strength and inspiration from his often lengthy and impassioned addresses. There was joy, there was vision, there was a kind of intimacy with those he spoke to. In those speeches I felt he opened his heart and soul and invited me in.
As the librarian of the Unification Theological Seminary, I found recordings of his early speeches in America that had not been transcribed and I sent them to Korea so that they could be included in his life work. I am proud that in some way I could contribute to preserving the record of his early years in the United States.
When I joined the Unification Church, I had given up on marriage. His vision of the family as the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth melted my heart over time. He had a gift for matching. I put my trust in him and submitted my picture for matching. My wife and I both feel that our matching and our children are a gift from God. We are forever grateful to Rev. Moon for transmitting that gift to us His behalf.
When I joined the Unification Church, I did not have a sense of purpose for my life. Rev. Moon gave me a sense of purpose that awakened in me a drive to go beyond my limitations and be more than I ever imagined possible. He challenged me to sacrifice myself for the sake of others and I did. He challenged me to keep going when I wanted to quit and I did. He challenged me to get a PhD from Columbia University and I did. He awakened in me a passion for life and a vision of service to others which is very much a part of my daily life. I am no longer a Unificationist, but the passion and dedication that I bring to my life of faith as Mormon will always be part of Rev. Moon's legacy to me.

Posted by Thomas C. Bowers - Kingston, NY - Mutual Friends   September 05, 2012

My spouse and I were matched by Rev. Moon back in 1998 by photos only. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing by getting matched back then, but our relationship survives to this very day, and we now have a beautiful baby boy. His life is a great miracle, and he is a super cute, super sweet and super intelligent little man bringing joy to our lives everyday. Although many arranged marriages didn't work out, I can speak from personal experience that my spouse turned out to be an ideal life partner for me, and vice versa. I see in our son a great mix of our physical features, my spouse being Japanese and myself caucasian. I love my son's looks and sweet personality...Rev. Moon knew what he was doing :)

Posted by Jean Takarada - Bridgeport, CT - supporter of Rev. Moon   September 04, 2012