Condolence & Memory Journal

Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biggtiy.

Posted by Kory - HXwCI8IpgJ, WY - 7fcuupkh   July 02, 2015


I always enjoyed watching him on tv in interviews he was a great journalist and will be missed.

Posted by Heather Walker    December 27, 2011


Love and joy to you, Hitch! Travel on in peace! I miss you desperately, but will try to celebrate your life by enjoying my own...

Karen Olsen
Seattle, WA

Posted by Karen Olsen - fan   December 20, 2011

What a loss. What a grief.

Posted by Joe - Phoenix, AZ - Foe   December 17, 2011

A brilliant mind and gifted writer. He was controversial, but stood firm and never wavered in his beliefs.

Posted by Kimmie G.    December 16, 2011

A man ahead of his time and spoke truth to power. People will fight -- and kill - most of all for their God, never mind the contradictions, historic hypocrisy, and lack of any credible evidence. We're still caveman around a fire desperate to believe in magic.

Posted by Larry - orlando, FL - admirer   December 16, 2011