Condolence & Memory Journal

I was always so happy to see Charlie come to the Gideons meeintg, even at times when I knew he did not feel well.He just brought JOY to Claude and myself. He really made me feel good to be around him. He had a smile any time you saw him.We will really

Posted by Ananth - rirxBDIuQI0w, SC - hX5YB8SsnY   April 12, 2015

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What a joy to find such clear thgiiknn. Thanks for posting!

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My deepest sympathy in memory of a wonderful woman, whose many accomplishments will live on forever.

Posted by Peter J. Kaufmann - previous Lauder employee   January 23, 2012


thank you Evelyn, Pink has been my colour all my life, and since 1997, I am still here after 4 recurrances, i must have work to do, you did and you did it with style , elegance and much love, your no longer in pain, you are working as an angle for us, much love forever until we meet, ashleigh

Posted by ashleigh - fan   December 26, 2011

We had the immense pleasure to spend several glorius days with Evelyn and Leonard snorkeling in the Red Sea.

What a delight and what a special time.
Evelyn was more fun than one could imagine.
Once when I fell asleep on the deck I woke up to see her and her friend Patty Cisneros giggling wildly and could not understand.

Finally I glanced down at my toes which had been painted fire engine red with Evelyn's nail polish.

Not quite the image this burly Red Sea Dive Master wanted to project but it really was funny and I couldn't help but join them in their laughter.

Sharon and I reach out to Leonard and the family with a big hug and deep appreciation for the kindness both you and Evelyn always shared with us.

God bless her sould and memory.

Howard and Sharon Rosenstein
Hofit, Israel

Posted by Howard and Sharon Rosenstein - Israel - friends   December 21, 2011


So sad to hear of her passing. I love her cosmetics and thank her for them.

Posted by Laurie Davis    December 02, 2011

Condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Evelyn Lauder. I am sorry for your great loss. It is very encouraging to know tha Mrs. Lauder started up the "Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation." Her hopes of curing Breast Cancer will not go in vain.

Posted by Margaret Beard - Bethlehem, PA   November 20, 2011

I met Evelyn so many times at the Crest Hollow Christmas party's,she was always so elegant and kind.God bless her,and the Lauder family at this most difficult time.

Posted by Susan Sabella - Enorthport, NY - layed off employee of 29 years.   November 16, 2011


She made a difference in so many ways.

Posted by Pat    November 15, 2011


Bless you. You did a lot for a lot of people, and for yourself.
Fran S

Posted by Fran - friend   November 15, 2011

Evelyn Lauder, you were a true woman. You had much success in your life and shared it with many others. Although I have no memories with you physical,I do have memories about you, reading about you and your life countless times. You see I am one of your employees. I am a Beauty Advisor for Estee Lauder. Thank you for everything you have done for people around the world and I thank you and your family for what you have given me.

Posted by Y. Benitez - Chicago, IL - An employee   November 15, 2011


Rest in Peace Evelyn. You touched many lives and Thanks for giving us Hope for the cure. We will contiue what you started.

Posted by Steven Jordan    November 14, 2011


May God Bless Evelyn and everyone whos lives she has touched.

Posted by Monica Pina    November 14, 2011


RIP and thank you!

Posted by Ann Chicoine - 24 yr. breast cancer survivot   November 13, 2011

I only met her once but in nearly every way she was the woman who, even as an adult, I wanted to grow up and become. Warm, elegant, courageous, hardworking, thoroughly modern and able to transform life's challenges into a gift for others. May her good example continue to shine and may her family be soothed by the gift of her presence in their lives.

Posted by Leslie - new york, NY   November 13, 2011


I would like to let her family and friends know that the work she did for cancer research and the pink ribbon in 1992 did not go without notice. Praying for peace at heart for you and yours.

Posted by just juggie    November 13, 2011