Condolence & Memory Journal

Have you seen any shows if so, which? I have been in Buddy 1 night only and Christmas carol! (All gr8)What did you think? i think they were all fab i no i posted 1 aledary but its fun and i wanted to show my friends because they love to write things like this so they might be joing pukka to do this and all the shows!!Any other comments? no but look at this cool hu?

Posted by Natalia - NKDyJLAwzHx, NH - qUSQckzd4   April 04, 2015

Have you seen any shows if so, which? all of them!What did you think? Pukka is made up of a truly amazing group of teelntad, dedicated and committed people. They have such amazing talents and qualities and are truly amazing.Any other comments? I am so proud to have been a cast member in the recent production of Buddy. I have loved every minute of it and am soooo hoping to be in a future performance. Thanks everyone. M xx

Posted by Oding - QL3Tx7dpSg, AZ - Rl11hiLxPV   April 03, 2015

how can i convert my 58 edsel that has a getreaner to a alternater?how can u change it over to a alternater? my getreaner is bad and its tooo much to buy a new 1 and i would really like to just change it out to a alternater becouse its aton easier to fix if its bad and i want to upgrade it. also what do i need to use like what brackets?

Posted by Emirhan - P4I4AeDOo, NY - unpWcRFkR3C   April 03, 2015

i say that it'd be cool if we could actually get REAL NARNIAN PASSPORTS i mean we could have them made for each fan wirldwode and sell it to them .the sites could do that i guesssssssssssssssssss

Posted by Kayo - 7gqRfcdwyrHe, LA - ykLGEWR2YW   April 03, 2015


A job well done Mrs. Bay--A job well done

Posted by Dar    June 04, 2013