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i went to see jack about a torn tendon in my knee about twenty years ago. my regular doctor said i needed minor surgery and three weeks rest but jack recommended assisted suicide instead. well he was right the pain went away and so did i. i am writing this via the famous medium jewy mcjewjew.

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With all these silly websites, such a great page keeps my interent hope alive.

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Hats off to whoveer wrote this up and posted it.

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RIP Jack! prayers go out to your family & friends. No one had the right to judge you Jack because they aren't God. Judge not less you be judged.

Posted by mary    August 05, 2011

I always liked you Jack :)

Posted by - OH   July 07, 2011

Always admired Jack's dedication in helping people to die with dignity.
He no doubt has paved the way to for palliative and hospice care movements which essentially allow a person to die on their own terms, without prolonged suffering.
He put the whole issue of patient's rights to dignity and self determination whenn it comes to human suffering.
His contributions to this cause have left a lasting impression on our society.
He will be missed

Posted by Mamie Britton - Manchester, NH - admirer   July 06, 2011

I am strongly Christian (sort of 1/2 Catholic and 1/2 Evanglical), so you might think that I would consider Dr. Kevorkian's work to be the ultimate sin. But I also practice medicine. I KNOW that not so many decades ago, many of the people who today would choose assisted suicide would have died off long before they had to make that decision. The advancement of medical science and technology has ALSO meant the extension of the lives of some people who would have died sooner (and thus with less time spent suffering) of their terminal illnesses. I know God to be a God of mercy. I believe that Jack Kevorkian was a man of mercy. "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy." (Matthew 5:7) ... Blessed are the merciful - That is, those who are so affected by the sufferings of others as to be disposed to alleviate them. This is given as an evidence of piety, and it is said that they who show mercy to others shall obtain it. Nowhere do we imitate God more than in showing mercy. In nothing does God delight more than in the exercise of mercy, Exodus 34:6; Ezekiel 33:11; 1 Timothy 2:4; 2 Peter 3:9.

Posted by Lynn-Marie M Peashka - ID - Medical practitioner   July 06, 2011

I met Jack Kevorkian at Jackson Mi. He was an interesting,educated man with many talents. He had a funny side to him humorous. I believe in the statement made by Geoffrey Fieger, whom I also met in Jackson, Mi. I believe Kevorkian was a politcal prisoner and his cell should of been occupied by someone that needed to be in prison. After I retired from the MDOC I became an advocate to release Mr. Kevorkian by writing and calling the parole board writing to newspapers etc. I would like to believe that I and others I influenced helped in his release from prison. Only god will judge Jack Kevorkian. My prayers are always that perpetual light shine upon him .Rest in peace. Genevieve I. Allen-Owens

Posted by Genevieve I. Allen-Owens - Jackson, MI - Stand beside him   June 08, 2011

Many a days my Father would of welcomed you into our home. Breathless and unable to do anything he enjoyed He knew you could save him from a painful live and death. I wish you could of came and helped him. He suffered so. The fight in his last few minutes of life were painful you could see it in his eyes and the way his whole body lifted off the gurney trying ti get peace reaching for God.
You were a good man. Now rest in Peace.

Posted by Judy Bryan - Fort Wayne, IN - He was a hero   June 08, 2011

We met at Wayne State when you were giving a lecture and while I thoroughly believe in your thoughts I always wondered if there might have been a netter way. ButI know your heart was in the right place and you will be missed by friends. RIP Jack

Posted by Cathy - detroit, MI - friend   June 07, 2011


I remember meeting you at Michigan State in the Mid-90s; my family knew you during the early years. Your vision will be a lasting legacy. Sympathies to those close to you.

Posted by Helen Knar Cirrito    June 06, 2011


losing faith in humanity one person at a time... May he rest in peace and may the lord accept him! He was by far no murderer, but a man who believed no one should suffer! Most people think nothing of putting an animal down, if it is suffering, why would this world be so inhumane to allow a human life to suffer till the Lord takes them. Everyday we wake up we are one day closer to dying.
Bridget 1978 living with R.A

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May you rest in peace.

Posted by Debbie    June 04, 2011