Condolence & Memory Journal

Charlotte and Norris, I'm sorry for your loss seems so small at this time of great heartache. I wish there was soinhtmeg more I could say or do. Though I know your hearts are breaking, please know we all care about you and are praying everyday for your

Posted by Maria - xVIiSlFf8ZA, NM - IbiodBFYsP0   January 10, 2015


I met your lovely wife and brother in law Ted out on Nantucket! I was very impressed by the Kennedy clan and especially their friendliness. You were definitely loved by many! God Bless!

Posted by Sharon Lee Mullen-Reynolds    January 24, 2011

he was a great man and will be missed by all who loved him.



Rest in Peace Sargent Shriver

Posted by Susan Carten    January 19, 2011


One day in the early 80's, I was eating at Hamburger Hamlet in Bethesda, Maryland. I was a frequent guest at this restaurant!!! I was about to leave, when Sargeant Shriver, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Maria and brother, came in. I was sitting in the far south wing!! in a lovely Queen Anne Chair. They were seated and as I got up, Sargeant Shriver and I, made eye contact. Little known to them, I was thrilled! I politely said, "How are you Sargeant and Mrs. Shriver?" I spoke to the two(2) children as well!! Their response was very joyful and sincere. "Fine, How are you, this evening?" I bid them good evening, with a warm smile, respectfully exclaiming, "Enjoy your meal!! With the day's issue of the Washington Post under my arm, I exited the Restaurant. I will never forget how kind he was to me, just another patron in a restaurant. I appreciate all they did for this country. I wanted to apply for the Peace Corps. in 1974, while studying at American University, Washington, D.C, but due to Asthma, could not. What a great Team we've lost. True American Patriots in Action, they both were!! May God Bless the Families.

Posted by Ruth D. (White) Howard-Briggs - Fellow Customer   January 19, 2011


I had the privedge of working for Sarge in the 1972 Presidential Campaign. First, as an advance man and then full time on the plane. We worked many campaign stops and had so much fun. He was a great guy and a real PRO in everthing he did. Condolences to the family for their loss! We will all miss him!

Posted by Bobby Allison - Friend   January 19, 2011