Condolence & Memory Journal

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Posted by Ela - 9fB0g9BnU, GA - FjHzPVmN   September 12, 2015

hi im 12 years old and i have always dreaemd of establishing my own business however i have two choices recycle clothes and sell them and a mobile phone recycle unit where i sell unwanted phones plz reply saying the best one in the market is thanks

Posted by Jurek - kmV3NqRnv, SC - WUYn2dvXF   February 21, 2015

Hi Freddie!If you want my opinion, go with the coelhts recycling. If you can upcycle them (add something, make them cooler than the state you received them in) in some way, you'll have a unique corner of the market. There are a lot of places people can buy used mobile phones from, but if you can make cool upcycled coelhts with your own personal touch, then people can't get those specific coelhts anywhere but from you. Good luck!

Posted by Raviteja - NwuPC9JV6, AZ - D76HZ8DsmQfB   February 21, 2015

Dear Hannah,I just finished ridneag your book and LOVED IT! The different subjects resonated deeply with me. I will look for your second novel.I am planning a trip to Australia next year, so if you have some places to recommend, I am all ears.Thanks for writing such a great novel!

Posted by Saimon - xLk9JUcCF, KY - IH87b6t8q8rW   February 21, 2015

That's a sharp way of thknniig about it.

Posted by Jazlyn - 7qktFVxQkas, HI - rS9HJKLGm7   February 21, 2015

Dear Lois, Thank you for much for your note! Hope the second novel deerlvis a good read too! Australia is chock full of great places to visit. If you are looking for an amazing macaron store and you are in Sydney then I highly reccommend dropping by Adriano Zumbo. He has a few places in Sydney and the flavours are very unique. Let me know if there is anything in particular you are keen on experiencing (great food, natural wonders, shopping etc) and I can shoot you an email with some ideas Very best, Hannah x

Posted by Lori - l3w66gNFCG, ID - ROmEIKyGlbk   February 20, 2015

Chief - you've been gone for ten months and the world has suffered your loss. You are still and will be for many more years in the memory of those that served under you and benefited from your service to the people of Los Angeles. I pray you are resting in peace.


Posted by Doug - Los Angeles, CA - Police Officer   February 12, 2011



Thank you for all the advice and for your outstanding service!!!

Posted by Christian - Former LE Officer   April 24, 2010


R.I.P. "Well done my good and faithful servant."

Posted by Christine - supporter   April 17, 2010


EVERY time I had the pleasure of being in the Chief's presence, he was funny, kind & sincere. He has supported my personal family in good times & in bad.

What a tremendous loss to not only the LAPD family, but law enforcement all over the world. A true visionary such as this man comes along once in a lifetime...

Posted by kelly - family friend   April 17, 2010