Kirk Douglas

  • Died: February 5, 2020
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Kirk Douglas

Hollywood legend

Kirk Douglas was a Hollywood legend, known for "Spartacus" and "Lust for Life." For full obituary and coverage from, click here.

Condolence & Memory Journal

As a youngster I would watch Mr. Douglas's films, and if it was a Western, or a historical role that he played I enjoyed is quality acting. And as I grew up, I learned that his life was also a Quality - Act, I was glad not to hear of scandal, divorce, or other issue that plague Hollywood about him. He showed me a strength, a calm and a confidence that should be the values of all humans. Thank you Mr. Douglas, You were My Hero.

Posted by Arlene Martin - West Mifflin, PA - friend   March 13, 2020


Dear Mike and Catherine, it is with deep condolences that I mourn the loss of your father (and in-law). Though I met him only once, he seemed to be a greater than life person. God bless & keep him.

Posted by Bruce Shawen - Las Vegas, NV   March 12, 2020

Kirk wrote a wonderful autobiography. I recommend reading it.
His exceptional portrayal of a WW1 French Officer in the movie Paths of Glory is especially remembered. Kirk was also outstanding in The Bad & the Beautiful.
Burt Lancaster & Kirk made a terrific duo together. Goodbye Kirk.

Posted by A. Rostic - ON - friend   March 05, 2020


My heartfelt sympathy, and thoughts and prayers, to Anne Douglas, Michael Douglas, Catherine, Peter, Joel, the kids and grandkids, and the entire family of the great actor, and legend, humanitarian, beloved father, and grandfather, Kirk Douglas. So sad to all of you, for your loss!! He was an inspiration to all! What a full and long life he lived! May he rest in peace.

Posted by Maria Emmela - Fairfax, VA   February 29, 2020

Loving messages continue for Kirk. He was a beloved gentleman who entertained millions of people worldwide during his long career. He wrote excellent books too. He was a multi talented man. Kirk RIP---------AJM

Posted by A friend   February 27, 2020

We express our sympathies to the Douglas family, many, many friends, colleagues and fans. May the love and the special memory you shared with your husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great grandfather show how your life was touched by him. He was an icon to Hollywood movies. May the peace promised in Gods word at John 14:27 be active and may you all be helped to endure these difficult times.

Posted by PPA - DC   February 27, 2020


Thank you Kirk and Douglas' families.
Angela and Christian.

Posted by A friend   February 26, 2020

Kirk is now at rest. May his beloved family be surrounded by love of friends at this very sorrowful time. MT

Posted by A friend   February 23, 2020

Kirk will be remembered as a humanitarian who gave generously to many, many charities. He was a man with many talents who also entertained millions of people too. He has contributed much to this world during his lifetime. Kirk you have completed your work, now RIP---AJM

Posted by A friend   February 20, 2020

Loving messages for Kirk continue to be posted on all his guestbooks on line. He was a man who deserves these myriad of tributes for all his contributions as a talented entertainer and humanitarian. May Kirk now rest in peace as his work is done. Mary M.

Posted by A friend   February 18, 2020

He was lovely he crowned my mom homecoming queen at USC I think it eas 1949

Posted by Cari Robertson - Treasure island, FL   February 18, 2020

We have lost a legend when Kirk left us. He was a a beloved family man and a beloved worldwide entertainer. He was always an excellent performer with every role being memorable. He will forever be remember as the icon he was. PD

Posted by A friend   February 17, 2020

I am writing this, to describe that we have lost one of the best actor the world has ever seen or ever will see again. Kirk Douglas is my best actor ever period. The reason for my writing "is" because in my mind he is still alive. He will never ever be forgotten. His intensity of acting in any movie will be highly recognized. Please give my sincere apologies to his family. I was extremely and deeply moved by his death. As I said in my mind he is still alive.

Posted by Burgess - AB   February 17, 2020


Posted by MR MRS HOCHFELDER - BOURBONNAIS, IL   February 17, 2020


Posted by MR MRS STU HOCHFELDER - BOURBONNAIS, IL   February 17, 2020



Posted by MR MRS STU HOCHFELDER - BOURBONNAIS, IL   February 17, 2020

Outstanding actor! Enjoyed all of your were a natural in every character you played. My condolences to the family.

Posted by Bonnie Music - Dimondale, MI   February 15, 2020

My family and I wish to express our deepest sympathies for your terrible lost!
Kirk was an incredible man and Hollywood legend!
He was a very thoughtful man to the thousands of children that fully enjoyed the parks he donated!
He will be terribly missed
RIP Mr Douglas

Posted by Tony Caferra - Châteauguay, QC   February 15, 2020

The world has lost a man who entertained millions and who also helped millions with his various charities. May he now be resting in peace as his work is done. Barbara M.

Posted by A friend   February 15, 2020

Kirk earned the love of millions through his long career. He was an excellent actor in every role he performed. You believed Kirk would always be with us-it's so sad he had to leave. RIP Kirk Dawn M.

Posted by A friend   February 14, 2020

May Kirk's wife Anne be surrounded by love of family and friends at this very sad time for her. Kirk is at peace and Anne should know he is watching over her as her special angel. Mary M.

Posted by A friend   February 14, 2020


Thoughts,prayers & condolences to the family, friends & associates of the great Kirk Douglas. A wonderful and talented actor, he was a credit to his profession. His films will be his everlasting legacy. May he rest in eternal peace and may the pepetual light shine upon him. May his memory be for a blessing.

Posted by Nancy Woodwell-Freedman - SANDY HOOK, CT   February 14, 2020

Sad for the loss of the legendary Kirk Douglas. May God comfort the family and mend your broken hearts.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2020

May Kirk's family find some comfort in these loving messages that continue to be posted. It is obvious Kirk was a beloved gentleman. He had a myriad of talents from actor, producer, and director. I should also add humanitarian. Kirk did it all and people benefited from his life. May he now be sleeping in heavenly peace, Pat M.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2020

My family grew up watching movies with Kirk Douglas as the major star and throughly enjoyed every one. We are sorry for your loss. May 'the God of all comfort' be with the family. Psalms 94:19

Posted by Kathryn - GA   February 13, 2020

Kirk was a wonderful actor. I loved that crooked smile. I still love watching his movies. My deepest condolences to the family.

Posted by - MD   February 13, 2020

I am sorry regarding the loss of your loved one. I can remember the wonderful movies, he has been in, I loved them all. May the God of Comfort, continue to comfort the family, during these difficult times.

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2020

Kirk entertained us with many outstanding performances. He excelled in playing multi roles in the movie "The List of Adrian Messenger." I consider it one of his best. Kirk should have received many Oscars for his brilliant career. There was only ONE Kirk Douglas and we will miss him----JM

Posted by A friend   February 13, 2020

Im so very sorry for your loss. May the Lord give you comfort.

Posted by Susan Mahan - Amarillo, TX   February 13, 2020

My deep sympathy to the Douglas family. This is surely a great loss. As you grieve, may the peace of God comfort your hearts. May the cherished memories bring joy to your hearts

Posted by Ruthie - Clinton   February 12, 2020

Like father, like son. Both excellent actors. My condolences to the family.

Posted by Marie Phipps - Orange Park, FL   February 11, 2020


Rest in peace

Posted by C. McLeod - SC   February 11, 2020

Kirk should always be remembered for all his many, many talents. He also should be remembered for all his monetary contributions to benefit mankind. Kirk was a true humanitarian beside being the BEST ACTOR the world has ever seen. AJ

Posted by A friend   February 11, 2020

Amazing actor, no one to replace him!!! He was one of a kind!!!

Posted by A friend   February 11, 2020

May God comfort and strengthen the family,and friends in theirs bereavements.

Posted by A friend   February 11, 2020

My heart is saddened by the loss of Mr. Kirk Douglas. Ive always enjoyed watching him. My deepest sympathies are extended to the Douglas family during their time of need. May you find comfort in drawing close to God.

Posted by Ss - Baltimore   February 11, 2020

God bless this fine man and actor. I just learned of his passing tonight. I know he will be in heaven and hope he meets Michael Landon and Victor French, two of my other favorite actors who I also think were great people in life. Blessings to your family!

Posted by A friend   February 11, 2020

Mr Kirk Douglas, you to me,you are just one of the best of the best, such a great era, my grandparents raised me, and my grandmother was such a movie buff, that at my young age of 7,8,9 and all the way up,and I now am 59,yet,in the beginning of my youth,Ruby and I,,( my Granny's name),we would stay up and just watch movies, and weekends, afternoon matinee,all movies, such wonderful times, and how fortunate you were to be one of the wonderful stars back then,,such a wonderful time,to me movies were so much more enjoyable,and people were so much prettier back then,, and you,, as handsome as you are,,and just a good man,I'm so happy you were in my life,,I'll never ever forget you, and thank you,, so very much,Kirk Douglas you're the best! Sincerely,,Judith Sharak

Posted by Judith Sharak - Binghamton, NY   February 10, 2020

Sincerest Condolences to the Douglas Family, How proud you must be of the Accomplishments Kirk achieved off the screen as well as on the Screen, a true talent of a Bygone Era that will remain in our hearts and minds forever, A life well Lived is a Life worth Living, RIP Kirk Douglas

Posted by Michael Crismani - LA, CA - Acquaintance   February 10, 2020


It's God's Will And We Must Comply
By: Charles G. Turner, Sr.

Life is uncertain,
But as sure as we are born one day we must die
Sometimes we sit and wonder why
The fact is it's God's will and we must comply.

Throughout our lives we live through happiness and sadness
And many toils and strife
And when our earthly life is over we enter into our eternal life

Whenever a loved one or friend makes their earthly depart
It is natural for it to bring hurt and sorrow to our heart
And to deal with our loss we grieve, mourn, and cry
In all essence we must remember this is God's will
And we all must comply

For those of us that are left behind
We must cherish the special memories
And keep them all in mind
Just remember it is not for
us to question why we have to die
It's God's will and we all have to comply

May God Bless and comfort all of you

Posted by MR. &MRS. CHARLES G TURNER, SR & FAMILY - Fountain, CO   February 10, 2020


Sorry for your loss.A great Actor gone.Loved watching all his movies.MVG San Antonio,Texas

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020


Rest in heaven.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   February 10, 2020

Was one of Hollywood's best actors of all time.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   February 10, 2020

My sincere condolences to the family of Kirk Douglas . A talented icon that will be missed . With fond memories and comfort from God may you find peace

Posted by Friends    February 10, 2020

My condolence to the Douglas family for your loss. I enjoyed so many films thar Kirk was in. He was very talented.

Posted by Reid - New York, NY   February 10, 2020


Deborah veith has been a fan for many years,I love Ben Hur.may God bless the family

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020


For He Will Raise Him Up On Eagle's Wings,
Bear Him On The Breath Of Dawn,
Make Him To Shine Like The Sun,
And Hold Him In The Palm Of HIS Hand.

From Psalm 91

Posted by William Alexander - New Orleans, LA   February 10, 2020

Spartacus! Enjoy your talent and will for many more years! Peace!

Posted by Edward Russell Jr. - Florence, MA   February 10, 2020

HAVE A GOOD TRIP !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by SS GG - SS, DC   February 10, 2020

My condolences.

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020

My sincere condolences to the Kirk family, friends, and fans. A true movie Icon and legend. May God and fond memories provide comfort, peace, and strength to your family today, tomorrow, and always.

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020

A true legend. Sleep sweet and May your family be comforted at this time.

Posted by Lee    February 10, 2020

Best actor , will be missed

Posted by Jackie Kent - Buffalo, SC   February 10, 2020

Kirk left a legacy that will not be forgotten. May the Douglas family gain comfort and strength from the cherish memories of Kirk and from the God who cares.

Posted by A friend   February 10, 2020

It saddens my heart to the news he is no longer with us. I know he waited a long time to complete his journey. my God bless his family as he blessed us.

Posted by Julie Potter - Morganfield, KY - friend   February 09, 2020


Our deepest & sincere condolences to the family of the late great Kirk Douglas. He will live on in the hearts of everyone all over the world forever. Not only was he a terrific actor but a wonderful gentleman, something that is all but gone these days.

Posted by Dena & Donna Pezano - Phila, PA   February 09, 2020

A blessed life
Lived to the fullest
Loved by many
Will be missed by many
You caught my eye many years ago after you suffered a stoke. You reminded me of my beloved late grandfather
Thank you for being you and you will be missed
Heartfelt condolences to the entire family

Posted by A friend   February 09, 2020


Rest in Peace .. I only recently watched Gunfight @ the O.K Corral and Spartacus. WOW. .what an Amazing actor. Then shortly after learned about your parting. Your Legacy well definitely continue to shine.

My sincere condolences to the
Douglas family.♡

Posted by Dee Dee Prz - TX   February 09, 2020

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by A friend   February 09, 2020

Rest in peace Kirk. May flights of angels guide thee to thy rest.
Patricia E. Smith

Posted by Patricia Smith - Huntington Beach, CA - student   February 09, 2020


Deepest condolences to the Douglas Family. One of the greatest actors. Rest in peace Mr Kirk Douglas.

Posted by A Lee - VT   February 09, 2020

To the Douglas Family. I just finished watching My Dear Secretary. Please accept my condolences and heartfelt sympathy. I wish I could say something that would erase the feelings all of you are experiencing but... just hold tight and keep his love in your heart until you meet again

Posted by Isabel G    February 09, 2020

Kirk was a multi talented entertainer who will forever be remembered. It was very sad news to the world that he has left us. Kirk was always outstanding in EVERY role he performed to perfection. May his family find some comfort in these loving messages that continue to be posted. Jane M. Austerlitz, NY

Posted by A friend   February 09, 2020

What a nice long legacy this great actor left behind. May Almighty God comfort the family's hearts with tender loving kindness and strengthen to cope with this legendary loss in your lives. The memory of Kirk Douglas will live on.

Posted by BRY - CA   February 09, 2020


Posted by A friend   February 09, 2020


Kirk Douglas was one the best actors ever. Condolences to his family.

Posted by Yvonne - MI   February 09, 2020


R.I.P Kirk

Posted by wmc - IL   February 09, 2020

Prayers and condolences to Mr Douglas's family on the loss of their loved one.
Mr Douglas leaves behind a wonderful legacy in his many films as well as in the human being he was. May you rest in peace Mr Kirk Douglas!

Ms "GG" Bigrigg

Posted by GG Bigrigg - San Antonio, TX   February 09, 2020

RIP Mr. Douglas
Enjoyed you in so many of your movies, Spartacus being my favorite. Say hello to another great, Burt Lancaster. Loved you both. Now dear gentle-man and admired legendary star, rest with friends.
Condolences to your family, friends, and everyone that loved you.

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020


Condolences to the family never be forgotten may he rest in peace

Posted by J M - CA   February 08, 2020

one of the Great ones . He will be missed. RIP

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020

Kirk was an amazing actor, his voice as loud as a lions roar and the strength of a true gladiator he held with honor. I always will watch his movie Spartacus and always smile during the iconic, "I am Spartacus" moment because it is such an iconic moment. To his family my condolences are with you all in this time of remembering a great legend that is Kirk Douglas.

Posted by Tom Brooks - Reading, MA   February 08, 2020


Now there goes my hero,all my love to you my friend.

Posted by REUBEN PLUFF - Canastota, NY   February 08, 2020

As a Jewish Laurentian I am proud to say that I have that in common with Kirk Douglas. He has been a hero of mine for many years. He has come a long way from Canton, where a building on the campus is named for him. A great loss

Posted by Michael Richman - GREAT NCK PLZ, NY   February 08, 2020

Awesome actor enjoyed his movies. Rest easy spartagus.

Posted by Whitten Kirby - Franklin, OH   February 08, 2020

what a man I just loved him he had a good life

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020


One of the GREATS! Right up there with Jimmy Stewart and Charleston Heston.
There just hardly any actors that compare with the men of the Golden screen.
A life that was well lived, a marriage well loved. God Bless his family, as they are the ones that must cope, till they meet again.

Posted by Gail & Don Handwerk - PA   February 08, 2020


May You Rest In Peace, Prayers to the Family
You'll Be Remembered and Missed

Posted by Rocky Cox - Jacksonville, FL   February 08, 2020

Rest in peace Kirk. May God be with you.

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020

Desde Córdoba, Argentina mi más sentidas condolencias a su esposa y a sus hijos por tan irreparable perdida. Nos dejo un talentoso actor de la época dorada. Sigo de cerca sus filmes retro. Que el Señor se apiade de su alma por el resto de su eternidad.

Posted by Lucio PEÑALOZA - Córdoba   February 08, 2020

May his soul rest in peace

Posted by Ali Basma - Glenn Dale, MD   February 08, 2020


May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Alishia - SC   February 08, 2020

I fell in love with Kirk Douglas as a teenager when I watched Spartacus for the first time! One of my top 10 all time favorite movies! I was horrified when someone thought it was okay to remake it! You can't remake greatness like that movie!

Posted by Kathleen Mewhinney - Cleveland, OH   February 08, 2020


Rest in Peace Kirk, one of my favorite actors.You'll always be remembered.

Posted by Pete - Corning, NY   February 08, 2020

A talented actor. May God Bless you and your family.. Love you Mr. Douglas.

Posted by Terry Ball - Huntington, WV   February 08, 2020


One great actor and one of my favorite. I became a fan of Kirk Douglas in 1963 as a kid. I've watched many of his movies numerous times. He will be missed by many and may the family use those long fun memories to carry them forward along with the many thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace Kirk Douglas.

Posted by Matthew & Christina Walker - Columbus, GA   February 08, 2020

Please accept my sincere condolences. I am very sorry.

Posted by Peter chilos - Rutland, VT   February 08, 2020

He was the greatest star. I meet him in Harrods, London at a book signing. He will be sadly missed. My he rest in peace.

Posted by Gloria Davies - London   February 08, 2020

Loved his acting style. Spartacus!!

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020

My deepest condolences goes out to the family. May you have complete trust in God in the near future that under God's kingdom on earth aging and death will no longer happen. As imperfection and bad condition will be a thing of the past. Isaiah 65:17-25

Posted by A friend   February 08, 2020

So sorry for your loss such a great man....My God comfort his family and in the days ahead.....R.I.P

Posted by Shelia - Flintville, TN   February 08, 2020

My family and I send our sincere Condolences to the precious family and friends of the Legend Kirk Douglas. Over the years my family and I have admired his hard work, ethics and many talents. When I was a child my Italian immigrant parents were proud that they lived near Kirk Douglas's sisters and that they talked with them at the neighbourhood bagel shop and in their tailor and formalwear shop on New Scotland Avenue in Albany N.Y. My hard working parents would remind us that Kirk Douglas grew up in neighbouring Amsterdam N.Y. and as a result of hard work and diligence he accomplished his dream of becoming a world known actor and entertainer . You are in our thoughts and prayers . God Bless your family !

Posted by Grace Iavarone - Muskoka, ON - acquaintance   February 07, 2020

Our sincere condolences to the Douglas family. May the God of all comfort provide you all the strength to cope with your loss

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

My deepest condolences to the family.

Posted by Mary Nigro - Toronto, ON   February 07, 2020

To the entire Douglas family You have my deepest sympathy. Heaven is a richer place tonight

Posted by Dexter Bridges - Spartanburg, SC   February 07, 2020

My condelence to the Douglas family. I watched Mr Douglas picture from a little girl up to a Adult . I still watch his pictures now. He was just a good actor and he always made his role come alive. May the family find comfort.

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

Kirk Douglas ... You are definitely a legend and you will always be loved and remembered .. Move on to your next ACT KIRK ! Fondly.. PHM God BLESS you and your family ! ❤

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020


Sending condolences to the family and friends and the entertainment industry , actor's studio we bless you God for his long life and his great acting skills great actors Rest In Peace

Posted by StJosephs/Candler hospital - Port Wentworth, GA   February 07, 2020

my deepest condolences to mr. kirk douglas family fan of mr.kirk douglas liked the big tree and Spartacus jesus inbrace you in his open arms rest in peace.scotty washington

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

Kirk was an outstanding talent and will be forever remembered. A film which is rarely mentioned as one of Kirk's best is "The Brotherhood." He was a beloved actor who entertained millions of admirers and fans. May his wife and children be surrounded by love at this very sorrowful time. Jane M.

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

I will miss hearing about Mr. Douglas in the entertainment news. He was one of the greatest of the great actors. Heaven gained a legend when the gates of heaven opened for him. godspeed and prayers for the family.

Posted by B. Joyce Washington - Spartanburg, SC   February 07, 2020

You always knew it was going to be an action packed movie when you saw that cleft-chinned and steely-eyed Kirk Douglas on the screen. My favorites of his were Tough Guys, The Final Count Down, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. R.I.P. Spartacus.

Posted by Bill S - Belleville, IL   February 07, 2020


Posted by DONALD ELLSWORTH - GREEN BAY, WI   February 07, 2020

Truly a legend and to have lived so long, just amazing. Heartfelt condolences to the Douglas family.

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

he was a great actor he will be missed by everybody my condolences to the douglas family may he rest in peace

Posted by barbara meyer - coington, KY   February 07, 2020

I offer my deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Douglas. I also extend them to all friends and loved ones as well. This is a great loss and I pray that God gives comfort to all that are grieving at this time.
I believe Kirk Douglas was the consummate actor. This is no exaggeration. His movie, Paths of Glory is testament to this. In addition, he was a truly caring and giving man as well.
Thank you for your many contributions to this world, Mr. Douglas. God Bless you and may you Rest In Peace.

Posted by James Rudisell - Wichita, KS   February 07, 2020

Sincere condolences to the Douglas family I truly enjoyed his entertainment such excellent performances may the Hearer of Prayer and God of comfort be with the family to strengthen and sustain you in this time of pain and sorrow

Posted by Kay    February 07, 2020

One of the Best

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020


To the Douglas family: So very sorry for your loss. Kirk Douglas was a wonderful actor and I loved all his movies. He lived a long and full life, left many great memories and life lessons to all of you, to hold on to, especially during this very difficult time. He will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss and know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Kay Reckord Ames - Eureka, CA   February 07, 2020


So very sorry for your loss. Kirk Douglas was a great actor I love all of his movies where he will reign forever.

Posted by Jacqueline Gallo - New Paltz, NY   February 07, 2020


So sorry for your loss--- our loss. Mr. Douglas will live on in my heart. He has been my hero for many years now. His screen presence is amazing as the oldies are so special to me. He was always a SHINING STAR!!! GOD be with your family in this sad time. I am celebrating what a long and prosperous life he had. I hope all of the family can celebrate what a wonderful inspiration Mr. Douglas was.

Posted by Frances Tester - Johnson City, TN   February 07, 2020

Sorry for your loss. Thank you sir, for all the years of great entertainment.
Ponda Ball

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

Great actor my prayers goes out to the Douglas family may God comfort you.

Posted by Vanessa Jonson - Arlington, TX   February 07, 2020

Mr.douglas was the best as merican heroes of all times

Posted by Dean Hoes - Cedarpark, TX - friend   February 07, 2020


Sorry for your loss.

Posted by A D    February 07, 2020

My Condolences to the family.

Posted by Mary D - Lubbock, TX   February 07, 2020

So sorry for your loss. He had a great career and still enjoy his movies when I can catch one.

Posted by Linda Schneider - Sneads Ferry, NC   February 07, 2020

I am Spartacus !

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

I am sorry for your loss and send my sincere condolences.

Posted by David Peters - Toronto, ON - friend   February 07, 2020

Paul Kelsey rip. Buddy

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020

What an awesome actor. Thanks for the wonderful shows. RIP Mr. Douglas!

Posted by Cheryl Ramsey - Gainesville, FL   February 07, 2020


we are so sorry to hear about Kirk Douglas,passing.
He was indeed an inspiration to us all. Please accept my condolences.

Posted by Mark - Erie, PA   February 07, 2020

He was a great actor and all his movies set the great acting skills he had . His style was his own and he made some great movies that will live forever. He was blessed with 103 years and will always be remembered for his great movies .

Posted by Roberta Grantham - Corpus Christi, TX   February 07, 2020

Greatest Actors every .... you will be missed Mr. Douglas R.I.P.

Posted by Gail House - Oklahoma City, OK   February 07, 2020

My Condolences.

Posted by A friend   February 07, 2020


Posted by Joan Walton - Columbus, GA   February 07, 2020

A great man, both on and off the screen, who will live on in his films. Deep conences to his family.

Posted by Miriam Frischer - Lomontville, NY   February 07, 2020

Posted by Miriam Frischer - Kingston, NY - teacher   February 07, 2020

God bless you and your family. You will be missed, you were a great actor! And a great person! RIP Mr. Douglas

Posted by Wanda Dellairo - Orono, ME - friend   February 07, 2020

Thought and Pray are with you. I'm so Sorry for your Loss
Thank you Mr. Douglas Rest in Peace.

Posted by Joni Brown - Aiken, SC   February 07, 2020

He was one actor I truly enjoyed. I know there is sorrow in your hearts now but God will comfort all of you and give you strength in your time of sorrow. My condolences.

Posted by Pat    February 07, 2020

Kirk is the reason I fell in love with movies. His versatility was extraordinary. I always looked forward to his movies because I couldnt wait to see what his character was going to be like. He was so passionate in everything he did. I knew whatever he was in was going to be great. He wouldnt portray a character if he didnt believe in it. Hell always live on in my heart and his movies. I know his family is devastated. I know they took good care of him til the end. God bless

Posted by Jannes Anderson - KY - friend   February 07, 2020

My sincere condolences to the family. May your hearts be filled with the precious memories of your dear loved one, today, tomorrow and always.

Posted by A neighbor    February 07, 2020

I grew up watching his films. What a great actor! He will be missed.

Posted by Danyon Reed - Spokane, WA   February 07, 2020


He was a very good actor I watched all his movies my sympathy for the Family He now has a pair of wings

Posted by carolyn balch - East Hartford, CT   February 07, 2020

Rest in peace. I grew up watching your movies and loved them all. I was flabbergasted when I learned you were a real man with a life outside the movies.
My heart aches for your family. You were a Hollywood God

Posted by Stacey Small - Thunder Bay, ON   February 07, 2020

Rest in peace...

Posted by Rocky DiMuzio - New Canaan, CT   February 06, 2020


To the Douglas Family : Thoughts and Prayers are with you all. I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank You Mr. Douglas.

Posted by Diana Clendenin - ASTON, PA   February 06, 2020

I left many of Mr. Douglas,s cowboy western movies with the same dimple on my chin as he had. What a remarkable person and actor he was, Thank you Mr. Douglas.

Posted by robert white - Statesboro, GA   February 06, 2020


You were a true legend. I'll miss you but know you're in a wonderful place now. My family sends all our love and prayers to your family for strength during this sad time.

Posted by Roger Boyer - Salemburg, NC - friend   February 06, 2020

Kirk you were a wonderful man a powerful actor. My daddy was born dec 5 1916 he had a dimpled chin.he too would have been daddy died at 84.they always said he looked similar to you.that he favored you. Now your 8n heaven with will always be a very bright shining star.espicially in heaven .you are a true legend.your legacy will last forever in hundreds of were a hansome man great physique gorgous have a gorgous family who will love you forever. Love forever melissa rexroat craigmiles of russell springs ky. Indiana traspkant.god bless your soul kirk.i will meet you in heaven.jesus walking with you talking with you.may Jesus comfort your family and be with your soul as you enter a new chapter in heaven

Posted by Melissa Rexroat-Craigmiles - Jeffersonville, IN - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

Rest In Peace. You represented your humanity well. You were a credit for the Jewish people

Posted by David Shinder - Las Vegas, NV - friend   February 06, 2020

To The Families of Kirk Douglas,
My sincere and deepest condolences to you
All. Kirk was amazing. I was not fortunate
Enough to know him but was a big fan of his are prayed for,hope you will be
At peace, comforted by prayers,having been in his life.God bless you all. God bless kirk. Peace,love, janice alden san francisco

Posted by Janice Alden - San francisco, CA   February 06, 2020

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by george turner - rochester, NH   February 06, 2020

Rest In Peace our EntertIner/ Actor who is with the Angels. , He brought us countless years of entertainment. Our thought and prayers to the family who mourns him.

Posted by Jeanne Rodgers - Palm Desert, CA   February 06, 2020

So sorry for your loss.

Posted by Troy Coakley - Houston, TX   February 06, 2020

He was one of the greats of the golden era of Hollywood. With his passing, an era of has also passed. He had humble beginnings and fortune and hard hard work made him a star. He was a credit to the Jewish people and to America and all huumanity. He withstood anti Semitism to rise above it. He helped those who were blacklisted during the Mc Carthy era. May his memory always be for a blessing . Shalom and peace to your family .

Posted by Donna Estess - Boca Raton, FL   February 06, 2020

Best wishes to his family.He was a good tough man.May he rest in peac3

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

Hi how are you I was writing to you to give my condolences to you and your family etc.. I will miss him so. RIP. He seemed like a nice person. I loved his movies etc.. my condolences to you Michael too. Take care bye

Posted by Jody Brachman - Lake Zurich, IL - acquaintance   February 06, 2020


Rest in peace, Mr. Douglas. May God give your family peace and comfort at this time of great sorrow.

Posted by Eleanor Rudand - Bronx. NY, NY   February 06, 2020

Truly a blessing for a long lived life, so very sorry for your loss, may God be with you.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

My condolences to his friends and family he was an honorable man and it's very famous American actor and it was a good charitable soul may he rest in peace David call Rose call Robin call

Posted by David Call - Burlington, VT   February 06, 2020

Great actor and will be sadly missed

Posted by Jason Smith - Mount solon, VA   February 06, 2020


A true Icon and Legend.We will miss you.Condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace.

Posted by Your fans - San Antonio, TX   February 06, 2020

Long storied career.RiP

Posted by Dorethea Mccleon - Fairburn, GA   February 06, 2020

During the 1970s I worked a block from the White House. One day on the way to eat lunch in the park the sidewalk was blocked by a photographer taking a picture of what I thought was a tourist. The "tourist" was Kirk Douglas. A handsome man. Rest in Peace.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020


What a legend, what a full life! Thank you, thank you for all the beautiful films you made that filled my heart with joy. You will truly be missed, and no one can ever fill your shoes. God's speed Mr. Douglas.

Posted by A Walker - Salida, CA   February 06, 2020

Dear Mister Douglas! I know you can read this, because in GOD nobody is dead. My mother tongue is German. You've been the best actor ever. You've been very loving and charitable. You've been my favourite actor ever. And I know I'm right. May GOD BLESS YOU and JESUS EMBRACE YOU.

Posted by Manfred Korherr - Sankt Pölten/Austria/Eu   February 06, 2020


Kirk helped to illuminate my life through his on-screen performances. I will miss him. I send my warm condolences to all his family, friends, fellow actors and actresses and fans. He was truly amazing!

Posted by Phillip Brant - Prescott, AZ   February 06, 2020


Godspeed Kirk,and thank you for the wonderful and innumerable film and TV memories. Unforgettable.

Fair winds and following seas sailor.
"Boatswain... Standby to pipe the side... Shipmate's going Ashore..."

Thank you for your service to this nation.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   February 06, 2020

The Douglas family has my deepest condolences. I am truly sorry about Kirk! He was one of my favorites! As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to have fond memories and to receive the love and support that you need during this difficult time.

Posted by Emlyn    February 06, 2020

To the Douglas family,

My condolences to you. I have enjoyed watching Kirk in films for many decades. Cherish the wonderful memories. May the God of all comfort be with you as a source of comfort and strength.

Posted by V M - neighbor   February 06, 2020

we will all miss you kirk you were the best

Posted by larry soller - zanesville, OH   February 06, 2020

My Deepest condolences to the family Kirt Douglas was a great actor and will be missed tremendously

Posted by Tracy Meador - Axton, VA - friend   February 06, 2020

To Kirk's Family:
this great Actor brought many great people to life on screen. I have watched many of his movies hundreds of times and will continue to watch them till my time comes to join him in Glory. He is someone you just don't forget. God Bless you Kirk Douglas for the work you did Bringing joy to all of us. Prayers for him and his family in their time of loss.

Posted by Tom Notartomaso - Horaseheads, NY   February 06, 2020

i am sparticus/me too/God speed dear one

Posted by patrick wolfe - wood mountain, SK   February 06, 2020


"I know the father of Hollywood Star Michael Douglas will be long missed as his role of
Spartacus on Xena: Warrior Princess in 1997!"

Posted by Koki Nakagawa - Ames, IA   February 06, 2020

Sympathy extend to all of the Douglas Family and Friends of the late and Great Mr. Kirk Douglas

Larger than Life, a Great Person!

Saddened yet grateful. Wish to express Respect!
Through the years have joyfully found many fascinating hours studying his extremely well crafted performances.

Will not forget Mr. Douglas!


+Dwight L. Dowson, Clergyman,

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020


God, filled with mercy, dwelling in the heavens' heights, bring proper rest beneath the wings of your Shechinah, amid the ranks of the holy and the pure, illuminating like the brilliance of the skies the souls of our beloved and our blameless who went to their eternal place of rest. May You who are the source of mercy shelter them beneath Your wings eternally, and bind their souls among the living, that they may rest in peace. And let us say: Amen.

Posted by Michele - CA   February 06, 2020

I have watched most of the Kirk Douglas movies during my life. What an amazing man. I think my favorite movie was "Big Sky". There will never-ever be another Kirk Douglas. May I give my sincere condolences to his family. From: Joe Keefer (retired deputy Sheriff, Jacksonville, Florida).

Posted by Joe Keefer - JACKSONVILLE, FL   February 06, 2020

excellent actor and by all accounts a great father. he will be missed

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020


With prayers and deepest sympathy to Kirk's wife Anne, family and friends. He will be remembered as a true icon of the Golden Age of motion pictures.

Posted by Dotte Wallace - Lyman, SC   February 06, 2020


A husband, father, friend to many. As well as being a legend of his industry, May you find peace on your new journey. Our prayers are with you all !!!

Posted by Steven Armstrong - Golden, CO - acquaintance   February 06, 2020


As a girl, I loved your performance in The Greatest Show on Earth. You'll be missed

Posted by Patricia Stang - Asehville, NC   February 06, 2020

I saw most of Kirk Douglas's movies because he
was such a convincing character in his roles.
I will never forget Spartacus.
We have lost a wonderful actor and I will long
remember him. He was one of the best in his

Posted by Mary Vaughan - Lakewood, CO   February 06, 2020

Rest In Peace Kirk Douglas, long time Hollywood Legend and a Most Personal Favorite of mind; when someone impresses you as much and to have never known them that is what you did for me since I first saw your movie as a young child many years ago. God Bless You.

Posted by Robert Smoot - Alsip, IL - friend   February 06, 2020


Posted by Jacek Szczygiel - Dbogórze   February 06, 2020

May his memory always be for a blessing. Thank you Mr. Douglas for all the years of entertaining movies. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Danella Lubar - Fairfield, IA   February 06, 2020

Thank you for enlightening millions, see ya soon...

Posted by Alan Ault - Rochester, NY - friend   February 06, 2020


What came to my mind on hearing of his passing?
After all Kirk DID portrayed Van Gogh in LUST FOR LIFE.

Posted by Vicki Boston - Tucson, AZ   February 06, 2020

To the family of Kirk Douglas,
One of my very favorite actors! What a great life. I hope and pray for you at this time. What a "Whale of a Tale" Thank you.

Posted by Andrew Freeman - Decatur, IL   February 06, 2020



Posted by PAT BOHANNON - COLUMBUS, GA   February 06, 2020

You were always my hero and most especially in Spartacus. You are an example of loyalty, love of family and generosity. A wonderful and honest human being. Rest In Peace ❤

Posted by Rebeca Drummond - Danville, CA   February 06, 2020

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by Kim Ciafrei - Bethlehem, PA   February 06, 2020


Michael & family, I am sorry for your loss.

My prayers are with you all during this difficult time.

Lean on God for strength, peace, and comfort.

Posted by Cheryl Landin - Rocky Mount, NC   February 06, 2020

what a life and professional career.

Posted by VICTOR DRABKIN - MARTINEZ CA, CA   February 06, 2020


To The Entire Douglas Family,
We never really lose those who are dear to us.
Their familiar voices whisper to us when we are alone.
Their images return to us in dreams.
And though at first we are saddened by their departure, in time our sorrow fades and is replaced by vivid memories of happy times spent together.
The realization that those memories will live on within us is comforting and allows us to find peace.

Posted by Denise (Diodati) Haines - Exton, PA   February 06, 2020


Posted by Leslie Davidson - Savannah, GA   February 06, 2020

So sorry for the loss of your beautiful father. He was an American treasure and the embodiment of the American dream.

Posted by Miriam Josephs - NYC   February 06, 2020

God bless you with 103 yrs of your life. My deepest condolences & prayers to your family & friends. Thank you for sharing your life, talent & legacy with the world. Lost with words. RIP

Posted by Iris Key - Houston, TX   February 06, 2020


To his loving Wife, adoring Sons and his precious Grandchildren...all my thoughts and prayers go out all, on this most difficult time, in their lives.
Such an actor, from what was the 'golden age' of Hollywood.

I relished and loved every movie he ever made. Taking each role and making them so real and with such conviction.
My 3 favorites are THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, LUST FOR LIFE(for which he studied every bit of VanGogh) and SPARTACUS(for which he funded, using his own money, making sure to get Trumbo and Kubric. And no stunt double....all Kirk).
Truly one of the greatest. And a true Humanitarian as well.

Posted by Denise (Diodati)Haines - Exton, PA   February 06, 2020


A good actor and he was a wonderful Family Man.

What came to my mind when they announced hos passing?

A song about Vincent Van Gogh.

Posted by Vicki Boston - Tucson, AZ   February 06, 2020



Posted by Glen James Hausfeld - Minneapolis, MN   February 06, 2020



Posted by Sheila Volner - Cuba, MO   February 06, 2020

Such a great man. The world lost and our Father gained. God Speed.

Posted by Jerry Monk - Sherman, TX   February 06, 2020

A Legend for all Time. Condolences to his wife and family and all who knew him. Thank you for sharing him with the world. May he rest in peace. Love to all.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

I wanted to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the Douglas family. Kirk had always been someone I admired and looked up to.He was such a loving, inspiring man and wonderful role model to all.My prayer for Kirk,God may you protect him, love him, care for him and cherish him as he protected, loved, cared for and cherished his family, friends and fans. May you grant him everlasting life in your kingdom.Amen.Keeping you and your family in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Love always, your friend and fan Scott Chubb.

Posted by Scott Chubb - Chicago, IL - friend   February 06, 2020

I and my husband have seen many of Kirk Douglas' movies over the years. We send our condolences to his family as know they all loved and respected him as a father, husband and grandfather. May he Rest In Peace.

Posted by Bill & Virginia Snipes - Grandview, MO - acquaintance   February 06, 2020


I knew if it was a Kirk Douglas movie it was a good one. Rest in Peace. My condolences to his family...your angel and new ancestor is with you always.

Posted by Gwendolyn Bullock - colonie, NY   February 06, 2020

Best ever. Movies books the whole package! Peace be with you.

Posted by ruth hicks - fort wayne, IN   February 06, 2020


He was such a wonderful actor, and I love his zeal for life, He will be truly missed, my dad loved him and his movies, as did I . My family will keep the Douglas family in our prayers.

Posted by hattie irving - wichita, KS - acquaintance   February 06, 2020


My condolences and prayers to the family of Kirk Douglas. He was a phenomenal actor. May God give the families love and strength and peace. The Lord Is My Shepherd. Psalm 23.

Posted by Diana Patton - Melbourne, FL   February 06, 2020

Dear Douglas Family, I am sorry for your loss. May God comfort you and watch over you during this hard time.

Posted by Robert Newman - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL   February 06, 2020

I am sad, he had a great and long run. I grew up with Kirk Douglass I.E. watching his movies with my parents. His movies were icons, as he was a classic. RIP in Mr. Douglass.

Posted by Rosalie Bellanca - Reading, PA   February 06, 2020

my first and only Hollywood crush

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

Truly he was an amazing man, to everyone...the films I used to watch with my father when I was a little girl...ohhh the memories...thank you Lord for that and to Mr.Douglas..for his amazing acting, especially the one great "Greek" film... Spartacas, amazing how you told and played the life and story of our ancestors...
Mr.Douglas, may your memory be in the Lords loving arms...
May your family have the strength you had on this earth..and continue the good will you gave to people that needed your love....and care,
Sofia Vokolos-West, NY

Posted by Sofia vokolos-west - Wantagh, NY - friend   February 06, 2020

February 6, 2020

Dear Family of Actor Mr. Kirk Douglas:

I am a 43 year Member of Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church, located at 600 East 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60616. Reverend Dr. David B. Thornton is the Pastor, The Moderator of The Session, and The Head of The Staff. He is also My Mentor, Teacher, and Spiritual Advisor. Reverend Donald B. Register is The Pastor Emeritus. I am Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church's Public Relations Person.

I am also A very Proud Former Member of Church Musician Ship Guild, Inc. (1988-2008). The late Dr. Mildred G. Lewis was The Founder, and Executive Director. I was their Administrative Assistant, Executive Secretary, and Public Relations Director.

I will keep you all in my prayers, especially during this difficult time. Kirk was a very talented actor. He was legendary. He will truly be missed by all those people who knew, and loved him. He will not be forgotten. At the age of 103, he did leave a great legacy. ALL I CAN SAY IS "WELL DONE THY GOOD, AND FAITHFUL AND SERVANT", MATTHEW 25:21. AND "REST IN PEACE", BROTHER KIRK. WITH MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY, MS. VALINDA DARLENE JONES OF CINCINNATI, OHIO. I USE TO LIVE IN CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.

Posted by VALINDA JONES - CINCINNATI, OH   February 06, 2020

I always admired Kirk Douglas, watching him act was like watching a famous painter paint. Brilliant and flawless, there will never be another Kirk Douglas. He will be missed by many. Condolences to his wife and family.

Posted by P. Murvin - Hampton, VA   February 06, 2020

Heaven's a much sweeter place now that its graced with your presence,you've lived a noble life,rest easy my friend.S.E.K.

Posted by stan kay - JC, CT   February 06, 2020

Me and My husband Grew up watching kirt Douglas our Deep condolence go out to his family we loved him in all his movies he was a great Man. May You Rest in Peace kirt Douglas

Posted by Anita Enyart - grand Junction, CO   February 06, 2020

To Kirk Douglas,
You were a very talented actor. My prayers are with you and your family. Lisa Weiner

Posted by Lisa Weiner - Brooklyn, NY - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

deepest condolences goes out to kirk and my loved family at his passing. he was a great man and even greater actor. he will sure be missed by family, friends, and all. god bless him, and his family at this hard time in their lives.....ken mayfiels, gpt. ms.

Posted by kenneth mayfield - gulfport, MS   February 06, 2020


Talented actor.Rest in peace.

Posted by - Roselle, NJ   February 06, 2020

Another great Man/Actor has left us for his new journey in the sky. Your AUDIENCE awaits you Mr. Douglas in the heavens and now you can walk that stage of Gold forever and will always hear the applause you rightly derserve. I loved watching you in the movies and will continue to watch them. My condolences to all the Douglas family as you go thru this difficult time. Mary, we love you and give you strength always.

Laura Dales-Iowa

Posted by LAURA DALES - Indianola, IA   February 06, 2020

He was a "one and only" RIP Kirk

Posted by James Sulis - Vancouver, WA   February 06, 2020

one of the last stars of that generation and there will not be another legend like them i am sorry for Michael family and kids and kirk wife all the Douglas family. Darlene

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

To Mr. Douglas' family my condolences on his passing. I enjoy watching his many films. Thank you for sharing him with the world. Mr.K. Douglas, thank you for your service.

Posted by Linda - CT   February 06, 2020

Rest in peace Mr. Douglas. You are one of my very favorite actors. You raised a beautiful family and truly are Hollywood royalty.

Posted by Richard Freede - Long Beach, CA   February 06, 2020

One of my all-time favorite actors! Rest in peace, Mr. D, and thank you for the hours and hours and hours of entertainment

Posted by Julie Earhart-Cracchiolo - St Louis, MO   February 06, 2020

My condolences to all who loved him. We have lost one of the greatest actors, there ever will be!
Go rest high!

Posted by Sylvia Tooley - Hayes, VA - friend   February 06, 2020

A great one.

Posted by Travis - Amarillo, TX   February 06, 2020

A great one.

Posted by Travis Pitts - Amarillo, TX   February 06, 2020

Sorry to hear of his passing.

Posted by Joseph Maciora - Lenox, MA   February 06, 2020

I always loved Kirk and he was a hell of an actor(larger than life). He showed his funny side in Villain. I'll be seeing you on TCM.

Posted by Dera Lynn Bledsoe - Lumberton, NC   February 06, 2020

Sincere condolences to the family at this very sad time.
May God comfort you and give you peace, strength and hope in the days ahead.
He will be missed by many.

Posted by Jo G.    February 06, 2020


I grew up watching his movies ,he will always be in my prayers.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

Rest in peace GOOD man. My favorite actor since I was a child. One of the finest actors & one of the few remaining "film heroes" has left us. May peace be with the Douglas family.

Posted by George Layton - Sun City Center, FL   February 06, 2020

R.I.P. Mr. Douglas. Prays are headed to your family for their peaceful lives. From a great fan.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020



Posted by FELICIA YATES - Fayetteville, NC   February 06, 2020

The last Giant in Hollywood. And a good man. Never any scandal. You sir are a shining example of how Hollywood should be.

Posted by Kirk Davis - PUNTA GORDA, FL   February 06, 2020


he's with heaven's stars now

Posted by Mary Harris - Denton, TX   February 06, 2020

rest in peace kirk

Posted by sull - andover, MA   February 06, 2020

Rest Well Mr. Kirk Douglas!

Posted by Coco Phillips - SALISBURY, NC   February 06, 2020

Posted by Sheila WhiteheadEvans - Columbus, OH   February 06, 2020

Posted by Grady Youngblood    February 06, 2020

My sincerest condolences to the family. What a loss of a great actor.

Posted by Richard Fisher - Burlington, VT   February 06, 2020

My condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Douglas. Not only was he a great actor, he did it all with humor, humility and generosity.

Posted by Judy G - Louisville, KY   February 06, 2020

Thank you for being there for all of us in your movies and in your generositys to the less fortunate. Your family will miss you and your fans. Rest now in our fathers arms.

Posted by Bridgett Triplett - Columbus, OH - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

Great actor wonderful movies you will be missed may you R.I.P.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

What a legacy to leave behind, truly a talent that will be missed by so many. My deepest condolences to the Douglas family, so very sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

Sorry to hear of the floss.

Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   February 06, 2020

Sorry to hear of the loss

Posted by Ann Stikman - Greendale, WI   February 06, 2020


Not like my parents, who, of course were older than me, but I grew up watching Kirk Douglas, on the silver screen, later in life, and I came to admire his acting talents. His personal life, and how many times he got married, or had children, I figured was his own business, I just liked him, for himself, and his acting. His sons took to acting, especially Michael, and practically all his sons looked liked him! He will be hallowed and honored, fo4 his long acting career, memorable films, and his children will keep the acing name going. Kirk Douglas, his acting name, not his real name he was born with, but will be remembered by, will go down as a mans man, and a great actor, in the history of Hollywood. He will be terribly missed, but never forgotten!

Posted by NANCY Altaras - FORT WORTH, TX - friend   February 06, 2020

So sorry to hear of his passing.. his movies touched so many lives, he was a very talented man. I watch his movies all the time,and I am blown away by his masterful work. Rip Mr. Douglas, you are, in my opinion, the finest actor on the screen!!!Thank you for your work, I enjoyed it very much. So sorry, Paula Barile, movie lover

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020


A great actor and was Loved by many ❤

Posted by Rocksanna Alexander - Locust Valley, NY   February 06, 2020

David Brown, Prattville, AL
what he said double he was ultimately cool . Great long life time. You can't expect more . I enjoyed watching his movies over the years .

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

You are one of the great actors of all time. You will surely be missed. My sympathy to the family.

Posted by Kenneth Green - KIRBYVILLE, TX   February 06, 2020

Thank you, thank you, sir, for the memories that live in through "Seven Days in May," "Paths of Glory," and the witty classic, "A Letter to Three Wives."

Condolences to Mr. Douglas' family, colleagues, friends, and admirers throughout the world.

Posted by Buckeye Fan    February 06, 2020

I am saddened by the news Kirk was one of my all time Favorite actors, may he now rest in peace

Posted by Barbara - Plymouth, MA   February 06, 2020


Rest in heavenly peace Mr Douglas thank you for all your great movie love and prayers to your family and friends

Posted by Allen Hammond - Detby, KS   February 06, 2020


May he Rest In Peace, May god bless his family,

Posted by William Varner - Shawnee,, KS - friend   February 06, 2020

A fine actor and a brave individual who risked what he had to defy the blacklist. I love Kirk Douglas for that bravery as well as his talent. Love to his family. He will be so missed.

Posted by Mary Jane Stone - Tampa, FL   February 06, 2020

Thank you for all your beautiful performances. It was an enjoyable honor to watch your movies. You made me laugh, cheer and cry. Thank you for being a part of my memories. Rest in peace Sir. You will be strongly missed.

Posted by Magida Khamis - New Lenox, IL   February 06, 2020

You were the last of the best RIP

Posted by Susie Treat - Westfield, PA   February 06, 2020

Rip brother

Posted by Scott - Sarasota   February 06, 2020

RIP Kirk Douglas you lived a great life and to live to be a103 years old that's wonderful. Condolence to your family.

Posted by Virginia Specht - Elk Grove Vg. I'll.   February 06, 2020


He was a terrific actor and I am sure he was a terrific person. Wish I had personally known him but I did not. May he now RIP

Posted by Betty Reese - Campton, KY - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

With sincere condolences. May the God of comfort give you peace in this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   February 06, 2020

You were a great man actor father to your family.
A great man like you should be remembered always for all the joy and entertainment your gave and shared with the world.
You will be missed very much.
I say with tears in my eyes REST IN PEACE.

Posted by Brian Gore - Springfield, MA   February 06, 2020


Posted by Eva Play - Dearborn, MI   February 06, 2020

If you want to know about a man you can find out an awful lot by looking at whom he married.
My thoughts are with you Anne Buydens. May the love of family and support from friends help your through the difficult journey ahead.
All the best,
DJ from Belgium.

Posted by Dirk Jan Ver Donck - Rijmenam   February 06, 2020

One the last of the titans is gone. RIP Kirk.

Posted by Marty Marsola - Waller, TX   February 06, 2020


One of the last from the golden era.......a Hollywood legend. Lived a long full life. Godspeed Kirk.

Posted by Sheila Smith - L.A., CA   February 06, 2020

great actor, loved all his movies, he will be missed. prayers and condolences to all the family.

Posted by wil p - lancaster, OH   February 06, 2020


Posted by Pauline B Talley - Norfolk, VA   February 06, 2020

He is with God.

Posted by Bernadette Telfare - Portland, ME - acquaintance   February 06, 2020

To Kirk's Family I'm so very said to hear about his passing. To be able to live to 103 and to be famous and loved. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days. I alway loved his smile because his eyes would light up when he did he loved his family and friends he will be sadly missed but he is at peace with his shining star shining down upon you. May God Bless You all. A Fan in Virginia

Posted by Rosalie Davis - Williamsburg, VA   February 06, 2020

Rest in peace what a fantastic human being

Posted by Carolann Woodall - AL   February 06, 2020

Shalom and Laila Tov Issur Danielovitch.✡. Thank you for sharing your outstanding talent.

Posted by sally mccoy - Selma, CA   February 06, 2020

To his family and friends and all who loved him, from my heart, with deepest sympathy. He shall be remembered by me until i die. Double hugs. Shalom and RIP, Mr. Douglas. Gentle as you go ...

Posted by Marlene Fischer - Vista, CA - friend   February 06, 2020

The very last Hollywood. Great

Posted by Glynstimpson - West midlands   February 06, 2020

Sorry to here of his passing...Lobed all his great movies what a great Legend he was sending heartfelt condolences to the family God bless you all

Posted by Pearl Roberts - TYLER, TX   February 06, 2020


RIP Mr. Douglas, a wonderful actor and human being, condolences to his family.

Posted by Patricia Presley - Arlington, WA   February 06, 2020

My sincerest condolences to the family. What a loss of a great actor. So diversified!!! No one can ever replace the talent and joy he brought to the many, many movies he made thru the years!!! He is in heaven now, but he will NEVER be forgotten!!! RIP KIRK!!!

Posted by Cynthia Knavel - Oregon, OH - friend   February 06, 2020

Where does one begin to describe the magic, the kindness, the talents, the looks and most of all the LOVE, that that your father, " KIRK", gave to you all of you, Michael, Catherine and all of the family. You were all so blessed,to have had the love that has been a driving force implanted in you from your father!!!!! He was a man, that not only was such an extrodinary talent, even when he was stricken with is his illness's he still wanted to do and he did do what he could , to make LIFE, better for others and for all of you whom he loved with his entire beautiful heart. This was so apparent, and Michael , you are the most shining example, of your father's love. We all cried after what you wrote today.He was a "MENSCH" and he will never be forgotten by me or my family. 2- 6- 2020

Posted by Sutton Bernstein and Family - NYC, NY   February 05, 2020



Posted by Darlene - Mastapeter, NJ   February 05, 2020


Posted by Freddie Rhett - Savannah, GA   February 05, 2020


He a great actor my heart and prayers are with you and your family Georgia Velasquez

Posted by Georgia Velasquez - Denver, CO - friend   February 05, 2020

I grew up watching Kirk Douglas, Great actor of Hollywood's golden era. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by James Herring - Magee, MS   February 05, 2020

To the family of MR. Kirk Douglas I do offer my sincerest condolences I loved MR .Douglas movies everyone of them my the father of tender mercies grant him peace.

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020

Kirk Douglas was one of a kind. A great actor. I enjoyed the many movies that he stared in. Deepest sympathies to the Douglas family. J. Toivonen

Posted by James Toivonen - Snohomish, WA   February 05, 2020


R.I.P. Mr Douglas. You will be sadly missed. You was one of Hollywood's Best. God seen you was tired, and took you home. My thoughts and prayers for your family.

Posted by Rosemary T - Temple, PA - Friend   February 05, 2020

I just watched Lust For Life. You were wonderful. How nice that your family will have memories of you on film for generations to come.

Posted by Barbara Foley - Spring Valley, CA   February 05, 2020

We will miss you Kirk Douglas.
You will be missed.

Posted by Thelissa Schoolcraft - Glencoe, OK - Friend   February 05, 2020

To The Douglas Family,
We are deeply sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Douglas, although its difficult today to see beyond the sorrow, may looking back at all the memories help comfort your family today, tomorrow and forever. The Douglas family has lost a great man and Hollywood has lost another great legend. May He Rest In Peace. My family will continue to pray for your family.
With Deepest Sympathy
The Hester, Peterson & Grier Family.

Posted by Beverly Hester - Hempstead, NY - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

The world has lost a icon and Kirk's family has lost their beloved husband, father, and grandfather. He was 103, but it seemed he could live forever. Kirk was an outstanding talent who will forever be missed. AJ

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020


His candle has gone out, but his light Will continue to shine on! My condolences to his friends & family.

Posted by Sharon McQueen - Yorkville, IL   February 05, 2020

Kirk Douglas was a legend in American cinema.
I deeply regret his passing, but his film performances
will live on forever.

Posted by Earl Rodney - Pembroke Pines, FL - friend   February 05, 2020

He was one of my favorite actors and one of the last of the golden era of films. My sincerest sympathies to his family. Weeping my endure for the night, but Joy cometh in the morning!

Posted by Sharon McQueen - Yorkville, IL   February 05, 2020

RIP Kirk you are an icon that will live forever in the hearts of all of your fans. We love you and your family.

Posted by Christy Chastain - Forest park, GA   February 05, 2020

I'm so sorry for your loss , my thoughts and prayers with the family he will be sadly missed great actor rip kirk

Posted by Vicki Strong - Merrill, MI   February 05, 2020


You will always be remembered my friend. The day we all see again.
Love always,

Posted by Catherine Mackowiak - Fayetteville, NC - friend   February 05, 2020

One of the great actors of our time! Very happy for the Douglas family to have him for 103 years! I just lost my mother at 96 years-so grateful for all those wonderful years!

Posted by Carla Gemmati - Tamarac, FL   February 05, 2020

Sorry to hear about Kirk! My thoughts and prayers go to Kirk family.He was a fantastic actor. He will be miss.

Posted by Sheila Allen - Dover, DE   February 05, 2020

Enjoy the love, joy and peace with our Lord God almighty. You will be sorely missed.

Posted by Barbara Whatley - Sandpoint, ID - friend   February 05, 2020

Condolences to the Douglas family, he was a great actor I loved everything he ever acted in.

Posted by Doris Alexander - Forrest City, AR - acquaintance   February 05, 2020


My condolences to the Dougles Family ( on this great loss of Mr. Dougles ) My favorite all time actor

Posted by Mary Schuhmann - Lakewood, CA   February 05, 2020

You are my hero, not just for your extraordinary talent as an actor but also for your social justice advocacy. You always stood up for what you believed in and the world is a better place for that. May you dance with the angels and celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by Judith Crosby - Torrance, CA   February 05, 2020

May God rest the wonderful soul of Kirk Douglas - legendary actor - fine man. I own the DVD of Young Man With A Horn (my personal favorite - know every line).
My sincere condolences to all the Douglas family. May your treasury of warm memories of Kirk give you peace and comfort.
Ann Marie Murray, Branford, CT

Posted by Ann Marie Murray - Branford, CT   February 05, 2020

Condolences to the Douglas family. A
wonderful actor & a favorite of mine.
He not only will be missed by his family but his fans as well who has
come to know him from watching him in
his movies. God's Blessings!

Posted by Mary Newsom - Festus, MO   February 05, 2020

So sorry to hear this he was one of my favorite

Posted by Judith Knowles - Forest, MS   February 05, 2020

To the entire Douglas family I send my sincerest condolences. Kirk was a fine actor and representative of Hollywood in the Golden era. I loved to watch his movies. May the God of tender mercies comfort you at this sad time,

Posted by Mary Smith - PA   February 05, 2020

What a tremendous actor. However to the family he was a dearly loved husband, dad, grandfather and so much more. May his endearing words and memories comfort you and may the God of all comfort strengthen and sustain now and in the days to come.

Posted by Michael C    February 05, 2020

Kirk Douglas was a wonderful, caring and loving person. One of the best actors in Hollywood and around the World. He loved his family and they love him dearly. An actor and icon that epitomized all that is good about the film industry.

Posted by Thomas and Camille Centola Jr - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL   February 05, 2020

To the Douglas Family, Kirk represented the best of America. Not only by 'playing' the iconic Hollywood roles over the past century but by 'being' the best American that we needed- standing up against McCarthyism and Reagan's favorites list, Kirk fought for freedom, artistic and political, when it was not convenient or popular. He was a true American icon and his family must be proud of him. Give God a shove for us Kirk, he needs a reminder of American greatness now more than ever. Godspeed.

Posted by Jonathan Verville - Exeter, NH   February 05, 2020

One of the greats of all times,Prayer for the family.

Posted by Don Bennett - Thornville, OH   February 05, 2020

Condolences from my family, The Pulin's. on the passing today, of Kirk Douglas!
Like millions of people around the world, we were big fans and admirers!
Thank you for the years of entertainment that we enjoyed from your many films!
God's Blessings!

Posted by RICH PULIN - Las Vegas Nevada, NV - friend   February 05, 2020

I am reminded of a movie that gots way back in which he and Burt Lancaster co starred, it was an absolute thriller. I tried to catch every one of his great movies.

Tom Fezzi

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020


God bless♂

Posted by - Saucier, MS   February 05, 2020

Kirk I was married to your sister Ruth's daughter Debbie we were at Michael and Catherine's wedding and we were part of all the family gatherings you and your lovely wife and held for the family in Albany I am so proud to have met you and your beautiful children although I am not a blood relative of yours I feel I am part of your family and I have written a book title just that welcome to the family that is the first thing you ever said to me Kirk hi Larry welcome to the family thank you for your kindness and generosity Kirk God bless you God bless you and God bless Michael and Catherine God bless Joel and Peter God bless Cameron and all you're going there for grandchildren thank you for hearing my words and may you dressed in peace

Posted by Laurence Smith - Wynantskill, NY - family   February 05, 2020


Deepest Sympathy to your family. Such fond memories of so many movies when I was a kid. Rest in Everlasting Peace

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020


Sorry for the loss of a great man !

Posted by Patricia Belenchia - West Haven, CT - friend   February 05, 2020

I'll have to watch "The Vikings" this weekend. Great actor, sorry to hear your gone.

Posted by Ed Isaacs - Norwalk, CT   February 05, 2020

I was born in 1951, my dad took me to see Kirk Douglas in Spartacus...I followed his career throughout my life. I will be 69 on Feb. 24th.
Being of the Jewish faith, and seeing Kirk represent our religious belief, made him special. G-d bless the Douglas family, and may he rest in peace.

Posted by David Brown - Prattville, AL   February 05, 2020

RIP ,Never Forget Kirk Douglas ,Godspeed

Posted by deanna stevens - St.Louis, MO   February 05, 2020


Posted by Elizabeth Jones - Atlanta, GA - friend   February 05, 2020

My condolences to the family . Kirk was a beautiful actor . I love him and loved watching his movies . My thoughts and prayers go out to the family .

Posted by Katrina Schmidt - Echo, LA   February 05, 2020

My condolences to the Douglas family

Posted by Mary Malone - CO   February 05, 2020


Our deepest sympathy for family. We will keep you in our prayers. He lived a beautiful blessed life . May God Bless you always.

Posted by Esther Gandara - El Paso, TX - friend   February 05, 2020


To the family of this great actor, Kirk Douglas. There will never be another actor as great as he was. He is now reunited with John Wayne, Henry Fonda, And other great actors of his time. He will be missed and his legend will live on for all eternity. RIP Mr. Douglas.

Posted by Noelle Smith - Odessa, TX   February 05, 2020

One of my heroes growing up.So sorry for the families pain.

Posted by Perry Doak - Fallbrook, CA   February 05, 2020

Kirk did it His way, with gusto and being feisty until the end. A mans man. We love you Kirk. God rest your soul.

Posted by Debra Ambrose - San Francisco, CA - friend   February 05, 2020

Rest in Peace Mr. Douglas. You were one of the greatest actors I've ever watched on TV. You were and always will be a legend and the greatest of your profession. With sadness, I extend my heartfelt condolences to your family and friends and fellow actors and actresses who have the pleasure of working with you through the years.

Posted by Jean Kepp - Beaver, OH - friend   February 05, 2020

May his memory be eternal. We have lost the last of the truly great actors. No other actor can hold a candle to Mr. Douglas.

Posted by Martha - IN   February 05, 2020


Sorry for your Loss.

Posted by Joan Daniels - Las Vegas, NV - friend   February 05, 2020

RIP Kirk you will forever be honored

Posted by Debbie Nutt - East Bridgewater, MA   February 05, 2020

God bless you and may you RIP. You had a good relationship with your son, Michael and it showed. Nithing kept you down, not a stroke, not a thing. You are an inspiration.

Posted by Thomas Yarborough - Cape Canaveral, FL - acquaintance   February 05, 2020


Posted by Cathy Langley - Roanoke, AL   February 05, 2020

The world has lost a treasure who brought such joy to all who were captivated watching all of his movies. I grew up waiting for the next Kirk Douglas movie. When Burt Lancaster was also in the cast it just could not get any better.

Posted by Richard Weitz - Jackson, NJ   February 05, 2020

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Douglas family. May he rest in peace. His legacy will long be remembered.

Posted by Ellen T.    February 05, 2020

what an amazing actor! God Bless, you earned your wings and always championed the underdog. Thank you, my thoughts and prayers are with the family

Posted by andrea steffy - chesterton, IN   February 05, 2020


To the Douglas family sorry for your loss of Kirk, I always loved to watch him avt on all his movies. May God be with you and your family .

Posted by Connie Force - Wichita, KS   February 05, 2020

Posted by Tom and Camile Centola - Ponte Vedra Beach, FL   February 05, 2020


So very sorry to hear of your passing. You have a create a great body of work that will live on. You have an amazing family that is your legacy. You have a life well lived. Its time to see what eternity is like. Im sure God has plenty for you to do. Rest In Peace!

Posted by Dr Rhonda Gullette - Dayton, OH - friend   February 05, 2020

With my sincerest condolences to your family in the passing of a true Hollywood Legend. He was a wonderful actor, humanitarian, philanthropist, husband, father, grand and great grandfather. His legacy is his family and his contribution to film!! May he Rest In Peace!!

Posted by Liz Howard - Washington, DC - student   February 05, 2020

You will always be "Sparticus"❤

Posted by Debra Smith - Birmingham, AL   February 05, 2020

One of the greatest. Such a nice long life. Love to all you left behind! You will be missed.

Posted by Patty Marshall - Spokane Valley, WA   February 05, 2020

Condolences to the Douglas Family. In my thoughts and prayers. Most people may remember his performances in many other movies and theater. But for me it was the Snowy River movies that I so enjoyed his performances. We have lost a legendary actor. He will Surely be missed. Rest in peace Kirk Douglas. You left us with great memories.

Posted by Susan Cannon - Grimesland, NC   February 05, 2020


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   February 05, 2020

Kirk Douglas will never be forgotten, may he RIP now.

Posted by Rosie B - Miami, FL   February 05, 2020

Saw all his Movies . Spartacus was my Fav. Handsome Man,
Great Actor , loved his Book about his Life .RIP with all the
Other Greats of Film . And your Son Eric .
Sue Willard

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020

To the Douglas Family
Long lived a legend! Truly will be missed by all movie fans. He was loved much.

Posted by Carol Dell - Villa Rica, GA   February 05, 2020


Great actor and legend who will never be forgotten. To the Douglas family, my prayers are with you and may the lord give you strength.

Posted by Marie Larocque - Johnston, RI   February 05, 2020

Kirk , you are SO missed, already , Amen! Our Actor , was the Light of America, and now he belongs to Heaven forevermore ! May God Bless, his most precious family and friends, today and unto eternity !

Posted by Jennifer Frenkil - Hanover, PA - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

What a wonderful life!
Now you can RIP Mr. Douglas.
Your legacy lives on forever.
God has blessed you, now you will
Condolences to family, friends
and all those that loved you and
will miss you.

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020

Posted by Ginger Gunter - Massachusetts, MA   February 05, 2020

Rest o. Peace Kirk - this world is going to miss you tremendously !

Posted by Janice Gold - San Antonio, TX - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

Posted by JUNE ACRA - MARYVILLE, IL   February 05, 2020

Sorry for your loss mr Douglas he was a great actor

Posted by Sandi Ramirez - Manchester, NH - friend   February 05, 2020


Posted by Noreen - Dunedin, FL   February 05, 2020

One of my favorites of all time. Loved his westerns! Our condolences go out to all his family!

Posted by Rich Ochoa - C'da, ID   February 05, 2020

103 years old, what a great life! Nevertheless I feel great sadness that you're no longer here on Earth with us for we have lost a great and stellar light! I met you once at a book signing at Borders bookstore in Phoenix. I will treasure that remembrance. You inspired me as a young actor, I was often told I resembled you. Thank you for all the joy you gave to so MANY!
You defined GREATNESS! Condolences to his wife and his beautiful family.SHALOM. Rest in eternal peace.

Posted by Tim Dahlberg - Phoenix, AZ - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

May his memory be a blessing.....

Posted by Flora Lovejoy - Sun Valley, ID   February 05, 2020


In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.He had a Wonderful Life

Posted by Marie Davis - Fort Collins, CO   February 05, 2020

God bless...

Posted by - IL   February 05, 2020

God Bless your Family Thanks for the Memories

Posted by Diana Manton - Chico, CA - friend   February 05, 2020


Posted by Glenn Willey - Loudon, NH   February 05, 2020


Posted by Barbara Wisbey - PALM SPRINGS, CA   February 05, 2020


Thoughts and prayers for the loss of your father,he was a great man, and he will be truly missed,may he R..I...P.

Posted by Alberta Woodrow - Rockford, IL - friend   February 05, 2020

Rest In Peace Kirk Douglas! You will be greatly missed!!

Posted by Shelly Vaughn - Concord, NC - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

To Mr. Dougla's family, a heartfelt set of prayers are coming your way for the loss of your dear dear Dad, what a wonderful actor he was, I always loved his determination and his love of his family and especially how much he embraced Catherine into the family. RIP Kirk Douglas, thank you for what you brought to our lives, your legacy does continue.

Posted by Jane Parks-McKay - Santa Cruz, CA - acquaintance   February 05, 2020

To the Douglas family,
Wishing you a shoulder to lean on, a gentle hand to wipe your tears and comfort to your hearts

Posted by Victoria Love Peters - Kitty Hawk, NC - friend   February 05, 2020

R.I.P Mr. Douglas
He brought much entertainment to this world. Never to be forgotten.
My sympathy to his family.

Posted by Beverly Perko - Highland, IN   February 05, 2020

Legends never die

Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020

Douglas families my deepest sympathies on the loss of a great man & actor.He was one of my most favorite actors ever! So handsome and talented.Prayers of peace & comfort for all

Posted by Sherree Doby - Belmont, NC   February 05, 2020

My condolences to the family. May God give you strength during this time.

Posted by Kiesha McGaughy - Blytheville, AR - friend   February 05, 2020

we will always miss you,,,the best of all time!

Posted by Christopher Olson - Murfessboro, TN   February 05, 2020


Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020


Posted by A friend   February 05, 2020


Rip ❤Prayers to his family.

Posted by Kathleen - PA   February 05, 2020


What a great actor. RIP

Posted by Judy - Redkey, IN   February 05, 2020

The last of the great actors

Posted by Dianne Peichoto - Kingsburg, CA   February 05, 2020

The first time I saw Kirk Douglas on the silver screen was as Spartacus and in the Vikings. It was where I got the idea top have a Viking funeral if I died. I felt sorry for his character in In Harms Way, he was in several westerns, but he was great in the role of the Captain of the USS Nimitz in the movie Final Countdown! Good bye Kirk, Hollywood is dead, the Hollywood I knew growing up in the 60's and 70's. Shalom.

Pete Lieggi

Posted by Peter Felix John Lieggi - Lawrenceville, NJ   February 05, 2020


Posted by JOHN FOGERTY - SAN FRAN, CA   February 05, 2020

To the Douglass family family very sorry for the loss of your dad he is in God's hands and house may God help you in this sad time

Posted by Irene c Morrison - Pittsfield, MA   February 05, 2020

We sorry for your loss. We enjoy watching him in film.

Posted by Cheryl Smithley - Fort Wayne, IN   February 05, 2020

great actor in my time may god bless lhis family at this time and may he RIP, amen

Posted by kathy dennewitz - Conyers, GA   February 05, 2020

Another one of the greats laid to rest may he rest in peace.

Posted by Kathy Fry - Bridgeville, DE   February 05, 2020

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