Condolence & Memory Journal

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family for their loss of a talented man, who will be remembered for his contribution to the music industry. May you find comfort and strength in God during this time of mourning.

Posted by A friend   February 26, 2020

So sorry to hear about Bob's passing Bobbie. Fond memories of you and Bob's friendship and get togethers. He will be forever missed but remembered always. Gods blessings and grace be yours in this difficult time.

Posted by Joyce Oliphant - Star Valley, AZ - friend   February 24, 2020

My condolences to the family, friends and fans of Bob Shane, we hope many of the encouraging words and thoughts on this site comforts you during this difficult time. May you find comfort in your wealth of fond memories together. In the days ahead throw all of your sadness, cries and anxieties on the Hearer of Prayers who cares for you.

Posted by PLP - CA   February 21, 2020

I had the pleasure of seeing Bob Shane perform several times and always loved his rendition of "Scotch and Soda". The Kingston Trio in all of it's forms was one of my favorite groups. I feel honored to have been in their presence and will always remember them as a part of my life that was fun. Thank you for all the great memories Bob. I will drink one in your honor!! To Bob's family, thank you for sharing him with the world. He will be missed.

Posted by Carl Hollenbeck - Gasport, NY - acquaintance   February 20, 2020

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the family's..My condolences..

Posted by A friend   February 18, 2020

I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of mr Bob Shane he gave a lot of himself in the entertainment field may the God of tender mercies grant him peace

Posted by A friend   February 18, 2020


Posted by Valenda Newell - INDIANAPOLIS, IN   February 15, 2020

Sorry to see Bob go. His music was such a big part of my early life. I'll never forget meeting Bob at Biscuits in Ahwatukee. It was a thrill of a lifetime. Condolences to Bobbie who was so gracious with her time, inviting my husband and I to several of the camps. He will be missed but his music will live on in my heart.

Posted by Debi Saling - Phoenix, AZ - friend   February 06, 2020

We appreciate the beautiful music you brought us. We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all during this difficult period.

Posted by A friend   February 03, 2020

My heart breaks and I will miss you forever. Thank you for your guitar. Adios, mi amigo.

Posted by Gary Thomas - Helotes, TX - friend   February 02, 2020

"Try to remember", as Bob Shane sang so beautifully all those years ago. Rest in peace, Bob.

Posted by John Diehl - Swansea, UK.   February 01, 2020

I'm saddened by the passing of Bob Shane. Last surviving member of The Kingston Trio. My most favorite member of the group. Loved him. There are lots of memories thru the years
Rest well my friend.

Posted by Barbara Bowers - Orefield, PA - friend   January 31, 2020

I had 18 of their LP's I was and am a Kingston Trio freak. I saw them in Dallas in 1964. The last of the great trio is gone RIP Bob Shane.

Posted by Paul Smith - Tannersville, PA   January 31, 2020

The original Kingston Trio are the ones who opened my life up to the wonderful world of pure great music...that's why I still, to this day, at age 72, play the's all due to these great musicians...I sure miss them now, but still listen to all of their albums....makes me so happy to heart them, real happy. Godspeed. I still have the two albums they autographed for me, hanging on the wall. I still play their music, and I'll always be grateful for their excellent contribution they made to this world through their great singing and instruments. THE BEST!!!

Posted by Bruce Urie - Locust Grove, VA   January 30, 2020

It was Bob's unique sound I first heard in 1958...Mom told me it was a I wanted one, got one in 1959 and have been playing ever since...Mom bought me the first Kingston Trio album when it came out...I couldn't wait to get home from school to listen to it....over and over, every day, loving the singing, harmonies, banjos and that beautiful Martin guitars of the Trio....bought every album since...Mom, my younger brother and I went to hear them in person, October 20, 1960 at Uline Arena in Washington DC. I took my little brother from the seats before the show back to the door of their dressing room...Buckwheat, their upright bassist would not let us in, but talked to us for quite awhile....real nice guy, too...then....the Kingston Trio came out of their dressing room! There me and my little brother, wearing the same type of short sleeve striped shirts as they do....petrified! All three, Bob, Dave, Nick, walked right over to us...all holding their instruments....I couldn't move! In person! My No. 1 musical heroes! Bob then took his Martin, slowly moved it towards my brother in playful way, my brother flinched, and they all laughed....then Bob rubbed my brother's head and mine and said to enjoy the show.....awesome!
After the brilliant show was over, they all went to the center of the arena to sign Mom and I could hardly reach them due to the overwhelming crowds of people surrounding them....Mom got Dave to sign our Kingston Trio book we bought, then Nick signed it, then Bob he was getting ready to sign our book, someone shoved Mom right into Bob! Mom said I'm so sorry Mr. Shane, and Bob turned to her and said: "That's ok, baby," in that unique deep voice of his...I thought my Mom would faint....she was always talking about that....the Kingston Trio made Mom and I the most happy people in the world with their music....I ended up learning guitar, got to sing on radio programs, then was in a rock band that appeared in TV shows.....then had to quit due to my deafness caused by the measles when I was 7, as it got worse over the years....
Back in 1980 I took my Mom to hear the New Kingston Trio at a high school near us, as a great thank you to my Mom for introducing me to the world of guitars, (Bobs') and the great singing of the Trio....although Mom is gone now, I still own her a deep gratitude of debt for the love of the Trio's music...I still play their songs even today, 2020 and know almost every one of the songs by heart...their songs, still to this day, makes me so darn happy. There will never ever be another musical group as great sounding and unique as the Kingston Trio, my all time musical heroes! Man, I miss them.

Posted by Bruce Urie - Locust Grove - acquaintance   January 30, 2020

My late brother was a huge Kingston Trio fan & successfully recruited me. We attended their concerts whenever they were in the Indianapolis area. We were also lucky enough to meet & chat with them on a couple of occasions. As my brother's health failed my mom corresponded with Bob. He was so kind and even sent the Trio's newest CDs when they were released. Bob Shane was a good one for sure. I send my deepest sympathy to his family. Mud in your eye, Bob.

Posted by Rebecca Malott - Greenwood, IN   January 30, 2020

My condolences to the Shane family. May God and memories provide comfort, peace, and endurance today, tomorrow, and always.

Posted by A friend   January 30, 2020

The Kingston Trio made memorable records. They entertained millions of people thru their music. Their delivery of each song was unique. May this trio which now includes Bob RIP Jane M.

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

I had the honor of meeting Bob at several of his concerts and at his home in Phoenix. I will miss him as the founding member of the Trio but find solace in the fact that his music will live forever. My sympathies to his wife and his family.
RIP friend.

Posted by Gordon Champion - Phoenix, AZ   January 29, 2020

Terrific guy, aside from co-starting The Kingston Trio, he took on the task of keeping it going after the breakup in 1967, a dedicated pursuit of greatness. Condolences to his family. Whenever I am blue, I pull out one of his recordings, so much joy and enthusiasm. I was on the 2007 cruise and was late to get to the limited time for a big group picture. Turned out Bob was late too and we ran together to the front of the boat , he with his oxygen tank under his arm.

Posted by Richard Monahan - Sudbury, MA   January 29, 2020

My condolences to you and your family.I am sorry for the loss you are feeling at this time. Sympathy sent from MW.

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

Our sincere condolences to the Shane Family. May the God of all comfort provide you all the strength to cope with your loss

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

Never personally met Bob but have been a devout fan of his and the KT since early 1960's. Bob Shane had one of the most appealing voices i've ever heard and the Kingston Trio's harmonies were absolutely the best. Love Bob Shane and this group.Never be another like him and the original Kingstons. RIP Mr Shane.

Steve Shutt

Posted by Steve Shutt - EL PASO, TX   January 29, 2020

When I was a little girl everyone was listening to rock, I was singing Kingston Trio songs. This group was and still is a big part of my life. I will miss Bob Shane especially. Think I'll have a Scotch and Soda. Thanks for the memories, rest easy.

Posted by Susan Vosnos - VANCOUVER, WA   January 28, 2020

Sincere condolences to the Shane Family, May God with his Mighty strength comfort your hearts and lives forever with peace and love. Bob will not only be missed by you but by the whole world.

Posted by BRY - CA   January 28, 2020

Wonderful memories of Bob and his musical brothers.

Kingston Trio fans should check out the episode archives at

Posted by Stacy Harris - Nashville, TN   January 28, 2020

RIP Bob Shane, Condolences to family and fans.

Posted by Mike Maier - Vancouver WA   January 28, 2020

Learned to sing and play Scotch and Soda on my Martin D-28 by listening to Bob Shane sing & play it on the KT albums I have! Hell be truly missed!!

David J. Rymniak

Posted by David Rymniak - Pittsburgh   January 28, 2020

Grew up listening to my Dad's Kingston Trio records. So sad they are all gone now. But their music will last forever. Thanks for the memories.

Posted by A friend   January 28, 2020

I saw the trio first in 1966 then over the years another 6 or 7 times. Bob had us laughing and appreciating good American and Hispanic music. Some German was thrown in for good measure.. They always gave credit where credit was due to the writers and other musicians who had gone before. Rest in peace with Dave, John and Nick.
Yours in folk tradition "The Dustmen" Darrell Val, Glen and Bob.

Posted by Darrell Rector - Ogden, UT - friend   January 28, 2020

Bob was a sweet and personal friend since we met in 1957. One of the most gentle men I ever knew I'll remember always sitting on the curb of the Purple Onion and having him serenade me with Lei Palalina. My heart will miss him dearly.

Posted by Anna Pecorino - Austin, TX   January 28, 2020

One of many videos of Bob's last public performances. This one for a new video to be released in mid 2020. "The Dutchman" shot at Desert C.A.M. Studios in CA, and directed by Chip Miller

Posted by chip miller - indian wells, CA   January 28, 2020

Posted by chip miller    January 28, 2020

Posted by chip miller    January 28, 2020

Posted by chip miller    January 28, 2020

You were my friend for 46 years. I enjoyed your phone calls and all our jokes. You had the greatest voice. You are an American treasure. Condolences to your wife and family. I will miss you my friend.

Posted by Al Hobbs - Seymour, TN   January 28, 2020


So very sorry and my condolences to his family and friends. The Kingston Trio was one of my favorite groups growing up and I dearly LOVED their music, it was awesome!

Posted by Kay Reckord Ames - Eureka, CA   January 28, 2020

I grew up listening to the Kingston Trio on my parents record player,
And they saw them perform live in Southern California back in the 60s , when they passed years ago I inherited many of the trios LPs, I have always enjoyed their music and continue to listen to them today, thank you for the memories, rest in peace

Posted by Lynn Thomas - Spokane, WA   January 28, 2020

Bob, Thank you for the music but most of all thank you for your guidance and friendship.

Posted by Reed Blair - Pendergrass, GA   January 28, 2020

Thoughts and prayers to the Shane family, so sorry for your loss, may you find comfort and strength from God to help you as you go through this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   January 28, 2020

Thank you, Bob for the music that you gave to
to us. I think you will always exist.

Posted by james frye - mason, OH   January 28, 2020

Loved everything ever done by the Kingston Trio and it is so sad to see that they are all gone. R.I.P. Bob.

Posted by John GRIMES - WATERTOWN, MA   January 28, 2020

I offer my sincere condolences to your family of Bob Shane. Music is the language of the heart. I will always listen to music as it calms me. Thank you as his family for him sharing his talents with us. Philippians 4:7

Posted by C S - Charlotte, NC   January 28, 2020

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by A friend   January 28, 2020


RIP, Bob.

Posted by Frank Titus - Dayton, OH - friend   January 28, 2020

RIP Bob. Your music entertained my generation.

Posted by Bob Mobbs - CA   January 28, 2020

What a POWERFUL part of musical history exists in Bob Shane. Due to class and dignity, he was not out there like a diva or some egotistical individual. HE WAS THERE FOR THE MUSIC! There is not enough appreciation in life to put on Bob. What a guy and performer. With a sad heart I send out prayers to all of his family and for his memory.

Posted by Bobby Wilcox - Holt, MI   January 28, 2020