Condolence & Memory Journal

Posted by A friend   February 29, 2020

Condolences to Carol Lynleys family and friends. She was very talented and loved. May God comfort her loved ones.

Posted by Susan Y. - Knoxville, TN   January 03, 2020

Just an old admirer. Had a crush on her as a teenager. Saw all her movies. Favorite was "The Light In The Forest" with James MacCarther.

Posted by Ralph Beardsley - HOUSTON, TX - friend   December 18, 2019

I loved watching your movies. Youll always be Nonnie and ring in the New Year. God bless you for bringing joy to the movies and those who knew you in person. May your loved ones be comforted by your memories. Sincerely, A Fan

Posted by Paul Meyer - Nashville, TN   December 13, 2019

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by Edward Koepke - Coventry, CT   December 09, 2019

Enjoyed her in The Poseidon Adventure. So sorry to hear about her death.

Posted by A friend   November 29, 2019

Very sorry to hear of the death of Carol Lynley. She was beautiful and talented and seemed to be very down to Earth too. She just had that certain something that made you notice her and I always looked forward to her performing either in movies or on TV . She will be greatly missed by her fans and Im sure by everybody that knew her personally .

Posted by Neal Verrochi - Deerfield Beach, FL   October 19, 2019


Posted by VALINDA JONES - CINCINNATI, OH   October 14, 2019

I am sad to see that she passed all I know about her is just what I see such a beautiful and sweet women. She really was beautiful to her family I am so sorry I would change the channel on the tv as a young girl if I came across her in a movie or series I stop to watch her I thought she was so pretty she had the soft sweet voice. May she rest in peace with the angels.

Posted by gleezette Martinez - montebello, CA   October 10, 2019

Posted by A friend   September 29, 2019

I was a big FAN of Carol Lynley...a beautiful and talented woman growing up watching most of films and TV appearances from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and sad to hear she is no longer with us. God bless you Carol R.I.P.

Posted by Ben - friend   September 28, 2019


Stunned to learn this incredibly beautiful actress has passed away. I hope the end of her life was quick and that she is now resting. In my day (approx. 1950s) she was one of the three admired young ladies: Sandra Dee, Tuesday Weld and Carol Lynley. All so incredibly special. Condolences to the family - especially her daughter Jill.

Posted by Linda Henman - Loomis, CA - friend   September 22, 2019

Lovely and talented - May she Rest In Peace

Posted by Donna Oteri - Las Vegas, NV - friend   September 20, 2019

Such a sad loss of a lovely actress, I was a teen in the 50's and saw a lot of Carol, so sorry for her death. She is younger then me by a couple of years, too young. God give her family peace!

Posted by Janet Ferger - Dixon, IL - friend   September 19, 2019


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   September 18, 2019

One of my favorite actress in the Posidean adventure I was in Canada one year and was waiting for the tour bus in the lobby and a woman started talking to me I recognized those blue eyes but did not realize who she was till we departed and saw the movie posters Rest In Peace my Lady!

Posted by Ron Campbell - Ellsworth, PA - acquaintance   September 14, 2019

Posted by BRENDA M. - Birmingham, AL   September 14, 2019

I loved her,since my teen years I always wanted to look like her tried to style my hair like hers. She had a unique look of a fresh faced beauty which I never seen compare. God be with you in the in the loss of your beautiful mother.

Posted by Brenda - Birmingham Al.   September 14, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA - Friend   September 12, 2019

A very beautiful lady who will be very greatly missed. I was in love with her from afar. So were most guys in my generation.

Posted by Roy B. Quady - Minneapolis, MN   September 12, 2019


A movie I was encouraged to see. Back in 1973.
Through the action and adventure you carried your role.
Yet something about you touched my soul.
In my heart a sense of a spiritual bond.
As I thank you for your gifts to this world and beyond.
You haven't really gone away.
I will cherish your memory forever and a day.

Posted by Randy Jones - Westfield, MA - acquaintance   September 11, 2019

Heartfelt condolences to Carol's loved ones. A stunning and unique actress who has been a favourite of mine for decades (I've seen about 80% of the body of her work and enjoyed all of it). I read once something about her 'trademark' head cocked to one side (I don't remember the exact description) and I thought how extraordinary that idiosyncrasy was and something that was memorable and beguiling about Carol. I remember seeing her figure in the Movieland Wax Museum in The Poseidon Adventure on a big trip to the USA and being thrilled about how I got that close to her wax figure - the nearest I thought I'd ever get to the real star. But years later I read online about her appearing at an autograph signing show at a hotel in London and I thought (correctly) this could be my only chance to meet a performer I had loved and admired all my adult life. Off I went to London to meet her and soon discovered she was as lovely and friendly as I'd always believed she must be and that experience was a highlight of my life. I treasure the autographed picture I got that day. She will be greatly missed.

Posted by Rob Staples - Brisbane, Australia   September 11, 2019

Our Condolences To Carol`s
family, and friends Carol was a class act, besides a beautiful and talented woman. I will always remember how kind she was to me. Rip Carol, you will always be in our hearts.

Posted by Ernie - NC   September 10, 2019

Condolences to the family of Ms. Lynley. I am so sad to hear of her passing. May God comfort her family and friends.

Posted by Susan Y. - Knoxville, TN   September 10, 2019

Please be assured of our heart felt condolences for your loss of your loved one.

Posted by Bobby - Fort Wayne   September 10, 2019

God bless your family and friends. You were an outstanding performer and we are fortunate you shared your talents with the world. Rest easy,

Posted by - Charlotte, NC   September 09, 2019

My condolences and prayers are with the family during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019

Sad to hear

Posted by sandra jansen - Waterford, MI - Friend   September 09, 2019


My condolences to the family of Carol Lynley. I remember her when I was a youngster in some tv shows and always thought she would be on tv for years to come. Please find comfort in the knowledge just knowing so many people admire & remembered her, gone too soon. May she rest in peace. Amen.

Posted by Donna - PA   September 09, 2019

So sorry to learn of Carol's death. It was a delightful experience to view her in various roles throughout the years. May the peace of God that surpasses all understanding sustain this family during your time of grief. Cherish the thought that she will be dearly missed but greatly treasured through her many characters on the screen.

Posted by Barbara Williams    September 09, 2019

Carol will be missed by her family, friends, and fans. May these loving messages that continue to be posted give everyone some comfort. She was a beautiful lady with many excellent talents who entertained millions. Mary M.

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019



Posted by Glen James Hausfeld - Minneapolis, MN   September 09, 2019

A life well lived. A terrible loss for all. One of my favorite actresses of all time.

Posted by John Schmidly - EL PASO, TX - acquaintance   September 09, 2019

Condolences to the family of Carol Lynley,
Although many of us on this site knew the talented actress Carol Lynley from her films and entertainment, you know Carole Ann Jones as a dear family member - so the pain of losing a loved one is even more intense for you.
Please feel the happiness of many on this site as comfort to each of you. We send our heartfelt regrets and prayers of support for each day. We can look to the day when this pain of losing loved ones is gone forever!

Posted by Loretta Lin - Brooklyn, NY   September 09, 2019

Thoughts of sympathy are with you today at this time of loss. (Numbers 6:24-26 NWT)

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019

Condolences to the family, So very sad to hear about Carol's passing. I've enjoyed watching her in movies over the years. Please lean on the strong arm of our Almighty God to comfort you and help you to cope during this very difficult time.

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019


Condolences, thoughts & prayers go out to the family, friends and associates of the lovely Carol Lynley. She was an excellent actress and I enjoyed all of her films. In fact TCM just ran "Blue Denim" and "Bunny Lake is Missing" and they were as good as I remembered them and Carol was marvelous in both films. She will be missed, but her body of work will be her everlasting legacy. May she rest in eternal peace and may the perpetual light shine upon her.

Posted by NANCY WOODWELL-FREEDMAN - SANDY HOOK, CT   September 09, 2019

My condolences go out to the family of Carol Lyndly.

Posted by Lee - TN   September 09, 2019

So sorry to hear of Ms. Lynleys death. Condolences to family and friends.

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019


Rest in Peace

Posted by A fan - San Antonio, TX   September 09, 2019

I am truly sorry for your beloved and talented loss. Ive enjoyed many of Ms. Lynley pictures. I hope drawing close to God for comfort during this difficult time help to ease the pain of your loss.

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2019

Carol was just wonderful. Beautiful in every way. God Speed Ms. Lynley.

Posted by Brian - Albany, NY   September 09, 2019

What a life! Carols work will be seen for generations and will live forever. A talented and beautiful woman. All of her fans and to her family my sympathy.

Posted by Dennis Bly - Bluffton, SC   September 08, 2019


Posted by A friend   September 08, 2019

Posted by Dennis Bly - Bluffton, SC   September 08, 2019

We are saddened to hear about the loss of your dearly beloved Mother. May the God of tender mercies be with you during this most difficult time. Please know that our loving Heavenly Father feels your pain and is eager to grant you continuous love, peace and comfort. We know that you are very proud of your lovely Mother and her legacy, she touched the lives of many throughout her acting career.

CP, Atlanta Georgia

Posted by A friend   September 08, 2019

Dear Lynley Family:

I am sorry for your loss.

I really enjoyed Ms. Lynley in the Poseidon Adventure. She was a very pretty and talented actress.

Posted by A friend   September 08, 2019

Loved her modeling in Seventeen for Chanel 5, which became my fragrance of choice for life. I'm 77. My deepest condolences to her family.

Posted by A friend   September 08, 2019


Posted by Anita Powell - GA   September 08, 2019

Sorry to lose my favorite actress. Rest in peace beautiful Carol Lynley.

Posted by Ann Harrington - Norristown, PA - friend   September 08, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 08, 2019


In loving memory.

Posted by Felicia Yates - Fayetteville, NC   September 08, 2019

Carol, was very lovely talking with you a few times in Santa Monica. Sorry that you have departed this level so soon, but smile down on us here in LaLa Land.

Posted by Doug Dobransky - Studio City   September 07, 2019


Posted by Valenda Newell - INDIANAPOLIS, IN   September 07, 2019


Loved all your movies......will miss your beauty and talent. May God be with you on your journey.

Posted by Sheila - L.A., CA   September 07, 2019

Dear Carol, I was deeply saddened by your passing. I loved you in so many great movies and television shows. You were so beautiful. RIP sweet lady. Your fan Anita

Posted by Anita Hanson - La Crosse, WI   September 07, 2019

What a powerful actress she was, yet such a delicate, classic beauty. May she rest in peace...we will miss her. Prayers to the family and friends. Thank you for sharing her with us.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2019



Posted by Phil Purtee - Crescent Beach, FL   September 07, 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of Ms Lynsey. Although I didnt know her by name at the time, I knew her face and the work she performed in film and tv. May God give you comfort as you mourn her loss.

Posted by C S - Charlotte, NC   September 07, 2019

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your family members.May you find comfort from friends and family.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2019

Please recieve our condolence and the comfort of almighty God and the the hope of everlasting life

Posted by YM - TX   September 07, 2019

Our deepest condolences to the family of Carol. We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all during this extremely difficult time.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2019

Posted by Mrs Sosa    September 07, 2019

She was one of my favorite actresses.i loved her in all her movies.

Posted by Bonnie Lynch - West carrollton, OH   September 07, 2019

She will be missed by many. John 6:40

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2019


A beautiful woman and talented actor.

Posted by Kurt Sprague - Winter Garden, FL - friend   September 06, 2019

Remembering you on The Big Valley with Barbara Stanwyck and Lee Majors. You have graced us with your beauty, and you will always be Dilly! May you rest in peace with the angels around you!

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019


In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 06, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 06, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 06, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 06, 2019

I have admired her forever ...

Posted by George Spalding - Hampton, VA   September 06, 2019

You were the best, Thank You for your memories.

Posted by Bill Gardner - Eastbound, PA   September 06, 2019

She was one of the biggest models in Seventeen magazine when I was a young teenager (as Carolyn Lee). Somewhere I have clippings. As a model, she said that she never got to see all of a movie. She would slip into a theater in-between bookings and watch part of a film.

Posted by Jillian Stanley - Sacramento, CA   September 06, 2019

My fondest memory of Carol was when after having met her on a previous occasion I started to introduce myself and she says, " I remember you Michael, have all that great Poseidon Adventure material", Well,..that made my day. After that, anytime I saw her, she always referred to me by name, even waving to me from across a room. I loved her stories and will never forget her wonderful laugh. RIP Carol

Posted by Michael Miller - San Diego, CA   September 06, 2019

I mentioned Ms. Lynley just the other night, while talking to a friend. Unique acting talents, combined with a stunningly intriguing appearance and presence.

Rest in Peace, Carol.

Posted by - '60s Kid, CA   September 06, 2019

I saw her in a movie in the 1960s that's not mentioned in any of the kudos I've seen. Her ethereal beauty mentioned in another guest's statement always stuck with me. I never kept up with movies so I missed her other appearances. Maybe I'll see her in the next world. If she can read this she'll know I'll be looking for her there when I move on.

Posted by Sidney Secular - Silver Spring, MD - friend   September 06, 2019

My condolences to the family on your loss. May the God of all comfort sustain you during this difficult time and beyond.

Posted by LF    September 06, 2019


Posted by Cynthia Herd - SOUTH HADLEY, MA   September 06, 2019


Bless your heart and may your forever journey be along with all your friends, family and loved animals that went before you.

Posted by Karen Evans - Mena, AR   September 06, 2019


Posted by Linda Tracy - Cleveland, OH   September 06, 2019

I remember her in many Movies she was quiet / shy like.
Very pretty Girl .RIP Carol.
Sue Willard
Gr.Mich .

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019

Posted by Jim Young - Pittsburgh   September 06, 2019

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always. May God be a source of all comfort and strength.

Posted by V M - neighbor   September 06, 2019


Godspeed Carol, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us, and the film and TV memories.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   September 06, 2019

Dear Carol
may you now rest in peace with the Lord and his angels in his forever in a place of love.

Posted by Gianni Fusco - NY, NY   September 06, 2019

Does anyone know when and where her funeral service is?

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019

Sending condolences to Carol Lynley's family. Hoping that you get comfort from the many warm and tender comments on this site about your dear one.

Posted by Loretta L Lin - Brooklyn, NY   September 06, 2019

So very sad to hear about Carols Passing.
Carol, you were an onscreen "friend" to me for years, to a young boy who didnt have many friends, and felt misunderstood, following you git me through some difficult times,and meeting you not once, but twice, honestly, one of the biggest thrills of my life. Thank you for all you brought to so many for years and years. Youve touched so many hearts. Thank you. May you rest in peace"

Posted by Jeffrey Muchow - Fargo, ND   September 06, 2019


Very classy one of my first boyhood cruzhes

Posted by Alan Dunavent - Troy   September 06, 2019

RIP Carol Lynley . One of my favorite actresses ,especially with The Poseidon Adventure. Had the honor and pleasure of watching the movie with the late Bob Broegg,sports writer in St.Louis . Never Forget

Posted by deanna stevens - Crestwood, MO   September 06, 2019

Carol Lynley was a great actress. I especially enjoyed her in the movie, Bunny Lake Is Missing. She had a lot of class. RIP Carol

Kathryn Vawter
Boise Idaho

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2019

Posted by BARRY BREGMAN - LOS Angeles, CA   September 06, 2019

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well-lived.

Posted by Deborah Fitzwater - Eagle Point, OR   September 06, 2019


Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   September 06, 2019

So sad to see Ms Lynley go. I remember her still as a starlet. May she Rest In Peace. Condolences to her family.

Posted by Angie Rosales - Brisbane, CA   September 06, 2019


To a beautiful and talented actress. Carol! Gone but never forgotten

Posted by Nick Lambert - NEW MILTON, NH   September 06, 2019

My heart is broken over the loss of this beautiful spirit. My heart goes out to her family and close friends. Carol will live on in our hearts and through film. Rest in peace.

Posted by Jim McFalls - Sedro Woolley, WA - friend   September 06, 2019