Condolence & Memory Journal

I first read Ball Four as an early teenager, many years ago. I have re-read it many times since, and have proclaimed it to be my favorite book of all time. Jim Bouton has always been a heroic figure to me, and although I never had the privilege of meeting him in person, I have collected and read all of his other books, and I feel like I have known him.
I have also had the pleasure of exchanging email correspondence with him from time to time over the years. I am very saddened by his passing, and the loss of this very very special person. I also just lost my beloved father, who was just a few months older than Jim, and I know firsthand the extreme sadness that comes from losing a wonderful person and father. Please know that you are not alone in your sadness and feeling of loss. Many like myself, I am sure, are sharing in the sadness of the passing of James Alan Bouton, the Bulldog.

Posted by Ken Garten - Blue Springs, MO   December 11, 2019

I just finished listening to his book ( Ball 4 ) It was a great experience. I couldn't wait to get into my car when I knew i was going to be on the road for a hour or so. It was a wonderful surprise when I found out he was the one that was going to do the reading. His emotions were wonderful throughout the book. Although I found Ball 4 very entertaining I was really surprised to know there was more. Ball 5,6,7 and 8 were more about Jim's life and how he managed everything. It made me feel like I knew him. I cried when I he told the story of Laurie's tragic auto accident. Laughed out loud when he told the many humorous stories. I just completed the book over the weekend. I felt so strongly about the book that I wanted to reach out to Jim and introduce myself. I am a 62 yr old owner of a small business in Ohio. I just now found out today that Jim just passed a couple of months ago. What a shame. His legacy will live forever. If anyone receives this, please tell one of his kids or his wife that Jim touched yet another soul on this earth. I will never forget the experience. Best wishes to all of the Bouton Family.


Tim Stolly

Posted by Tim Stolly - Lima, OH   October 07, 2019

My condolences to the family. May the God of comfort, continue to comfort the family, during these difficult times.

Posted by A friend   September 28, 2019

I just found out yesterday Jim left us. I cant get him out of my mind as I feel I almost know him. Rest In Peace Jim. Ill see you at the ballpark in Heaven.

Posted by Don MacBeth - Moncton, NB - acquaintance   September 11, 2019

I would like to express my deepest sympathies for the loss of a talented and an athletic man. May you find comfort and help in God during this time of mourning.

Posted by A friend   August 14, 2019

I love baseball and loved Four Ball. I want to reach out and thank brother Bob for giving me the opportunity to meet Jim, sit and have some pizza and beer in his Teaneck home and laugh a lot.
To a great pitcher and man, Rest in Peace.
Paul Kessenich, La Grange, IL

Posted by Paul Kessenich - La Grange, IL - friend   August 07, 2019

It's not about who don't like us but the love we gave. Your hard hitting words showed us the truth and we thank you. May your loving family continue to trust in God and know that he gives us power beyond normal.

Posted by A friend   July 30, 2019

Will always respect his no-nonsense tell it like it is way of life. Revelation 7:16,17

Posted by Dustin - FL - acquaintance   July 28, 2019

So sorry for your loss, he was a good man.

Posted by A friend   July 24, 2019

As a young adult, I read Ball Four and was forever a Jim Bouton fan...Watched him try to come back one last time with Atlanta...His book peeled back the curtain of major league locker rooms...He did it with a great sense of humor and found myself rooting for him...From being an athlete, to broadcaster, to Big League chew, he was a success every step of the way. He had an inate ability to make total strangers like me root for Jim Bouton...When his daughter passed my heart broke for him...when he returned to Yankee Stadium for the old timers game I misted...A great man, a great life...Thank you for bringing us along as sir will be missed, and thank you..

Posted by Thomas Mitton - Casa Grande, AZ - acquaintance   July 22, 2019

God is a God of all Comfort and he will Comfort the Family's in this difficult time...My condolences to the Family's...

Posted by Jimmy Crawley - acquaintance   July 21, 2019

Thanks for saving Wahconah Park
Noel Speth Glendale AZ

Posted by A friend   July 21, 2019

Im so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort heal your heart and give you strength at this difficult time.

Posted by Bob Wilson - LA   July 20, 2019


Rest in Peace Mr. Bouton. My condolences to your family and friends. May they find peace.

Posted by Donna AbuSaft Yankee Fan - Chester, PA   July 17, 2019

Well done, Jim. I tip my hat to you. Better yet, I knock the whole thing off. You did it your way. I have coached youth and high school ball for many years now, and the player with the best attitude and love of the game is the team "Bulldog." And going forward, when I watch a game at Wahconah Park in Pittsfield, and they pause the game on a summer eve at sunset for a 15 minute "sun delay" because the sun glare is right in the batter's eyes, and both teams' players, coaches and umps all pause and chat together,I will enjoy the moment with you in mind, smile and say "Thanks, Jim."

Posted by Allan Polak - Otis, MA   July 16, 2019

One of my all time favorite writers, he was truly gifted.

Posted by DAVID SIMMONS - Los Angeles, CA - friend   July 16, 2019

Cried today. Lost the man who influenced me as a writer more than anyone. My dad suggested I read Ball Four.
Almost 50 years later your style still resonates with me. Ruth, Churchill, Jesus and Bouton. That's my starting staff.

Posted by Gary Moskalyk - Thunder Bay, ON   July 15, 2019

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Posted by Philadelphia    July 15, 2019

Condolences to the family on the loss of tour loved one. Great player. May God give you comfort as you mourn the loss of a great man.

Posted by - Miami, FL   July 15, 2019

Our deepest condolences to the family. We pray that God continues to strengthen and comfort you all during this difficult period.

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2019

Rest in blissful peace, Bulldog. Catch you on the other side.

Posted by Don Healy - Melbourne, FL   July 15, 2019

Thanks Jim as a fan and admirer one of my favorite memories was a line from Ball Four. "you don't grip a baseball, it grips you" So true a statement of what I still consider the great American pastime

Posted by Karmannn Cannara - Roseland, NJ   July 14, 2019

In 1965 the Yankees sponsored a clinic for kids at the stadium. We were street kids from Long Island City who went to the stadium at 9:00am on a Saturday morning for the clinic. The program was advertised as instruction by three members of the Yankees. One player emerged from the dugout that day, and that was Jim Bouton. The other two never showed up. As Jim emerged from the dugout and trotted over to us he began clapping as a way to loosen up us star struck kids. All of us joined in the clapping. Jim Bouton was a class act. My deepest condolences to the Bouton family.

Posted by Joseph DeRise - Poughkeepsie, NY - friend   July 14, 2019

Had the pleasure of getting to know Jim when we worked at CBS in New York. I had already been a fan of his for years. He was gutsy and funny and honest. I treasure the memories of our conversations and writing about him. RIP

Posted by Barbara Mendelson - Algonquin, IL - coworker   July 14, 2019

RIP Jim read ball four three times back in school.never was a Yankee fan but was a Jim bouton fan

Posted by Mark Bledsoe - Wichita, KS   July 14, 2019

My husband Joseph is a stout Yankee Fan, and he is watching a Yankee Game right now. Jim was a true Yankee and a very devoted player. May he "REST IN PEACE".

Posted by Joseph & Elizabeth Macaluso - Grand Rapids, MI   July 13, 2019

Jim, Paula and family. You will never know how much you added to my life. From the joy of each of your victories as Yankee pitcher to your comeback with the Braves to chiropractic by Dr Fred to shav as chronicled by J. Holtzman to the sleepover in Savannah and the tasty dinner you made with safflower oil and the all night rap about the Mick, Yogi, Joe D and the rest of the Ball 4 characters to your marriage to Paula at Cousin Brucies house as Phoebe Snows escort to your special appearance at the TMA conf in AC and of course thank you for introducing me to Dick Moss and Marvin Miller. And these are just the highlights. Thank you, thank you, thank you. RIP Jim.

Posted by Steve Ravin - MountainLakes, NJ - friend   July 13, 2019

My condolences go out to the Bouton family on the death of Jim. What a pitcher! Loved to see him throw. He will be missed by many.

Posted by Roy T. - TN   July 13, 2019

"A Bulldog...with stuff". RIP

Posted by Chuck H - Guilford, CT   July 13, 2019

Posted by Marty Nave - Syracuse, NY   July 12, 2019

I still can't believe this happened. I had the honor of meeting Jim twice. I was impressed by his warmth, intelligence, and honesty. Of course, being a New York Yankees fan, it was a thrill to meet him. And, as an author, I thank him for his wisdom, honesty, and advice. Jim, God rest your dear soul in heaven, and may God grant comfort to your family, friends, relatives, and us fans. AMEN.

Posted by Michael Wagner - Temple, TX   July 12, 2019

Smokem inside Jim. I read your book at 12 my Aunt bought it for my birthday. I have been a fan ever since . I hope you knew how many peoples lives you touched. I read Ball Four till the cover came off. Ive lost a friend. Rest In Peace Jim Bouton you old bulldog.

Posted by Jim Diulus - Pittsburgh, PA - friend   July 12, 2019

My condolences to the family and all who loved you. Though it's been some time since we worked together, I think about you, David, often and our friendship. So sorry to hear of the passing of your father.

With Love,


Posted by Alyssa Moccio - East Brunswick, NJ - friend   July 12, 2019

Great author, but a great loss. May you cherish every single moment with your loved one, always maintaining hope

Posted by A friend   July 12, 2019

Condolences to the family, regarding the loss of your loved one. Memories dies play an important role, when ones are no longer with us. May those great memories continue to be with you.

Posted by A friend   July 12, 2019

Rest in Peace ,Jim. I enjoyed our contests.

Posted by Dike Sims - Las Vegas, NV - friend   July 12, 2019

Even though I never met Jim in person, I feel like I knew him like a friend. We have one thing in common, baseball. Continue to read Ball Four, at least once or twice a year, and his other books. Rest In Peace, you will not be forgotten. Love, Mike S.

Posted by Michael Simons - Lansdale, PA - friend   July 12, 2019

"Ball Four" was my hidden, read under the covers book in Junior High School. I still read it every year when spring training starts. RIP Jim thanks for all the years of laughter.

Posted by R.J. - Navarre, FL   July 12, 2019

Ball Four was one of my favorite books when I was growing up. I would read it every year when spring training started. I had to keep a rubber band around it to keep the pages together. Many said his book hurt baseball but I think it just made it more interesting.

My sincere condolences to Jims family, may he get his fastball back in heaven.

Posted by Johnny Darner - Houston, TX - acquaintance   July 12, 2019

Best book I read in high school was BALL FOUR. Laughed my teenage butt off all through it. Was a Bouton fan prior BALL FOUR; a Bouton disciple, thereafter. ...

Rest In Peace, Jim. And thanks for the laughs.

Posted by SPH - Concord, NH   July 12, 2019

May God give you the power beyond what is normal to make it through each passing week.

Posted by A friend   July 12, 2019

Jim, you were a class act. It was a true honour for my brother Kevin, buddy Kurt, and I to compete with "Spaceman" Bill Lee's Green Mountain Boys against your Westfield Wheelmen on 23 July 2007. Thank you for treating us as fellow ballplayers and for the memories. Rest in peace./Siochain leat.

Posted by Seán Patrick Crane - Enfield, CT - acquaintance   July 12, 2019

Condolences to Michael and David, neighbors in the 70s. Your dad was an inspiration never afraid to speak his mind but never unable to take time for the kids.... prayers are with you

Posted by Don Zierold - Cleveland, TN - neighbor   July 12, 2019

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by walter thomas - frederick, MD   July 12, 2019

Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Bouton.

Posted by Ms. Sowell    July 12, 2019

Thank you for making me laugh and making me think all at the same time. That was very important for a young teenager like myself in the early seventies. God Bless!!

Posted by Jeff Bertsch - fishers, IN   July 12, 2019

You made 1961 my favorite season as a Yankee fan; while Mantle and Marris were going for the Babes record you made this young boy love the game, standing atop a dumpster at Potter County Stadium watching you and your Amarillo Gold Sox teammates do your magic. RIP

Posted by Eddie Larkan - Amarillo, TX - acquaintance   July 12, 2019

Will miss seeing Jim at the Sunday dances ,his smile and the brief conversation we would have.

Posted by Frederick Moretti - Lenox, MA - acquaintance   July 12, 2019


Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   July 12, 2019

As a child, I wanted to be a professional ball player, but that was not in the cards for me. So in the late 1980's I had a chance to work with Jim on a new venture, Big League Cards. He and Paula welcomed me, my wife, and son into their family as if we were family. Oh, by the way, I was a Dodger fan as a working with a Yankee was a dilemma...I got to work with a legendary ball player but he was on a team who regularly beat the Dodgers. Jim won me over with his genuine warmth, humor, intelligence, and personality. Getting to know him and be accepted by him was the highlight of my 50 year career in a variety of businesses even though I only worked with him for about a year. I am a richer person for having the privilege of getting to know him. God bless him, Paula, and his family.

Posted by JOHN OZMUN - Dallas, TX - coworker   July 11, 2019

I started off as a Yankee fan who became Met fan in 1966. But my favorite Yankees always were Jim Bouton and Roger Maris. Little did I know until I read Jim's book that the two were not exactly fans of each other. But upon reading it, I thought Bouton's Ball Four was both eye opening and hysterically funny. It took guts to write it and he paid a price for it but he came away with many admirers. Especially me. RIP and condolences to his family.

Posted by Robert Sheehan - Sebastian, FL - acquaintance   July 11, 2019


God Bless to a great person and ballplayer

Posted by Martha Brown James Kenefick - Great Barrington, MA   July 11, 2019

To the Family of Jim Bouton, I know how he feels and it is about Restaurant Industry! this is going to be fun! Rest in Peace World Champion!

Peter F J Lieggi

Posted by A friend   July 11, 2019

I read Ball Four in 1970 while playing high school baseball in Midland, TX. Ball Four made realize that ballplayers weren't gods with super human talents, they were just men who played hard and enjoyed life - as a result, my dream was to become a professional ballplayer. A couple years later I was drafted by the Brewers (later traded to the Braves) and realized my dream. In 1978, Jim made a comeback in the Atlanta Braves organization, and Jim became my roommate in Savannah (Braves AA). That summer, Jim was my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend. He was 39 years old, but worked harder and out hustled all of his twenty something teammates - including me! That summer, Jim was my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend. We stayed in touch over the years, and I last visited Jim and Paula at their home North Egremont and watched some of his old timers league games.
Jim was a talented individual, but more than talent, he had heart! He put his heart and soul into everything he did. I am a better man for having known Jim Bouton.

Posted by Roger Alexander - Midland, TX - friend   July 11, 2019


Godspeed Jim, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us and your very informative books. Rest well...

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   July 11, 2019


Inez Janess, widow of your boyhood friend Bobby Janess with whom you were the only 6th graders invited to play with the 8th grade team at Midland School in Rochelle Park, NJ. Bob always remembered you as his best friend.

Posted by Inez Janess - Port Richey, FL   July 11, 2019

As a charter member of the Jim Bouton fan club, Newark Academy chapter, he was my hero. Went to Seattle Pilots 50 anniversary this year in memory of him . Thank you Mr Bouton for being a role model, not just a baseball player but as a person.

Posted by David Bhaskar - Edmonds, WA   July 11, 2019