Condolence & Memory Journal

That he was a good Friend and I miss him everyday

Posted by Erika Keller - ORANGE, CA - friend   April 01, 2020

I would like to say to his family, i am so sorry to hear he has passed away. I just found out. I used to listen to his music all the time in the 80s and 90s. It made me cry when i found out. But i know he is in a better place now.i know he is watching down on us. Take care my friend. RIP..

Posted by Bradley Bottoms - Fort worth, TX - friend   January 31, 2020

Posted by Joey Tennis - Springfield, MO   December 30, 2019

So sad . He was one of my favorite singer's. . Rip

Posted by None Buzzelli - Nallen   December 29, 2019

loved his voice....going to miss him big time, rest in peace Earl Thomas!

Posted by Joyce Bilodeau - Chase, BC - friend   December 29, 2019


Posted by - MONTICELLO, KY   December 01, 2019

Best voice I have ever heard. His music got me through my lonely times in West Germany during the mid 80s. He will always be missed but never forgotten.

Posted by Mark Crowe - Hayden, AL   November 27, 2019


Posted by Zane Langley - Hapeville, GA - acquaintance   November 24, 2019

One of the greatest !!!!

Posted by Julia Mccusker - Dysart, PA - friend   November 14, 2019

Was a ETC.. Fan for years. Enjoyed his music. Met up with Keith Whitley back stage in 1988. Hit it off good Keith. Who asked me to stay for his next show. Enjoyed every minute. Keith & his band, all signed my new Keith Whitley hat. I Cherished that hat to this day. Couple years after lossing the great Mr. Whitley. I enjoyed my first & only Earl Thomas Conley show. He didn't disappoint. Wore my Keith hat to the show. After the show Earl Thomas signed it also. He wrote.. Brotherly Love. Then signed his name. Earl Thomas will be missed. He had a God given talent. He was a Angel in Disguise.

Posted by Rick Dammann - Auburn, CA - acquaintance   November 14, 2019

What a wonderful country music singer. He will be missed. RIP and God Bless your Family and Friends♥

Posted by Mary Landis - Odem, TX - acquaintance   November 13, 2019

Triggered my heart when he sang.. Her And Loving You that was me a long time ago.....sad to hear of his death. Prayers to the family.

Posted by Jim Carriere - Fargo, ND - acquaintance   November 13, 2019

Lived his music. I have several of his tapes and records. He definitely was a one of a kind singer.

Posted by pamela Stooksberry - Iron City, TN   November 13, 2019

ETC was a one-of-a-kind country singer. I especially loved the song "Somewhere Between Right and Wrong". Prayers for his family and may ETC rest in His eternal peace.

Posted by Steve Williams - Cumming, GA   October 29, 2019

Thanks for all the great music and memories. See you. Randy Conley

Posted by Randy Conley - Fresno, CA - friend   October 15, 2019

I was so sorry to hear of his passing. I loved his music and treasure my memories of listening to my late husband sing an Earl Thomas Conley song to me.

Posted by Patricia Gnau - Grand Ridge, FL - Friend   September 28, 2019

Just listened to one of my dads favorite Earl Thomas Conley songs. Who how I miss you both! I hope you both are singing with the angels.

Posted by A friend   September 23, 2019

The unmistakable and unforgettable voice , undeniable talent and artistry and so much more. EARL THOMAS CONLEY. Im of his generation but didnt get to hear his music until recent years. I truly enjoy it today, have all his cds, keep one in my car. He is proof of following you dream. Saddened by his passing but he left us his music to enjoy. Today, wish I could have seen him perform. Thoughts are with his family.

Posted by A friend   August 08, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley was my all time favorite singer. Even today his music still remains as some of the greatest songs ever recorded. RIP Earl Thomas.

Posted by MOLLY Capps - Holliday, TX   July 29, 2019

During the 80s when The Honorable Mr. Conley was recoding chart toppers, I remember how many people he impacted in a good way. I for one will miss your contributions terribly.

Posted by Linda Bederio - Los Angeles, CA - acquaintance   July 23, 2019

Your beautiful voice and my sweet memories of the 80s will always be intertwined.

Posted by Loretta Wotipka-Riely - San Antonio, TX - friend   July 20, 2019

I always loved Earl Thomas Conley.My favorite singer of all.I saw him in concert and he seemed so happy and friendly.I'm so sorry he passed away.I will always remember you.

Posted by Susie Ethridge - Lakeland, GA - acquaintance   July 16, 2019

You made a great contribution to the music world. Your songs and talent touched millions of fans. A true legendary talent gone to soon. But rest on ETC

Posted by Johnny Rowe - San Antonio, TX - friend   July 10, 2019

His beautiful voice will always bring back my memory of him. Rest in Peace, ETC.

Posted by john pinter - Spotsylvania, VA - friend   July 06, 2019


Your music is and always will be the best

Posted by Jackie Luncford - Indianapolis, IN - friend   July 03, 2019

You were the best at song writing and singing

Posted by Jackie Luncford - Indianapolis, IN - friend   July 03, 2019

Loved your music will miss your talent

Posted by William Quiggins - Las Vegas, NV - friend   June 28, 2019

Earl Thomas was a favorite of mine and I have quite a lot of his recordings. I am very saddened by his passing. MJS

Posted by A friend   June 25, 2019

My deepest condolences to Mr. Earl Thomas Conley one of my all time favorite singers and performer, I'll greatry miss him,God bless you and thank you so very much for all of the wonderful songs.
From nobody special, James Bryant Lee Lobb,
Rest in peace kind sir!

Posted by James Lobb - Melba, ID   June 20, 2019

I am sorry for the families loss. Earl and I are distant cousins. My great grandmother was a Conley. Oma Conley. I wish I could of met Earl I loved his music. Again my condolences to the family.

Posted by Kathy Madden - CHILLICOTHE, OH - family   May 30, 2019

We have a local radio station here in Jackson, MS called The Legend that plays the best of the best from decades past. Anytime I hear an Earl Thomas Conley song it takes me right back to where I was during the time it was released and played so much on country radio. He had a true gift for telling a story through his music that spoke to the heart. His beautiful soul shined through his music. My heart breaks for the suffering he endured in his later years and for his family who endured with him. May God give you peace and comfort as only He can and the hope of seeing your beloved Earl Thomas again in glory!

Posted by Leigh Georgen - Florence, MS - friend   May 29, 2019

As a country radio dj for WXCI Detroit and many other stations since 1967 only 4 country singers had me in awe; Waylon, George Jones Vern Gosdin and Earl. Deepest condolences to his family and friends. Wish i had met Earl before the terrible disease hurt him so bad or been able to tell him how much respect all us dj's had for his amazing talent. We can't take health for granted.....tell everybody you know how much you love them and treat them as if it'll be the last time you see them or they see you. When we're gone folks forget many things but they'll remember how we made them feel. Earl made us feel better as an artist and a man.

Posted by Dan McPhail - Burton, MI - friend   May 22, 2019

My deepest condolences to Earls family. I was a fan in the 80's 90's and never missed a Bay Area show. Earl was kind enough to let us hang out, be back stage and meet many other Country music legends. I'm so sad. Sending love from Healdsburg Ca

Posted by Teresa Henderson - Healdsburg, CA - Acquaintance   May 22, 2019

Love him and his music! Love seeing him in concerts,he was always such an Awesome man!! He will TRULY be MISSED!

Posted by Theresa Medcalf - Barnesville, GA - friend   May 21, 2019

The best Country Music performer of my lifetime(I am 53), bar none. For every $1 we gave him as fans, he gave us $5 in return.

Posted by Mark Handley - NORTHPORT, AL   May 21, 2019


So long ol' son. Missed?.. yes. Forgotten?...not in my lifetime. God's speed

Posted by Bob Wright - Colorado Springs, DE - acquaintance   May 21, 2019


One of the best entertainers Ive ever had the pleasure of hearing. Im very sorry to hear of his passing. God Bless

Posted by Debra Carroll - Burlington, KY - friend   May 20, 2019

Loved him. Huge impact on my life. Still listen to him, always will. Saw him in Louisville, Ky in the late, '80s. What a privledge. Thank you M r. Conley for the memories. Prayers for your family.

Posted by Ann Ochsner - OFallon, IL   May 20, 2019

Loved his music during the 80's. Had his 8 track & played it over & over. Would sing along each time it played. Saw him in concert in late 90's in Charleston, WV. Great entertainer, such a great loss in country music.

Posted by Tina Goodwin - Chapmanville, WV - friend   May 20, 2019

I would love to say that earl was one of the greatest country singers ever known. His songs are a inspiration to me and thousands of people around the world.

Posted by Michelle Shafer    May 18, 2019

Brilliant songwriter and performer. HIS MUSIC IS UNPARRALLED. Heaven is a brighter place with him there, and he and Keith Whitley will make beautiful music together. We will miss his presence and massive contribution to the music industry. We love you Earl- always and forever.

Posted by Sylvia Smalling - Tulsa, PA   May 16, 2019


Posted by MONTY SHAFER - HOOPER, UT   May 16, 2019

I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family for the loss of your loved one, who will be remembered for his contribution to the music industry. May you find comfort and strength in God during this time of sorrow.

Posted by - DE   May 13, 2019


So very sad. Country music world lost another great country legend. Earl Thomas Conley is one of my top ten favorite male country singers. His voice so unique and his songs are just fantastic. He was an amazing singer. My all time favorite song by him is Angel In Disguise. His songs had a style of its own that would be classics. When I first heard him on the radio with his song Fire and Smoke I was hooked. In 1983, he was at shopping mall in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doing an autograph session before his concert that evening and I got his autograph and shook his hand, a very nice man and I went to his concert that night and it was excellent. When I heard Earl had passed away that day I was heartbroken and later that night I got out my guitar and played a bunch of his songs as a special tribute to him. I will always his play his music. I have played a few small gigs and at a county fair free stage the last seven years and have performed his song Love Out Loud in my song list. I just love playing his song. I will play that song and Heavenly Bodies at the Jones County Fair this year as a very tribute to him. My thoughts and prayers go out the Conley family. I wish you all well. Earl Thomas Conley, you were one of a kind country music singer and your wonderful music will live on forever. You will not be forgootten! Rest in peace my friend. Kelly Moyer. Marion, Iowa

Posted by Kelly Moyer - Marion, IA - acquaintance   May 08, 2019

My favorite country singer. I have always wanted to see and hear him sing in person. I am sad I never got that opportunity. Love all these tributes. He deserved them and he should be in the HOF. ETC is singing in heaven and I know his spirit is feeling the love on here.

Posted by Betty Schaefer - DATIL, NM   May 06, 2019


Your songs touched many people. Holding him andLoving you Earl Thomas Conley.

Posted by Ruthie Avery - Palmdale, CA - friend   May 02, 2019


rest in peace! Your music was loved by so many!

Posted by Bobbi Church - Farmersville, TX - friend   May 02, 2019

I'm so sad to hear of his passing. I think anyone who heard his songs loved him. His voice was awesome & like no one else. I would get goosebumps hearing him sing Once In A Blue Moon, Fire & Smoke etc. What I'd Say was my favorite that would bring me to tears. The world will never be the same without you here but your music will be cherished forever. Thank you for entertaining so many & bringing such joy. Love & prayers to your family.

Posted by Donna Nisbet - Lincoln, CA   April 29, 2019

ETC was the greatest male vocalist during the 1980s. He should have won all the awards during that time! He was a stylist that will never be replaced.

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2019


Posted by A friend   April 26, 2019

Earl touched my life with his music and help me deal with my relationships! The words in his music said it all! I believe in my heart we lost a great man! Earl Thomas Conley no doubt should be in the country music Hall of Fame! Family know that I will be praying for you all!! I was so shocked to hear of his death it still hurts even though I never got to meet him in person!! Prayers are lifted up for the family of Earl Thomas Conley!! God bless you all and give you all peace!! Tony Gay Dublin GA

Posted by Tony Gay - Dublin, GA   April 26, 2019

To the family of Earl Thomas Conley! Earl Thomas Conley touched me so much with his music, it gave me peace and the words and message through his songs, to deal with the hard relationships that I went through!! I would even call the ladies and tell them to listen to his music and the words in his songs was just how I was feeling about them. One of his songs was HOLDING HER AND LOVING YOU!! I would have drove hundreds of miles just to hear him in concert!! I live in DUBLIN GA..... God rest Your soul you will be truly missed!! Tony Gay 405 Ridgecrest Rd Dublin GA

Posted by Tony Gay - Dublin, GA   April 26, 2019


Posted by Jennifer Sanchez - Midland, TX   April 25, 2019

I was truly saddened to learn of the passing of ETC. He is one of my all time favorites and I absolutely love his music, which I listen to often; especially during evenings at the ranch. I attended a couple of his shows here in Houston and it was obvious he enjoyed what he did and that he also had a good sense of humor. He came across as humble yet put on great performances. He belongs in the HOF. He absolutely owned the charts while in his prime. From a long time fan - rest in peace.

Posted by Rudy Cano - Houston, TX   April 25, 2019

R.I.P Earle he was my favorite singer,l loved him and his music.He is going to be missed. Gwen Mccallister

Posted by A friend   April 23, 2019

Jus That Frm the 1st Time I Met Earl in Pensacola,Fla at the state Fair I Loved Him An His Music an I Saw An talked to Him an Listened to his Music Again At Roadhouse in Columbus,ga In in 1991,An The Last Time I Saw Him Perform in Welch,Va in 2015 Brought Back alot Of Wonderful Memories I Will Never Ever Forget You Earl Thomas Conley You Will Always Be In My Heart Forever an You were A Huge influence on Me I'm A Struggling Country Artist Myself.

Posted by Twana O'Connor - Carrollton, GA - friend   April 23, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley was the voice of the 80's on the radio. I was able to see him 3 times. He belongs in the hall of fame. I'm on the petition to get him in. It's sad if he does ever get in he didn't get to see it. His voice is so different than any other. Only Alabama and Ronnie Misap had more hits in the 80's than Earl. Sad that we are losing all these great country singers as of late. They will never be replaced As country has gone pop. Earl was my favorite of all time , Merle Haggard , Waylon Jennings. He left his music for all of us to tressure and listen too. Music does that no matter what leaves us to have for ever. Going to miss this man. Wow ! you were the best. Thank you for leaving all of country music your gift. Rest in piece Earl, job well done. His kids I hope are very proud of him.

Posted by Kevin - Early, TX   April 20, 2019

ETC was a one of a kind superstar and should have won Male Vocalist of the decade during the 1980s. His talent will never be duplicated.

Posted by Gary Love - Denham Springs, LA   April 19, 2019

Wonderful singer, Sure gonna be missed, But never forgotten.

Posted by Jeff Mcilwain - Lafayette, LA - friend   April 18, 2019

He sang one of my favorite songs Holding Her & Loving You. I talked to his girlfriend one day in Kroger that I loved that song. Her favorite was another one. My most heartfelt condolences to you & his Familys for your loss. His music & voice will never be forgotten. Sally

Posted by Sally Solis - Nashville, TN - friend   April 18, 2019

So Sorry for the loss of a beloved family member and friend Earl Thomas may God be with you in this time sadness.

Posted by Rose.    April 18, 2019


Posted by KENNY BERRY - KERENS, TX   April 18, 2019

It was a pleasure to listen to his music
He was truly one of a kind. It's sad that so called country music today songwriter can't touch the feeling and heart that he put into his songs. Rest in peace Mr Conley knowing you was one of the best there ever was

Posted by GARY RUDICILL - Boiling Springs, SC   April 18, 2019

I am very sorry to hear the death of Earl Thomas Conley. My heartfelt condolences goes out to the family and friends of Earl. May God continue to be with you every day in the time of your distress.
April 17, 2019

Posted by Cheryl Auflick - MYRTLE BEACH, SC   April 17, 2019

Sorry for the family of Earl Thomas Conley... He was one of the greatest singer and songwriters, His talent was underrated, got my albums out and listened to all of them! May God comfort you during this time.

Posted by Teresa Harvick - Gladewater, TX   April 17, 2019

So sorry to hear this. Prayers for his loved ones

Posted by A friend   April 16, 2019

A true country legend Earl Thomas Conley you will be missed

Posted by Robert Greishaw - PHOENIX, AZ   April 16, 2019

My sincere condolences for the loss of your loved one. May you find comfort in knowing that those who die God keeps in his memory because they are precious in his eyes.
Psalms 116:1

Posted by Lee - MS   April 16, 2019

The Gold Standard. You were the best!!! Your songs will live forever. I enjoyed seeing you live. You were so personable and kind.

Posted by Ben H - LA   April 15, 2019

Rest in peace ETC. Your were one of the greatest. Loved your songs & your singing.

Posted by Danny Cox - Comanche, OK - acquaintance   April 15, 2019

Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. May you Rest In Peace.

Posted by D E - Burleson, TX - friend   April 15, 2019

We have lost a true legend. Seen him in concert and he truly loved his fans. But all of your fans loved you and you will be greatly missed.

Posted by marilyn kent - Norman Park, GA - friend   April 15, 2019

Thank you for the gift of your music. You were a true artist. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Susan M - Plainfield, IL - acquaintance   April 15, 2019

Met him in 1996 at fan fare.He will be miss

Posted by Mary Wootton - Stamps, AR - friend   April 15, 2019

Met him in 1996 his was one of the best country music singers i have ever heard i loved his music RIP eral

Posted by Roger Wootton - Stamps, AR - friend   April 15, 2019


Lost one of the best voices in country music.

Posted by Parmie Blalock - Durham, NC   April 15, 2019


May you make music with the angels.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   April 15, 2019

Remember listening to his songs on a classical country music program on a New Hampshire station when I lived in Maine.

Posted by Stephanie Schell - Lakewood, NY   April 15, 2019

You were one of my favorites, rip Earl,,,,,,,

Posted by Michael Cook - Owensboro, KY   April 15, 2019

You was the best and a favorite you will be missed

Posted by Larry Lawrence - Winchester, KY - friend   April 15, 2019

I have loved Earl for many years, ,i never in my life thought that I would hear this heart-breaking news. you will be missed and prayers to your family.R.I.P.

Posted by Nona Fisher - Kenora, ON - acquaintance   April 15, 2019

Sorry to learn of Earl's death. Many fans will miss him. However, when they listen to his music, they will continue to remember the voice that God gifted him with. This will certainly cheer the family's heart. May God continue to remember you during this time.

Posted by A friend   April 15, 2019

Sorry for you loss. I will keep you in my prayers. May the God who"binds up the brokenhearted" and "comforts all who mourn," be with you Isaiah 61:1, 2.

Posted by A friend   April 15, 2019

I sure will miss you Brother! Thanks for the memories!

Posted by James Torrence - Denver, NC - friend   April 15, 2019

Rip Earl Thomas Conley...!

I listen to your music alot growing up and still do to this day....
You will forever be in the ❤ Of many Country music fans.... God's Speed my friend..!

Posted by Johnny Turnham - Wagoner, OK - acquaintance   April 15, 2019

A talented vocalist whose legacy will live on. Sincere condolences to the family friends and fans who mourn his passing. God will comfort and sustain you during this difficult time because he cares for you. (1 Peter 5:6,7)

Posted by - Atlanta, GA   April 15, 2019

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. You will be extremely missed RIP

Posted by Dawn Geigle - Callaway, MN - friend   April 15, 2019

My condolences to the family of Earl. Last month I added two of his songs to my show. Earl was the most underrated artist of my time and was a genius at delivering the words of every song he sang. His music will live forever and the world became a better place with this gentle man in it.

Posted by Larry Estep - Chesterfield, VA   April 15, 2019

So sorry to read about Mr. Conley passing away. I never paid attention to the lyrics of his songs till i was an adult, but when i was a kid, i used to crank up the radio, and sing right along with him. Great music, wish i could have met in person. His music will live on by his fans, hopefully for generations to come. Rest in peace friend.

Posted by Doug Miller - Grafton, OH   April 14, 2019

Prayers for Carole, his girls and the rest of his family. God Bless you all. , Vince and Jeanne

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2019

RIP You brought alot of happiness with your songs thanks for the memories.

Posted by Joey Richardson - Huntingdon, TN   April 14, 2019

Posted by Oraia Lara - Cleveland, MS   April 14, 2019

I love you, ETC, have for so many years. Prayers for the family. This one really hurts.

Posted by Tammie Hensley - Greeneville, TN - friend   April 14, 2019

god bless earl for holding her and loving you, takes me back 50 years.

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2019

I am so sorry for your loss. I think that I remember Mr. Conley's duet with Anita Pointer. I am so saddened by the news of his death. May Jehovah God grant peace to his loved ones at this difficult time.

Posted by Valerie Valentine - Conyers, GA   April 14, 2019

Sorry, for the passing of Earl Thomas Conley. . Best wishes for the family and friends, Linda and Kevin Smith

Posted by Linda Smith - Ferriday, Louisiana 71334, LA - friend   April 14, 2019

You will always be loved and missed

Posted by Steven Lindsey - Columbia, TN - Family   April 14, 2019


prayers for the family

Posted by A friend   April 14, 2019

This voice will be missed he was a favorite of mine! Rest In Peace ❤

Posted by Rene Dalton - Axton, VA   April 14, 2019

My heartfelt prayers for the family and friends of Earl Thomas Conley. My name is Sherry Clark. My late husband, Roger Clark, played many sessions and a few live shows with Earl. Roger passed away from a sudden heart attack May 24th, 2018. Earl's music was the soundtrack of my life. His unparalleled vocals, his talent for songwriting and his one-of-kind ability to bring a song to life was nothing short of magical. The photo I attached is from a show Roger did with Earl at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame in 2006 or 2007, I can't remember for sure. B.J. Thomas was also on the show. I have met a lot of celebrities through my late husband, but I was never more star struck than when I finally met ETC. He was warm and friendly and seemingly unaware of what a legend he really was. When I learned of his death, I couldn't help but think..."Roger and Earl are going to make more music together now." God Bless you, Sherry Clark.

Posted by Sherry Clark - Florence, AL - friend   April 14, 2019

I had the privilege of meeting ETC in Kalispell, MT after a concert there. We had a great time playing Foosball at a local bar and later getting a tour of his bus...with tshirts and guitar picks from Earl. I cherish those memories of a true country gentleman. His music will resonate through all time. Rest in peace ETC. You will be truly missed by all your adoring fans. My thoughts and prayers to your family and friends.

Posted by Char B. - Prineville, OR   April 14, 2019


Dear Mr. Conley, I believe that, though God has taken you home, you will somehow be able to feel the love and hear the prayers being sent your way. Your songs and your voice have touched my heart so deeply, and they will remain within my heart for as long as I live. I thank you for your service to our country, and for all you accomplished and created that has brought so much happiness and inspiration to so many. I thank God for your life. May God bless your spirit in Heaven, and bring comfort and peace to your family and friends.

Posted by Marisa Harris - Lakewood, NJ   April 13, 2019

Another great one gone, Earl was without a doubt one of the most unique singers that ever came along. His writing was like no other when you heard ETC you knew it was him nothing fake there. May God be with his family and give them peace.

Posted by Steve Kosinar - Princeton, WV   April 13, 2019

He may have never known how much his music touched my life personally, but hopefully Mr. Conley knew how his music touched the lives of millions. If I could say one thing to this hero of mine, it would be Thank you. Therell never be another like him. RIP, ETC

Posted by KP- Guitar Picker - Peoria, IL   April 13, 2019

I am a HUGE fan of ETC!!! My heart is just broken!! I am so sorry to hear of his passing. He reminded me alot of my daddy that passed away 22 yrs ago. I love Earls music!! I will be praying for his family and friends.

Posted by Becky Johns - Enid, OK   April 13, 2019

I'm so sadened to hear of his dead. His music will live on in all of us fans. The radio channel in Houston did a tribute to him today and honored his memory as well as his music. Earl Thomas Conley is a music Legend and though he's not longer with us he's still singing but with the angels.

Posted by Jason Fischer - Houston, TX - friend   April 13, 2019

I love you and your music, going to miss you dearly. RIP sing with the angels now

Posted by D E Harris - Houston, TX - friend   April 13, 2019


RIP Earl Thomas Conley : you forever live on in my heart, and all of your fans hearts too ! Your music is forever very special to me . Thankyou for the years of you being one of the greatest country singers out there.

Posted by Lori Broomhall - Spokane, WA - friend   April 13, 2019

Yes may you rest in peace EarlThomas Conley. You'll be missed by all your fans. We love ya, and all your wonderful songs. Godbless you, and all your family and friends.

Posted by Lori Broomhall - Spokane, WA - friend   April 13, 2019


May God bless Earl's family during this difficult time.

Posted by Lori and Roger Hawk - McDermott, OH   April 13, 2019

I am saddened by his passing.

Posted by Robert and Marlene Wheaton and Williams - St Albert, AB - friend   April 13, 2019

Rest In Peace Mr. Conley. Your music will always be in my soul. The last good memory I have with my dad was June 2017. My dad was sitting in his truck and your song Holding Her Loving You came on the radio. Dad said listen to this song with me Laurie . My dad loved your music. Thank you for that last June memory I had with my dad.

Posted by Laurie Lauenstein - Mosinee, WI - acquaintance   April 13, 2019

He was a good man I will miss.

Posted by Charlie Toney - friend   April 13, 2019

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Posted by Rick Holston - Ironto, OH - acquaintance   April 13, 2019

So sad to hear of earl thomas Conley passing away I was a big fan and when I was younger thought it was so great that he was from Portsmouth Ohio just 27 miles away from where I live I went to many of his homecomings and got to see a lot of up and coming stars Rest in piece and prayers for the family

Posted by Sandra Verax - Stout, OH   April 13, 2019


Rest in Peace Mr. Conely. Loved your music, beautiful voice.

Posted by Natalie - AB   April 13, 2019

I didn't know Earl personally but I lived across from his grandfather Joe in West Portsmouth Ohio. my brother Fred Spencer knew Earl. He was a great singer and will be missed by all his friends and family. God bless him and his family.

Posted by Rodney Spencer - Georgetown, KY - neighbor   April 13, 2019



Posted by KAREN JO JONES - friend   April 13, 2019

He will be missed ,but he will live on through his songs

Posted by A friend   April 13, 2019

I was a young woman in my late teens when I discovered country music in 1982. Instantly, I fell in love with Earl Thomas Conley. His many songs, bring back very happy times in my life. He will be missed. My condolences to his family. His influence in country music will live on.

Posted by patti Durheim - SPOKANE, WA   April 13, 2019

I have soooo many great memories of my childhood that are surrounded by music!! YOUR music is in the top 10 of my wonderful memories!! Thank you soooo much for the music & of course the memories!! Your music will live on forever ... R.I.P. Mr. Conley ~ you will be greatly missed!!

Posted by Kim Everson - Amarillo, TX   April 13, 2019

So sad to hear of Mr Conley's passing, he was an amazing singer and musician. Our deepest condolences to all of his family and loved ones.

Posted by Steven & Wilma Billiot - Breaux Bridge, LA   April 13, 2019


RIP Earl! You will be forever missed!

Posted by Janet DeLawter - Rochester, IN - friend   April 13, 2019

Was a friend of the family and want to say just how sorry for your great loss.
May God Bless and keep you always in his Grace.

Posted by Theresa P. Sowards Crossley - Kettering, OH - friend   April 13, 2019

He touched our hearts with his music, he sacrificed so much for his fan

Posted by Cristobal Villalpando - Elsa, TX - friend   April 13, 2019

I have known this family all my life and am deeply saddened for this and Pray that God will be with them in this
time of grieve and sorrow and bless them all . I grew up in Friendship went to school with some of his siblings.
Earl was my favorite entertainers have all his album's and cherish them all. I was truly shocked and saddened
when I heard of his passing I was just talking about him the evening before . I know that he will be walking on
streets of Gold and be in the arms of our Heavenly Father and we will see him again when we get the same
call he had the Honor he received.
Earl may God Bless you and you entertain all that there the same as you did here and still do.
I want to say hello to his Brothers and Sisters and may God bless and keep you safe and his Grace.

Posted by Ted R. Sowards - Dayton, OH - friend   April 13, 2019

rip you have had so many good songs through the years and they came from the heart true country music thanks for the good times and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends

Posted by tom glashaw - Saint Ignace, MI - Student   April 13, 2019

Singing with the Angels now. Great man. So sorry for family loss.

Posted by Tina Heath - Appling, GA   April 13, 2019

Godspeed Earl, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Rest Earl, until you hear at dawn,
the low, clear reveille of God.

Thank you for your service to this nation.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   April 13, 2019


In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always. Your an amazing singer. With a an amazing voice

Posted by Julie Crabtree - Monticello, KY - acquaintance   April 13, 2019

Great entertainer and will be missed.I grew up listening to him in the to meet him back then in Rocky Mount NC.may ETC RIP

Posted by Vince Carenter - Rocky mount, NC   April 13, 2019

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by - OH   April 13, 2019


I was really saddened to hear of Earl Thomas Conley's death. He was a bright spirit in the world of country music with a personality as wonderful off-stage as it was on-stage. One of the first stars I interviewed early in my radio career, I was stumbling over the words as I tried to introduce him. After my second flubbed attempt, he grinned at me, took the mic and said, "Hey folks, this is Earl Thomas Conley and I'm talking with Miss..." He intro'd himself and me! I think I fell a little in love with him as a human being at that moment. Both ETC and road manager, Mitch, made me feel completely comfortable and it ended up being the best interview I ever did. Rest in peace, my friend, even as your one-of-a-kind voice, music and memory, lives on.

Posted by Liz Montano - Topeka, KS - friend   April 13, 2019

Wrote the most beautiful country song ever recorded: Smokey Mountain Memories

Posted by Tracy Daniels - Boone, NC   April 13, 2019

We are so sad to hear about Earl Thomas Conley, he truly was one of Country music's greatest singers. We were lucky to see him at some of his concerts and get an autograph. We have always loved his music and always will. He is truly a legend and his music will stand the test of time. Our prayers go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace ETC.

Posted by Shelia and Tyler Yates - Vansant, VA   April 13, 2019

Sorry sorry for the passing on Earl Thomas Conley he will be so missed God bless his family so sorry he has such great music that will go on forever still can't believe he's gone RIP!!❤I got to see him one time in the early 80s so happy I did!

Posted by Sherry Barr - Louisville, KY   April 12, 2019

He was a great singer and a great man sorry for the families lost . One-of-a-kind voice.

Posted by Scotty Cason - Tuckerman, AR   April 12, 2019

This man's voice provokes millions of memories for myself and other's. Today I am greatful for all the ways to hear those songs and have my mind jostled. God Bless you all and rest in peace ,ETC

Posted by Ma Sanders - Shelbyville, TN   April 12, 2019

I enjoyed his music very much. Now he's with Tammy, Hank, Roy and so many of his friends.

Posted by Brooks McCumbee - Berkeley Springs, WV   April 12, 2019

I'm lost for words. I seen him several times in concert. What a nice man.
So sorry for your loss.

Posted by Debbie - Marianna, FL   April 12, 2019

So much more talent than today's supposed country music. Saw him in San Diego . He is a true country star.

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

Dina Rick amen rip good bless and hole family

Posted by Dina Rick - Binghamton, NY - friend   April 12, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley was my favorite country singer. Condolences to his family and friends. They just don't make them like Earl anymore. He was the best of the best!!

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

Posted by Kay LaMunyon - Rapid City, SD - friend   April 12, 2019

May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.

Posted by R WHEELING - friend   April 12, 2019

Enjoyed your music through the years Rip earl your a ledgend!!!!

Posted by Ricky Dooley - Lubbock, TX   April 12, 2019

My all time Favorite. Loved his music and loved to hear him perform live. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Rest Easy ETC.

Posted by jason clark - Patrick springs, VA - acquaintance   April 12, 2019

Beautiful voice silence now but never forgotten.

Posted by Terry Reynolds - Waco, TX   April 12, 2019

Earl was a great man,His music and songs he wrote were one of a kind.Loved his music growing up and l will always remember him.Rest in peace you are with the Lord now.

Posted by George Mcknight - Inman, SC - friend   April 12, 2019

Earl was my first cousin he came and stay with us for awhile in Dayton Ohio when ideas little my mom went to stay with him in the summer once and she said he treated her like a gueen we will all miss you Tommy

Posted by James McCoy - DAYTON, OH - family   April 12, 2019

Sorry for the family loss . Matthew 5: 4 .

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

So sorry for your loss. He was a legend. He will be missed by many. He was a great singer and writer.

Posted by Gladys Grant - Saugatuck, MI - acquaintance   April 12, 2019

He will be truly missed. So sorry for your lost. He was one of the greatest singer of all times.
Loved all his music.

Posted by Juli Adams - Fan, FL   April 12, 2019

Very saddened of the passing of ETC. I worked security for Earl in the mid 80s. A very generous and kind soul, his talent was unmatched! Rest In Peace Mr. ETC

Posted by Micheal McCalvin - Jamestown, KY - friend   April 12, 2019

Sending heartfelt condolences to the family for your great loss. Please know that so many others share your grief and are praying for God to comfort each of you during this difficult time. Mr. Conley was definitely a great artist and admired by many fans.

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

What a loss to the country music industry. I danced a many a dance to this man's music in the late 70's and early 80's at Tarleton State University and The Daily Double in Fort Worth, Texas. He was amazing and will be surely missed.

Posted by Colleen Gann - Alvarado, TX   April 12, 2019

Posted by Colleen Gann - Alvarado, TX   April 12, 2019

Posted by Colleen Gann - Cleburne, TX   April 12, 2019

Hi am Roy sorry fo the family. Lostme and my wife will keep yall in our prayer

Posted by Roy Shifflettfan - Staunton, VA   April 12, 2019

Mr. Conley, I'm at a loss for words. I can't begin to tell you how many times I was driving by myself in the country and your voice came on the radio.You always left me with a happy heart listening to your music. Your not gone, you just moved to your new address in Heaven. We will be seeing you when we cross over as well. RIP my friend.....

Posted by Jack Yandell - Montclair, CA - friend   April 12, 2019

Rest in peace, Earl Thomas Conley.
Thank you for the music and for all the love.
My prayers and condolences for all.

Posted by Patrick Foss - Dover, NH   April 12, 2019

Rest in heavenly peaceyour memory will forever live on in song

Posted by Donna Roberson - Franklin, IN - friend   April 12, 2019

My condolences to the family. He was a wonderful song writer and his voice was one of the best. He will be missed. May God bless and keep you all.

Posted by Debbie - GA   April 12, 2019

Sad news, loved his music especially Once in a Blue Moon! RIP and sing with the angels.

Posted by Penny Hornberger - Wichita, KS - friend   April 12, 2019


One of Country Musics Real Performers. Seen Him Several times in Texas. My Condolences to His Family and Prayers . Godspeed ETC.

Posted by John Pierce - Haltom City, TX   April 12, 2019

RIP Earl Thomas-Im fortunate to have all his 33 vinyl records in my collection of his

Posted by Michael Konvicka - Wharton, TX - acquaintance   April 12, 2019


Country music great man Condolences to family

Posted by Margaret Rushing - Murrells Inlet, SC   April 12, 2019

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always. My favorite singer of all.

Posted by Danny Miller - Wise, VA - friend   April 12, 2019

Prayers for the family and Earl's many friends! We sure lost a legend in country music. Thanks for the songs and great memories.

Posted by Annette Peck - Portsmouth, OH - friend   April 12, 2019

Sending condolences to his family and friends. He was such a talented singer/songwriter. May his memory be eternal.

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019


Posted by Michile Beasley - Danville, AR - family   April 12, 2019

Mr. Conley (ETC)may you have clear mind with lots of music memories as a teen I love listening to you thank-you fly with your Angels

Posted by Roberta Nunn - Canterbury, NH   April 12, 2019

I would like to offer my sincerest sympathy to the family of Mr. Conley. I have been a fan of his since I first heard of him. I enjoyed all his songs. My dad was a country music fan as well. My prayers to all of the family.

Posted by B. Joyce Washington - Spartanburg, SC   April 12, 2019

Tears streaming down my face for ETC. Loved his voice, loved him.
Never met him, wish I did. In my head, I wanted to sing with him.
Thought we would harmonize beautiful. His voice, pure and clear like running spring water. His presence awesome. Truly a genuine gentle man. I hope he knew how much he was loved.
In reality, the music industry missed out to promote ETC. He
Should have had the recognition of George Strait, George Jones,
Conway, Glenn and MANY others.
Sad that he didn't.
Sad he was in pain and suffering on his journey.
ETC, you were deeply loved, still are. Sing in Heaven with the Angels and your country friends.
Condolences to your family, friends, country music fans and everyone that loved and loves you.
RIP, Earl. One day I'm going to sing
With you!
The Heavenly Body of Saints and
Angels, with our Lord welcome you with open arms.
Lovingly, a Big fan. FL

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

True country

Posted by Manuel Bass - ASHEVILLE, NC   April 12, 2019

Your gonna be missed RIP

Posted by Judy Balogh - Una, SC - friend   April 12, 2019

I loved his music. I will surely miss his voice. He was one of my favorite singers. God Bless Him.

Condolences to his family and friends

Posted by Bea Waples - 143 Baie Dorval, QC   April 12, 2019

My sincere regards for your loss of your loved one.

Posted by - IN   April 12, 2019

My thoughts and prayers for ET and his family. He was one if my all-time favorites❣

Posted by Mary May - Newaygo, MI - friend   April 12, 2019

Loved making music with this gem of an Artist. RIP my Friend

Posted by Tony Stephens - Nashville, TN - friend   April 12, 2019

Great influence to me in 80s 90s god bless you guy!!

Posted by Hunter Williamson - Toronto, ON - acquaintance   April 12, 2019

Fly high Me Conley with the angels! Your music will continue for many just as it does for George Jones.

Posted by Dee Primeaux - Abbeville, LA - significant_other   April 12, 2019

Great singer,vmet him when he did a show in corsicana rexas loved it and love him my condolences to the family and close friends.

Posted by Letitia Greenwald - Dallas, TX - acquaintance   April 12, 2019


R I P Earl. we all shall miss you and your great music. Condolences to your family.

Posted by Larry Muirhead - San Diego, CA   April 12, 2019

Prayers for Earls family. Still remember the two times I had the pleasure of hearing him sing I Portsmouth long ago. I still have my autographed album from then. His sister Becky used to cut my hair at her next door neighbors house. He was such an amazing talent. The countrys music world has lost a great one.

Posted by Elizabeth Sheley - Greenville, OH - acquaintance   April 12, 2019

I will always remember the good times we had in the old Sunbird record days! RIP Buddy!!

Posted by Glenn (Beau James) Barber Jr. - Spring Hill, TN - friend   April 12, 2019


Thank You for your Beautiful Music. Thank You for being such a Gentle Southern Gentleman.

Posted by DEBBIE HOOD - GADSDEN, AL   April 12, 2019

I remember going to see him at the fish camp jam. I loved his music. He will be missed. I will keep the family in my prayers. Rest in peace earl.

Posted by Angie Edwards - Gastonia, NC   April 12, 2019


ETC rest on peace. Thanks for the memories. Your music got me through a lot and I will never forget you. Sing for God now. He has another angel in his choir

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

I will carry your songs in my heart forever....I love you...Always a fan

Posted by Cat Mom - Newport, TN   April 12, 2019

My sympathies go out to the family of Earl Thomas Conley great man and wonderful singer

Posted by Melissa - Evansdale, IA   April 12, 2019

This is such sad news! I have always love this man and his music.
Much love and prayers for all!!

Posted by A friend   April 12, 2019

My heart goes out to you and your family in this time of distress. Remember a pleasant time you spent with your loved one, and then thank God in prayer for the time you spent making that memory. This will no doubt bring you a sense of relief. An appreciative heart can help you to go on, despite any distressing events that you may face. (...Draw close to God and he will draw close to you....)

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

My thoughts and prayers for his family and friends. I enjoyed his music greatly . He is now singing with the angels.

Posted by Barbara Smith - Glenwood, WV   April 11, 2019

With heartfelt sympathy. Please accept my deepest condolences. May you continue to cherish his precious memories together. May you find comfort in the God of all comfort to offer you comfort and the strength to endure during these difficult times ahead.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019


We have lost a man with a beautiful voice and a great ability to write songs. A true star of county music. Rest in peace ETC.

Posted by Acie Workman - Portsnouth, OH - friend   April 11, 2019

Sympathy for the family. A great Legend. RIP Earl. You will be missed. So many memories.

Posted by Roger & Bettilee Rayburn - Lucasville, OH   April 11, 2019

To the best neighbor and good friend.RIP Earl you are greatly missed

Posted by Richard Crosson - Smyrna, TN - friend   April 11, 2019

I love his music and still listen to it while walking. I've been listening to his music since my teenage years and counting

Posted by Tami Medina - Tucson, AZ   April 11, 2019

May happy memories of joyful times together bring your family some comfort and peace of mind.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

One of the Greats of country music. It was so devastating to me to hear the news of his passing. So many memories of the Homecoming Shows he put together in Portsmouth. So many up and coming stars he would bring with him to those shows were Awsom. You were and still are a True Inspiration to so many people. They rarely play the True Country Music that you sang, but each song still plays in our hearts that they will never take away. Prayers for the Family and Friends that your Life touched. You will be Truely Missed.

Posted by Wes Kearns - Austinville, VA   April 11, 2019

Posted by Bill Dewberry    April 11, 2019


To Earl''s family and friends I'm so sorry for your loss. May God Bless you with peace at this sad time. I met Earl in Atlanta, Ga back in the 80''s what a kind and polite person. He was blessed with a beautiful voice and I'm sure he is now singing in heaven. Love his songs and still listen to them today. A true gift to country music.

Posted by Christy - Atlanta, GA   April 11, 2019

Thank you sir

Posted by Ryan Alt - Comstock park, MI   April 11, 2019

I had great respect for ETC. He was down to earth and honestly cared for his fans. He was performing at Star Daze in Star City, Ar quite a few years ago. I was in line to get his autograph and had my son that is in the military on the phone. My son has always been a big fan of ETC. I asked Mr. Conley if he would say hello and he took the phone and they talked for probably 5 minutes. He told my son where he was stationed when he was in the military. He also signed a shirt for my son. I thought that was very nice of him and i apreciated it. Much love for ETC. Prayers for his family, friends and fans.

Posted by Lisa Kirk - Dumas, AR - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

So sad...another country "great" gone too soon :(

Posted by Mary Avinon - Temple, TX - friend   April 11, 2019


U will be missed!!

Posted by Virginia Maples - Killeen, TX   April 11, 2019

Please accept my sincere condolences. I will keep you in my prayers.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

The Best

Posted by connie vaught - somerset, KY - acquaintance   April 11, 2019


Posted by Robert Bailey - Franklin Furnace, OH - friend   April 11, 2019

I enjoyed his music for many years.

Posted by Blair Metzler - Colville, WA   April 11, 2019

Posted by Alan Davis - Wellsville, OH   April 11, 2019


Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Oh dear God in heaven I am so deeply hurt and saddened by this He was truly a magnificent singer and I will certainly miss his music May the love of Jesus comfort and bless his family in their time of need With deepest sympathy

Posted by Heidi D Young - McMinnville, TN   April 11, 2019

We will miss you greatly

Posted by Sandra Keefer - Hanahan, SC   April 11, 2019

My heart is broken and he will be extremely missed!! My condolences to his family yall will be in my prayers!!

Posted by Brenda Haynes - Tennessee Colony, TX - friend   April 11, 2019

We will miss you but we will keep your music alive.may you rest in peace. Barry and Tina Anderson from salt lake city utah

Posted by Tina Anderson - West Valley City, UT   April 11, 2019


Thank you to Earl's family for sharing him with us all these years. My most heartfelt condolences with prayers for all of you.

Posted by Lisa Steckler - Earlington, KY   April 11, 2019

Sorry to hear of his passing. I grew up listening to his unique sound.
Ponda Ball

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

He was my ALL TIME FAVORITE COUNTRY SINGER.I played his music constantly in my car, at home..everywhere. There was something so special and soulful about his voice that spoke to me. His music is in my heart for ever. I went to concerts in So. Cal. to see him when he was here. EVERY SONG IN THE 80's was absolutely *AWESOME*. WE WILL MISS A TRUE LEGEND. Never will there be a voice like his again. LOVE DEBBIE

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Great country music performer! Great voice!

Posted by Phillip Williams - MIDLAND CITY, AL - friend   April 11, 2019

Sorry such a great song writer star is gone. No one writes real country songs about love anymore. His gifts will be truly missed....RIP .........Mary Carter Oliver

Posted by Mary Carter Oliver - Columbus, GA   April 11, 2019

I spent many hours listing to and enjoying one of the greatest voices to ever come along. RIP ETC

Posted by Benny Puckett - Gonzales, LA - friend   April 11, 2019

A true icon....loved all your music will never be the same with you gone...heaven can smile forever with you home keep singing my friend.always Stacy lashley in ga.

Posted by Stacy Lashley - Bainbridge, GA - friend   April 11, 2019

I am so sad to hear of his passing. His music was incredible and he will be missed.

Posted by Michele Marotta - Studio City, CA   April 11, 2019

Good ol boy who fulfilled his dreams wrote songs and played some good tunes coming from a small town rest in peace brother .

Posted by Stevie Harper - Grove city, OH - friend   April 11, 2019

Condolences to the Conley family. ETC was one of the greatest real Country Music singer of all times (I wish country music would go back to the style like Earl's). I never got tired of listening to your music. There's already a void with the passing of ETC. God granted him wings to be free. May you Rest in Peace my friend.

Posted by Kathy K - Austin, TX   April 11, 2019

May the God of all comfort strengthen the family during this time of deep sorrow.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

God Bless You ETC R.I.P.

Posted by Randall Dye - Smyrna, TN - friend   April 11, 2019

Thank you for your great music through the years. Heaven can now have another Earl Thomas Conley and Keith Whitley duet.

Posted by Billy - Pensacola, FL   April 11, 2019

Very sorry to here of Ealrs passing; my deepest sympathies to friends and family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

I'm saddened to hear or earls passing great memories and thankful I had a chance to meet him with my daughter in the 90's the greatest true country voices of all time.RIp Earl we love you

Posted by Tom Johnson - Black Mtn, NC   April 11, 2019

Such a great artist, will be truly missed

Posted by Kathy Davis - LAURINBURG, NC   April 11, 2019

Wanted to say, the greatest Country Music singer of all times, and still to this day dont understand why he was never elected to Hall Of Fame. We seen him many times in concert, and he always remembered me and my wife by our first names, and when she was not with me, he ask where she was and how she was doing, loved him and his music so very much, seems like all his songs had such deep meaning, and also remember his brother Fred. ETC rest in peace my my friend. In our hearts forever

Posted by Wayne and Kim, Dwayne, Cody, Trevor Ebarb - Shreveport, LA   April 11, 2019

To the family of Earl Thomas Conley,
I'm very sorry about your lost. He will be missed.

Posted by Mary - AR   April 11, 2019

loved his voice and songs will be missed

Posted by Red Atkins - Homer, LA   April 11, 2019


I cried when I heard of Earl Thomas passing. I have been a fan for most of my life and the privilege of seeing him in concert years ago. I will continue to listen to his music for the rest of my life. Condolences to his family.

Posted by Vicki Martin - Gray, TN - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

My heart is broke. RIP Earl. You were the best.

Posted by Dennis Schmuecker - Magnet, NE   April 11, 2019

I have admired Earl Thomas Conley my whole life. His songs played a big part in my life. I can never hear his songs too many times. He will be missed so much! My heart is broken! Rest in peace! You are in a better place now without any pain. Prayers for the family and friends for comfort!

Posted by Barbara Carter-Lansaw - Brooksville, FL - friend   April 11, 2019

Just loved to hear this gentleman sing. He and his singing stlye will be missed ny all of his fan. Rest well and in peace.

Posted by Judy Hill - La Grange, NC   April 11, 2019

I can't count the number of tapes and CDs I wore out listening to Earl's music. I am sadden to hear of his passing and pray for his family. Forever your fan.

Posted by Angela Thompson - Holly Springs, NC   April 11, 2019

Sorry for your loss

Posted by Suzanne Hendricks - Mocksville, NC - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

My heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Earl Thomas Conley. May you have comfort and hope, 2 Thessalonians 2:16, 17 as you mourn the loss of your dear loved one.

Posted by Dina Hamilton - CA   April 11, 2019

Simply Legendary!!!

Posted by Greg Alexander - Montgomery, TX   April 11, 2019

Another golden voice silenced. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Nora - Pulaski, KY   April 11, 2019

May the words written in the bible for our comfort strengthen your saddened heart during this emotional time (Matthew 5:4 NWT)

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Prayers Earl Thomas Conley You were my all time country favorite. I still listen to your songs on a regular basis.... Thank you for your gift to country music....

Posted by cheryl o - Sandy Creek, NY   April 11, 2019

I really enjoyed his singing. He will truly be missed. My deepest condolences to all the family especially Rhonda I always loved our friendship and have lost touch with her after she left Forest Hills KY. Love and prayers for all

Posted by Brenda Scott - Georgetown, KY - friend   April 11, 2019

From the first time I heard his smooth velvety voice and intelligent musings on life and love I was struck by depth and poetry of his work. An true gentleman of Country music not so unlike Jim Reeves perhaps, a gent of a later time in the history of the world. I am absolutely heartbroken today...

Posted by WP Liles - Asheville, NC - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

I am so so sorry about the passing of Earl Thomas Conley.. My heart is so very broken..I grew up with his amazing music..To this day his has been my favorite Country singer.. My condolences go out to his precious family and all of who loved him.. Thank you Earl Thomas Conley for all of the amazing music and memories that I got to have as a child and as an adult.. Your truly loved.. You will always be loved and miss.. We will never forget you.. Love you..❤❤

Posted by Christie Vincent - Lincoln, AL - friend   April 11, 2019

RIP. You will be missed by all of your fans. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

Posted by James and Corina Fletcher - Fort Wayne, IN   April 11, 2019


Rest in peace my ole friend, you were always there for me with all of your songs, God bless you always!

Posted by Eunice Saenz - Mission, TX   April 11, 2019

May you rest in peace sweet friend, you will be greatly missed, thank you for all those wonderful songs, that we listened to when we were happy, sad and just glad to be alive, May you be with God, singing your beautiful songs in heaven! David & Eunice Saenz Mission, Texas

Posted by Eunice Saenz - Mission, TX   April 11, 2019

Your music and voice can never be replaced! I will listen to your music as long as I'm here on earth! Rest in peace!

Posted by Bonnie Hughes - Lexington, NC   April 11, 2019

My wife, Joyce and I have been friends with Earl since the early 1980"s. We have followed his music and attended many concerts. We had the privilege to attend several of the Portsmouth's homecoming concerts where we met his family. We sure will miss him. We will be praying for all the family. To us, he is the greatest country music singer and song writer. He never turned away from his fans. We will never forget him or his music. Rest in Peace, our friend. Your memory and music will forever live with us. Forever love ETC. Terry and Joyce Abernethy Hildebran, NC

Posted by Terry Abernethy - Hildebran, NC - friend   April 11, 2019

I was saddened to hear that ETC has fallen asleep. His music is a staple in country music of the 80's and will remain such a pleasant memory in my playlist.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Thank you for sharing your special talent with world...I know you're singing with the Angels now.

Posted by Joan Conley - Pierceton, IN   April 11, 2019

So sorry .you had to leave. Fly High .portsmouth will always Remember you.

Posted by Tammy Weddington - Portsmouth, OH   April 11, 2019


What an amazing artist he was!! We were able to see and hear you when you were in concert here a couple of years ago. Rest in peace Mr. Conley. All your fans will miss you.

Posted by Kathy and Otis Henson - Broussard, LA - friend   April 11, 2019

ETC was very, very instrumental in forming my singing and writing skills. His delivery was nothing short of perfection. Still my all time favorite. Rest in peace my old friend.

Posted by William Richardson - Church Hill, TN - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

RIP in ETC, My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this difficult time. I remember stories that my Dad and Mom told about ETC coming to my Aunt Bertha's and Uncle Dick Donahoe home and he would sing. I would like the family to know that my dad really enjoy that time. He was a really big fan of country music and that meant a lot to him.

Posted by Diane McClain Eveland - Apopka, FL   April 11, 2019



Posted by Sara Kegg - Carlisle, PA   April 11, 2019

You are my favorite artist, you will be missed but will live on in your music. My sincere condolences to the family during this difficult time.

Posted by Gwendolyn King - Henderson, NC   April 11, 2019

Was a great talent one of the greatest voice in country music.God bless you.Very nice man you were what country music is supposed to be.

Posted by Alan Legg - Winston Salem, NC - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

Condolences to the Conley family. Saddened to hear of your loss.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019


Sorry for your loss

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley Dearly Loved And Will Be Sadly Missed.

Posted by Michael Harris - Wilmington, DE   April 11, 2019

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and god bless and he will be missed in the music world

Posted by Melissa Kerns - Charleston, WV - friend   April 11, 2019

Im sorry for your loss he was a great singer and i loved him

Posted by Tia Oliver - Bristol, TN - significant_other   April 11, 2019

Thank you for your music that was all around were the soundtrack of my life at one point. Rest in peace, and we pray for God's comfort, love and strength for your family and friends.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.

Posted by FELICIA YATES - FAYETTEVILLE, NC   April 11, 2019

The hardest thing I ever had to do ! is hearing the news and letting go .

Posted by - white hall, IL   April 11, 2019



Posted by FELICIA YATES - FAYETTEVILLE, NC   April 11, 2019

I will never forget his concert in Opelousas LA in 2015 It was one of the best nights in my life. I will cherish this memory forever. He was one of the greatest songwriter/singer of all time
RIP Earl Thomas. You will never be forgotten!

Posted by Kathy Fontenot - Eunice, LA - friend   April 11, 2019



Posted by Scott - Sarasota, FL   April 11, 2019


Fell in love with his music in the 80s. He had some of the most beautiful songs. One of my all-time favorite singers. Prayers to his family. RIP

Posted by Donna - Stratford, CT   April 11, 2019

ETC, you will truly be missed you were such an incredible singer. My friend and I went see you in Opelousas, La and it was the best night of our lives.. thanks for all the wonderful memories and songs you left us with.. RIP

Posted by Kyndra Z - friend   April 11, 2019


Posted by Ann Stokman - Greendale, WI   April 11, 2019


As a young child i listened to country music.I love many of his songs he will be loved and missed by all he knew.He leff his mark with many gfrat hits which to me wen i would listen to a song from him it had a meaning behind it.R.I.P.

Posted by Lynn Hughes - TX   April 11, 2019

One of the greatest! RIP, ETC.

Posted by Norman Smith - Blackville, SC   April 11, 2019

Posted by Shelly Gwartney - Kansas City, MO - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

Posted by Shelly Gwartney - Kansas City, MO - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

I always loved his music because it made me pay attention to what was being said and often reached my heart. As a music fan, it made me a better fan when listening to other performers. He was a poet with a guitar. May the peace of the Lord be with his family & friends always!

Posted by David Livingston - Tallahassee, FL   April 11, 2019

Rest in Peace!

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

Sorry for your loss he will be missed RIP. Love his music

Posted by June Ward - SILVER SPRINGS, FL - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

I'd been a fan of his since he'd came out with his hit album "Fire & Smoke in 1980!!!! Country music will never be the same since the passing of Earl Thomas Conley and other artists before his passing yesterday!!!

Posted by David Ray Green - Talladega, AL - acquaintance   April 11, 2019

So sad, so sad. But so happy to have known him through his music. Heavenly peace to you E.T. and heartfelt condolences to the family.

Posted by Joe Carbone - Mililani, HI - friend   April 11, 2019

My great grandma and your dad were sister and brother. I am so happy that I got to see you in concert and get to meet you, if only for a few minutes. I will never forget that or you. The world has lost a great singer and song writer. To his brothers and sisters I am deeply sorry for your loss. Fly high cousin, fly high.

Posted by - West Portsmouth, OH - family   April 11, 2019

Sing for the angels, they'll love it!
Your voice was beautiful and a gift
From our Lord who will welcome you with love and opened palms.
RIP Mr. Earl
Condolences to family and friends.

Posted by A friend   April 11, 2019

May God wrap his loving arms around you and take you home.You will be missed so much. You are my favorite singer ever and I will always think about you. Thanks for all the great music. Linda Sue Berry

Posted by Linda Berry - Monee, IL - friend   April 10, 2019

Posted by Linda Berry - Monee, IL - friend   April 10, 2019

ETC, God rest you, my old dear friend.. in those dark hours of my teenage years and beyond, your voice was so soothing, your music, my was own... I will miss you and will see you again when I join you in that number.. Love, and God bless.

Posted by Theresa Shipman - Travelers Rest, SC   April 10, 2019

Rest in peace my music friend you will forever be remembered as long as I'm still here !

Posted by Terry Pearson - Vacaville, CA   April 10, 2019


My condolences to his family. He was one of my favorite country singers. His voice was truly beautiful! Rest In Peace!!

Posted by Julia Jamison - Piqua, OH   April 10, 2019

Another fine country legend lost , one who didnt get recognized as much as he should have such a great voice . Condolences to family and friends

Posted by Lonnie Bolen - Orangeburg, SC - friend   April 10, 2019

He was an awesome singer. I loved his music he is going to be greatly miss.
Fly high Earl Thomas Conley
My prayers go out to the family

I am fan of a great performer it didnt give me that option below

Posted by Kim Opel - Battle creek, MI - friend   April 10, 2019

When someone's music touches your heart so deeply, you cannot help but feel the sting of their passing, as if a piece of you passed also. Your music was the tapestry and back drops of the wonderful 80's. And it remains a comforting reminder of better times, even today. You will be deeply missed but to be remembered is after all, the best anyone can hope for. You sir, will never be forgotten. God Bless

Posted by A Survivor - Charlotte, NC   April 10, 2019

May God richly bless the family and friends of ETC with peace and comfort. Mr. Conley, thank you for the many smiles, the tears, the pure joy and wonderful memories your music provided. Thank you for sharing your talents for so many years. We will forever remember you as your music will truly last forever! Rest in peace. You are dearly missed.

Posted by Michael - Charlotte, NC   April 10, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley you was one of my favorite old time country singers. I'm 57 years old and I grew up on country music and I still listen to it. I love u and always will. See you in heaven my friend. Suzi Trinidade (Kier)

Posted by Suzi Trinidad - Lynchburg, OH - friend   April 10, 2019


He was True Country. Loved his voice and music. Prayers to the family.

Posted by Joni Mathews - MO   April 10, 2019

R.I.P. Earl Thomas. My deepest sympathies to his loved ones.

Posted by Susan Freeman - Tampa, FL   April 10, 2019

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

I am saddened to hear of Earl Thomas Conley passing away.He had one of the best voices in country music. His voice was one of a kind !He will be missed that's for sure. All the legends are going home
Carol Hayes

Posted by Carol Hayes - wood river, IL - friend   April 10, 2019

Earl Thomas Conley was a legend, gifted with the ability to write songs that captured the beauty and pain of love from all aspects. We thank you for your songs, your music; you'll never cease to exist in the hearts of the Navajo people, here in the Southwest, we listen to your music on a daily basis on KGAK and KTNN. Thank you for coming out to perform for us as well; you're one in a billion, but legends never die; they leave their god given talent for the world and we thank you for leaving your music always be part of us and our journey of life. Thank you!

Posted by James Begay - Church Rock, NM - Friend   April 10, 2019

I am so sad to hear of Earl's passing. He was a great musician and his music shared a message. I loved all his songs and listened to them daily back in the "80's. A legend in his time and one that will forever leave a lasting memory. Condolences to all his loved ones.

Posted by Kathy Crocker - Nashville, NC   April 10, 2019

Absolutely... The best so many wonderful mêmories listening to his music. You will be so missed.

Posted by Ellen Lumpkin - Knoxville, TN - acquaintance   April 10, 2019


I'm going to miss you Mr. Conley, you were a great country western singer. Rest in peace.

Posted by Connie Force - Wichita, KS   April 10, 2019

So sorry to hear he has left us...He was a great country singer...May God bless and comfort his family...

Posted by Barb Toven - Anita, PA   April 10, 2019

Another loss of a truly Genuine Artist,.... r.i.p....sir

Posted by Merrill Karcher - LAKE GENEVA, WI - friend   April 10, 2019

He was one of the best in country music,him and Keith whitely were best friends....and now he is in heaven......RIP

Posted by Patty Betz - Cape coral, FL - friend   April 10, 2019

I was Earls bus driver in the early 80s. We spent a lot of time together as friends, he was a genuine good guy. I loved him like a brother.

Posted by Joe Jarles - Louisville, KY - friend   April 10, 2019

He sure did have a lot of great songs!!
If you ever kissed a girl under the "Neon's",(that's lights for you Millennial's)
or danced with her at Texas Dance Hall...(dang I miss that place)..
you did it while his music was playing!!
He was part of the great country era!! Not this pansy stuff today!!
He had such a great voice.
I thank him for all the great memories!!
He will be missed.

Posted by Patrick Hinsey - Seguin, TX   April 10, 2019

Very big fan from the very first time i heard him. Never felt like he got enough credit for having 4 number ones on one album. Randy Scruggs passed also not long ago i remember when Randy played lead guitar in his band. . We will miss you ETC

Posted by Lowell Raborn - Charlotte, NC - friend   April 10, 2019

Dear Earl Thomas , we are heartbroken hearing of your passing...We Love You & We love all of your favorites are "Heavenly Bodies" , "Angel In Disguise" & "What I'd Say"....Thank You for making us happy with your songs....You were an amazing singer with a heart of gold & so very wonderful to your fans...One of the best country singers ever on the planet....Your legacy will live on forever...We listen to your songs all the time...Your GH collection titled The Definitive Collection is one of the best , it has all your hits in one collection...we love it...Thank You for the beautiful personally autographed photo that you sent to me...I will treasure it forever...Prayers for your family & friends.

Posted by Kathy & Buddy Barnett - Newport, TN   April 10, 2019

So very sad to hear of his passing. A great artist and a great man

Posted by floyd givens - dover, DE   April 10, 2019

Great memories listening to your songs in the 80's, especially "Holding her and loving you."
You & Your Family are in my prayers
You are special
Rest in Peace

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

My sincere prayers to the Conley family. May you find comfort in God the Hearer of prayer and may he bless you with peace during this time of sadness. My deepest sympathies. (Psalm 65: 2)

Posted by KAN - CA   April 10, 2019

My thoughts and prayers for the family. Loved all of his music. He was a great man.

Posted by Shelia Williams - Spencer, VA   April 10, 2019

If you were ever in love with someone in the 80's Earl Thomas Conley songs were with you and as real as it gets. So many great memories every time I hear one of his songs. They don't make them like Earl Thomas anymore!! One of the best ever. Sad day... RIP my friend.

Posted by Dave Brooks - Ruidoso, NM   April 10, 2019


You are the best country star ever. RIP.

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

Your one of my all time favorite country artists. Love all of your music. Prayers for the family. You will be missed. Love a big fan.

Posted by Gaye Dodson - Haleyville, AL   April 10, 2019

He was a great singer. Love his music! May he rest in peace.

Posted by T C - Griffin, GA   April 10, 2019

Another country music legend has passed. I had the opportunity to see Mr. Conley in Reno in the 90's and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hopefully, those country artists on the scene with true country roots can keep the fire going. RIP ETC!

Posted by Mike B - Lakewood, CA   April 10, 2019

Loved his music.Condolences to the family

Posted by Carolyn Whitehead - Hampton, TN   April 10, 2019

RESt in peace Earl Thomas Conley ,your music will live on!

Posted by a fan - greenwich, CT   April 10, 2019

One of my all time favorite country singers. He had some great songs. RIP

Posted by Walt Kilburn - Bennington, VT   April 10, 2019

Wally here with Marshall Star Band from Eau Claire Wisconsin. Had the pleasure of working with ETC several times since 1981. I remember the first time in Nashville Fan Fair week in 1981. I walked into the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. His magnificent voice belted out the great song "Fire and Smoke". WOW. Then having opportunities to open for him over the years on different stages was simply amazing and a Dream Come True. We were in Watertown South Dakota performing at the Dakota Sioux Casino. His voice was rough and I got him to sip on my old stand by of Amaretto with a splash of Tabasco. He finished the night. Well thanks ETC for the great memories. You will truly and sadly be missed. Wally

Posted by Wally Pietrzen - Eau Claire, WI   April 10, 2019

One of my all time favorite singers!!! Condolences to his family. Sing with the angels Thomas!

Posted by Rhonda Thacker - Hurley, VA   April 10, 2019

I too am heartbroken to hear of Earl's death today. His performance at The Bottom Line in NYC when he was touting the new Fire & Smoke album was one of the most memorable sets of music I've ever heard. Thank you Earl for all the wonderful tunes.

Posted by Gary Floyd - Seattle, WA   April 10, 2019

One of the very best. R. I. P.

Posted by Juanita Hanson - Lawrenceburg, TN   April 10, 2019

Wonderful talent. So sorry for your loss.

Posted by Judy Birdsong - Laceys Spring, AL   April 10, 2019

So sorry to hear the news of Earl's passing.I have listened to his music for years and still do today.He was a very talented musician so many great songs just love to hear him.I will always listen to my cd's of him forever.RIP..ETC.I am a true fan of yours always!...Love and prayers to the family and friends❤

Posted by Jennifer Hensley - Grundy, VA   April 10, 2019

Great Voice , Gone to Soon . Thoughts & Prayers to
The Family . Sue Willard
Gr.Mich .

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019


Condolences to the family. May Earl rest in peace.

Posted by Your fans - San Antonio, TX   April 10, 2019

May the God of all comfort be with family and loved ones.

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

Rest in Peace Prayers for his Family I am a big fan of his music!

Posted by Sheila Messer - Alvarado, TX   April 10, 2019

Great singer love your music big fan go rest high on the mountain. Prayers for his family may you find peace and comfort during this time.

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

Our first ETC concert was at Austin Peay in the 80s and we have remained fans. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world! RIP

Posted by The Martins - Atlanta, GA - acquaintance   April 10, 2019

I was a fan of his when he began his career in the 80's releasing non stop hit songs. Have all of his music and will treasure it. Sympathy and condolences to all of his family and friends. What a loss to the Country music World.

Posted by Lynne Melby - Elkin, NC   April 10, 2019

My husband and I listened to earl a lot.we loved his one like him ever. Velma Kitchens

Posted by Velma Kitchens - Culloden, WV   April 10, 2019

Wow,I have all his music my faveroite song was holding her and loving you hard to belive he is gone rest in peace Earl so sorry .

Posted by Alvin Landry - Pierre Part, LA   April 10, 2019

Prayers for comfort and healing for Family and Friends everywhere.Thank you Sir for the many years of great music. The Johnson Family From Ohio .

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

Loved his music. Very sad.

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019

Sorry for your loss. Keeping the family in my prayers. He was a great country singer, and will be missed by many.

Posted by Donna Floyd - Hazlehurst, GA   April 10, 2019

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by Brittany Floyd - Hazlehurst, GA   April 10, 2019

Sympathy to the family. His songs always told great stories. Listen to Brotherly Love and Once In A Blue Moon and see!

Posted by Mark Scheve - Topeka, KS   April 10, 2019

He was a great singer. Loved his songs!

Posted by A friend   April 10, 2019


Thank You Mr. Conley For All The Fantastic Country Music.You Made For Us To Enjoy.Ohio Born Legend,Rest Amongst The Stars.My Prayers & Thoughts Go Out To Mr. Conley's Family & Friends At This Difficult Time.Rip & Godspeed.

Posted by Jamie Martin - Canton, OH   April 10, 2019