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Jim you were my all time favorite my number was ( 31 ) and yes I was a Fullback

Posted by David Orman - Olive Branch, MS   October 17, 2019


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Posted by Mrs. Stroud - Hammond, IN - neighbor   December 03, 2018

I was there in Yankee Stadium (the REAL Yankee Stadium) to see Taylor score the only touchdown in the 16-7 win over The NY Giants. Cold day....Jim Taylor is the epitome of toughness!! He's another one of the "old guard" that will be sorely missed. RIP, big Jim!!

Posted by Mark Holub - Huntington, NY - acquaintance   November 16, 2018

Jim Taylor was one of my all time favorite Packer players. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Taylor and his sweet wife Helen at a show in Chantilly, VA around 2009. I was with one of his teammates Herb Adderley at the time. Herb introduced me to Jim and his wife Helen. I could not believe how good he looked. Even though Taylor was in his 70s at that time, he looked like he could still play. I was like a kid in a candy store when I met him. I was so nervous. LOL. He broke the ice by asking me about Herb. He then asked about Bob Jeter who had recently passed away. I could tell then that his bond with his old Packer teammates was still very strong. He signed a helmet for me that day, which I proudly display. He will be missed. My condolences to Helen and the rest of the Taylor family. May the Lord comfort you and give you peace during this very difficult time.

Life long Packer fan

Scott Stroupe

Posted by Scott Stroupe - Mooresville, NC   November 16, 2018

To the family and friends, please accept my heartfelt condolences on the loss of Jim, may God give you strength and comfort during this difficult time. (Psalms 46 :1)

Posted by A friend   October 31, 2018

Thanks, Jim, for all the wonderful memories you and the mighty Packers provided. It was a real thrill to watch you play, and you will always be remembered as a premier NFL player. God bless you.

Posted by Joseph Schuster - Bethel Park, PA   October 28, 2018

Death under any circumstances is shocking and difficult, whether we are expecting it or not. In fact, even if illness and suffering are present , we always seem to look for some ray of hope, some way we may continue living. John b

Posted by Rosalyn - NJ   October 24, 2018

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by A friend   October 24, 2018

Jim Taylor was one of my all time favorite Packers from the Lombardi ea. I remember him scoring in Super Bowl I. It was the classic power sweep around the left side behind Fuzzy Thurston. I was disappointed when he was traded to New Orleans before the 67 season. It would have been nice to have him for the 67 Ice Bowl. I was impressed with the way he handled his stroke about ten years ago. He showed as much toughness then as he did in the NFL.

Posted by Stuart Munro - St. Helens, OR   October 23, 2018

My prayers go out to the family as you cope with the loss. Always remember that God can heal a broken heart.

Posted by A friend   October 23, 2018

Very sorry for the loss of a legend. May God grant the family and friends piece at this time.

Posted by Ms Ross - St. Louis, MO - acquaintance   October 23, 2018

My Dad and I used to be glued to the TV (ours was Black & White) when the Packers played; the sweep was something to watch, Taylor was the best Pro ever at Fullback. I was in Minneapolis traveling and went to early Mass at the downtown Church (Cathedral) - two men came in and got situated in the pews a couple rows in front of me- it was Taylor and Hornung - WOW what a thrill - (they were playing the Vikings that afternoon) - i will never forget that...R I P Jim Taylor

Posted by Patrick Callahan - Belton, TX   October 22, 2018

I grew up with Vince Lombardi's Packers in the late 60's. Jim Taylor was in his last year as a Packer and I remember him scoring in Super Bowl I. I learned the history of the team and realized he had a tremendous career with Lombardi's teams in the early 60's. He was really tough and he and Lombardi shared the same winning mind set. They apparently had a battle of wills that led to Taylor being traded to the Saints in 1967. I felt sad when he wasn't on the team anymore along with Paul Hornung. He was the classic NFL fullback. I don't think you see players like him in that classic gridiron image. I was impressed on how he struggled with health issues later in life. He apparently was going for a walk around his neighborhood at age 69 and collapsed after having a stroke. He was able to quickly recover and soldier on with his life. He was a great football player and man.

Posted by A friend   October 22, 2018

Posted by Gary Zohn - Enola, PA   October 22, 2018

Posted by Bob Hartman - Little Silver, NJ   October 22, 2018

Part of my childhood died the day Jim Taylor passed away. I began watching pro football in 1961 at the age of ten, and rarely saw the Packers on TV due to my living in Philadelphia. Nevertheless, I saw them on Thanksgivings and in those title games with one of the greatest fullbacks there ever was taking hand-offs from one of the greatest quarterback there ever was. Jim Taylor never ran out of bounds to avoid a hit. He was a true footballer if ever there was one. I have many football magazines with him on the cover, his football cards, and memories of him in my heart forever. Goodbye to one of the greatest warriors ever.

Posted by Bill Lawlor - Mantua, NJ - Friend   October 22, 2018

Him and Paul Hourning were two of the best running back combo's in NFL history. Played the game right.

Posted by Frank Bonacci - NEWTOWN, CT   October 21, 2018

Growing up in the 60's the Packers were my family's favorite team. Jim Taylor was one of our favorites. My dad was always talking about Jim's toughness and 100 percent effort on the field. RIP

Posted by Glen Barnes - Fayetteville, NC   October 21, 2018

When football players were real men, rest in peace

Posted by Mitch Cook - Ford City, PA   October 20, 2018

As a New York Giant Fan, Taylor was one of the best.

Posted by John Calvin - Philadelphia, PA   October 20, 2018

Celebrating a life well lived. We will cherish the memories forever.

Posted by A friend   October 20, 2018

RIP Jim Taylor. You were one of my childhood idols. You will be missed.

Posted by Bill Lehnhoff - Templeton, CA   October 20, 2018

He was one of my childhood idols. He was an inspiration and someone I looked up to. My condolences to his family.

Posted by Rik    October 19, 2018

One of the all time great football players.

Posted by Lander Waid - Hoover, AL   October 19, 2018

My condolences to the family and friends of Jim Taylor for your loss of dear the love one, may the God of comfort be with you.

Posted by Rose.    October 19, 2018

JIM TAYLOR was a great man. Dr. F.A. Engel

Posted by Frank Engel - Estero, FL   October 18, 2018

R.I.P. #31! It was a pleasure meeting you & watching you play over the years. I enjoyed your visits to the LSU booster club golf tournaments in Houma, LA. The good Lord just got a great fullback!

Posted by Moe Lirette - Houma, LA   October 18, 2018

Thank you JT for your dedication to life. You were a "stand out" among men! RIP brother.

Posted by Llewellny Kelley - Kansas City, MO   October 18, 2018


Posted by G M    October 18, 2018

Thank you for many wonderful memories/ RIP

Posted by Bob Levenson - Dana Point, CA   October 17, 2018

A warrior on the gridiron among rival gladiators. A hero to my uncle, brothers and friends who grew up worshiping the Packers in the 60's. God bless you !

Posted by Harry Frederick    October 17, 2018

You were my hero and part of my childhood.Thanks for the memories.

Posted by Gary Carter - Walhalla, SC   October 17, 2018

My sincere condolences to the family for the loss of your loved one. May God strenthen you and give you peace during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   October 17, 2018

Dear Mrs. Taylor & Family,
Kindly accept my sincere condolences with the passing of Mr. Taylor. As a member of my high school football team in the early 1960's, I was asked if I wanted to wear number 32. I declined, and ask for number 31. I tried to play the same way as my hero, Jim Taylorl. I had great respect for Mr. Taylor and recently read his autobiography, which was a wonderful adventure of his life and career. I've been a GBP fan since 1960, and enjoy seeing Mr. Taylor at last year's NFL Draft. He still had it. God Bless Mr. Taylor and his Family

Posted by Mike Hanlon - WATERTOWN, MA   October 17, 2018

RIP Jim! You were and are the best runner ever! Hard, fast and straight ahead was Jim during every game. I am sure he will be a fast and first pick for the Lords team up in heaven! Thanks for all the memories Jim, I have treasured them since we met and I will continue to do so!
Wally P

Posted by A friend   October 17, 2018

I remember Jim when I was working at Bucks in DePere and he and some of his pals would come in for a burger and beer, (one or two at the most). I can remember seeing him get out of a small VW and hardly able to move after a game. He would run up and down the grass strip outside and after a few minutes of loosening up he would come in and enjoy a short visit and a beer and burger. What a great guy and perfect gentleman. I have very fond memories of Jim and his pals, wish I could do it again!
Wally Patterson

Posted by Walter Patterson - Rock, MI - friend   October 17, 2018

I had the pleasure of knowing Jim for 2 years in the early 60s when he was still p[laying for the PaCKERS, I rented a house from him in Baton Rouge he would always stop by after the playing season was over to see if everything was ok. he was a real gentleman, during to off season he ran football camps for kids.

Posted by Jim LOGIE - NAPLES, FL - friend   October 17, 2018

I am so sorry for your loss. May the God of comfort, sustain your family during these challenging times.

Posted by thomas brown    October 17, 2018

Our deepest condolences to the Taylor family. My father Andrew Wenner #29 was one of the eight LSU juco recruits with Jim #42

Posted by A friend   October 17, 2018

Posted by Joseph Wenner    October 17, 2018

Posted by Joseph Wenner    October 17, 2018


The great Jim of the greatest running back in the NFL during. his era. With deepest sympathies given to the and the NFL." Rest in peace The great Jim Taylor'

Artis. georgia

Posted by A friend   October 17, 2018

Condolences to another NFL Great who has left us for the playing field in heaven


Posted by chuck G - san francisco, CA   October 17, 2018

Posted by JOHN - DERBY, CT   October 17, 2018

Lefty sev I recall watching Jimmy mall my new New York gaints...

Posted by Lefty sev - Cheshire cat.   October 17, 2018

I am pretty certain there is a photograph of Jim Taylor, in a running pose, pigskin steadfastly cradled in his left arm, the right arm extended, the fingers pointing daringly skyward, in Green Bay Packer green-and-yellow in Webster's Dictionary as THEE definition of the word 'fullback', no words needed.

THEE greatest fullback I ever saw, and undeniably an invaluable, if often overlooked, lynchpin on all those dynastic Packer teams of the late 1950s and 1960s. In an ideal world, he'd be buried at/under "the frozen tundra" of Lambeau, a football field he most assuredly embodied during and after his illustrious Hall Of Fame Packer career

Posted by Glenn Crowl - Hanover, PA   October 17, 2018

I recall seeing the weekly NFL highlights and was always impressed with the tough running of Jim Taylor. He was clearly an all-time great. Condolences to his family and friends.

Posted by Rob O'Connor - Stamford, CT   October 16, 2018

Posted by Raymond Land - friend   October 16, 2018

The very first football I remember throwing was a Jim Taylor Lazer autographed model, leather full size. We used that ball until the stitching got weak, rubber bubbles would pop out and the stitches replaced with shoe laces. We used it til we couldn't anymore, somehow Jim would have approved !

Posted by Brian - OH   October 16, 2018



Posted by Valenda Newell - INDIANAPOLIS, IN   October 16, 2018

He was my all-time favorite Packer when I was growing up, learned a lot from watching him run & did my best to be as tough as he was. Watched him play in person several times @ Lambeau & would see him on alumni weekends. Shame that he passed because he always seemed to be in great shape for his age. RIP
Bruce S.

Posted by Bruce Sopkowicz - Hatley, WI - acquaintance   October 16, 2018


Godspeed Jim, and thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   October 16, 2018

Growing up in Manitowoc WI in the 60's, there was only one game on Sunday TV: The "Packer Game". That's what we always called it. Watching Jim Taylor bowl over players was a sight to see. He was awesome and was as tough as they ever came. RIP Mr. Taylor.

Posted by John P. - Austin, TX   October 16, 2018

I had the honor of having lunch with mr. Taylor 10 years ago in baton rouge, it was set up by a mutual friend. It was such a pleasant afternoon I'll never forget it. A childhood hero of mine, it was a dream come through. Sorry to the Taylor family, I know how it hurts. God bless yall

Posted by Blaine Latour - Lafayette, LA - friend   October 16, 2018

An absolute legend of old school power running fullbacks. He dared the defence to try and tackle him.

Posted by Bill Shovlin - Paxinos, PA   October 16, 2018

Before the Super Bowl glitz,
running along side Jim Brown into sports history was Jim Taylor
showing us, by example, that we can take on life as he took on tacklers, facing head-on
what others would sidestep.
RIP Jim Taylor.

Posted by Tom Hutton - TX   October 16, 2018

Posted by john fusco - edison, NJ - family   October 16, 2018

Thanks for the memories Jim . Thanks for making Green Bay Title Town.
Rest in Peace.

Posted by Joe Setter - Bloomington, IL   October 16, 2018

Tough & hard- nosed a true gridiron legend from my childhood. I can still visualize Jim running behind Thurston & Kramer on those seriies of juggernaut teams built by the master Vince Lombardi. God bless you Jim & may you always Rest In Peaceyou have now crossed the greatest goal line ever!

Posted by Michael Hancock - Erial, NJ   October 16, 2018

jim taylor was the grit soul and determination of the packer brand of football at that time JIM WOULD RATHER RUN AT YOU THAN AROUND YOU, I CRIED WHEN I HEARD THE NEWS . PACKER NATION WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MR, TAYLOR

Posted by WAYNE GOTTSCHALK - HOLLYWOOD, FL   October 16, 2018

Posted by Barry Tiller - Chesapeake, VA   October 16, 2018

I wanted to be like Jim when I was playing high school football he was the man.

Posted by Phillip Petty - Conroe, TX   October 16, 2018


Posted by Ann Stokman - Greenfield, WI   October 16, 2018

As a long time LSU ticket holder I had the pleasure of meeting him a year ago at a book signing on the LSU campus. Rest in peace Jim

Posted by Mike Samanie - Raceland, LA   October 15, 2018

Did not personally know Jim Taylor , but I have always been a Packers fan and I remember seeing Jim play....Very tough hard runner and just a great all round player .....He and Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns were the 2 best rushers during those days !!....RIP , BIG GUY !!!

Posted by Mac King - Anderson, SC   October 15, 2018

Posted by GARY ZOHN - ENOLA, PA   October 15, 2018

MY condolences to the family including Webb Taylor.

Posted by Dennis Peevy - Lexington, KY   October 15, 2018

Mr & Mrs Mickey Dauzart

Posted by A friend   October 15, 2018

Amazing combination of power and toughness, combined with remarkable "all-purpose" skills (vision, evasiveness, balance, and remarkable blocking and receiving abilities). Jim was also a pioneer in the area of strength and conditioning; his personal regimen included training techniques that became convention many years later.

The quintessential fullback, who had a ferocious drive/"motor." A man's man; well-deserving Hall of Famer, and an important contributor in football's history and the '60s Packer Dynasty.

The Great Jim Taylor! Rest in Peace, Sir.

Posted by - Bay Area, CA   October 15, 2018