Condolence & Memory Journal

May Alfie's memory be for a perpetual blessing to his parents and to all who knew, loved, and supported him in life and unto his death.

Posted by Nehamashira Davidson - Victoria, BC   July 23, 2018

Rest in peace, my dear lovely boy. I love you very much.

Posted by George - Bradford, MA   July 19, 2018


Posted by Kiera Gormam - Crossmaglen   July 10, 2018

Alfie James evens you brought the whole world together and you will never be forgotten we love you Alfie we do....

Posted by Tammy Latshaw - Maitland, FL   July 10, 2018

Alfie nasz kochany aniolku nigdy Cie nie zapomnimy znaczysz dla swiata tak wiele ohh Alfie we love you

Posted by Sylwia Weihrauch - Augsburg   July 10, 2018

Alfie We Love you. We wine for you. We miss you so strong.

Posted by Izabela Kla - Worksop, HI   July 10, 2018


Spoczywaj w pokoju Milena

Posted by Milena Gawroska - Wocawek   July 10, 2018

Miss you everyday Alfie, you have stolen my heart and I'm truly heartbroken, I think about you everyday, ur mummy and daddy did you proud and you will live on through them, the whole world loves you Alfie, sleep tight prince Alfie, look after your mummy and daddy, rip taking far to soon x x

Posted by Tracy Mc neill - Cornwall   July 10, 2018


R.I.P Alfie boy GBNF Ur loved by many xx

Posted by Jeannie Mundie - Aberdeen, Scotland   July 10, 2018

Darling Alfie.... you are missed by so many people from all over the world.
You stole our hearts with your courage.
You will never ever be forgotten little legs.

All my love from New Zealand

Posted by Chrissy Miller - NZ   July 10, 2018




Posted by Jean Butler - FL   July 03, 2018

We love you Alfie miss you I still go and look at you photos and vidiows of your beathful smille we love you Alfie we do we love you Alfie we do we love you Alfie we do OH ALFIE WE LOVE YOU xxx

Posted by Hailey Reeves - Milton keynes   June 11, 2018

RIP Alfie Evans Amy hewett will look after you in heaven go and play with the Angeles

Posted by Tracy Hewett - Uk, PEI   June 06, 2018


We love you Alfie, we do! xx

Posted by Stacey Fortin - Attleboro, MA - friend   June 04, 2018

I think about Alfie everyday, and I thank you for sharing his story with the world. Tom, Kate & Alfie have shown us all what it means to fight for what is right. Alfie, you're a warrior, a fighter, a hero and I will help your mummy & daddy fight for justice for you when they're ready! I love you all with all my heart. Fly high little prince, you will never be forgotten and you will change the world for the better. xx

Posted by Stacey Fortin - Attleboro, MA - friend   June 04, 2018

Not a day goes by that I haven't thought about little Alfie and his family. I never knew you but you all had a place in my heart and was absolutely shattered when little Alfie passed away. With the fundraising now being used for Alfies foundation, I hope in the future, no other family has to go through this and there's a law passed. I will never forget and be Alfies army forever. God bless you and your family

Posted by Traci Marsh - Kodiak, AK   June 02, 2018

Posted by Isgodnu - Murfreesboro, TN   May 31, 2018

Your beautiful baby boy has touched the world. His beautiful spirit is at home with the our heavenly Father. Take comfort in knowing you will see him again.

My prayers are with you and your family.

Posted by Savannah Bisset - Port Chester, NY   May 23, 2018


Not a day goes by that I don't hurt for you and I will pray for you everyday forever! You and your beautiful baby will never be forgotten! I will keep him and you close in my heart and mind forever. I have never met you but I love you and your incredible family!

Posted by B Jones - Knoxville, TN   May 18, 2018

May your precious soul rest in eternal peace. Your passing has touched me so profoundly, I think of your angelic face every day, and I will always have you in my heart...I love you baby Alfie.

Posted by Claudia - Toronto, ON   May 14, 2018

There are no words to ease your grief today. I can only say it will ease in time but you'll always have your memories. You two fought till no end for Alfie. You two showed strength,courage and endless love for Alfie. He indeed had the best parents! May you two be comforted and blessed always. I too shed tears for Alfie. He was a brave little fighter for sure!
Remember he will be,
A always
L loved
F forever
I in
E eternity.
Rest in peace lil one.

Posted by Margaret N. - Gassaway, WV   May 14, 2018

This just breaks my heart! I cannot fully grasp the pain Alfie's parents must feel, but my sincere condolences go out to them during this most difficult time. May the account at Mark 5:35-43 comfort your hearts, as it holds out the hope of what God will do for us in the near future.

Posted by M - PA   May 13, 2018

May God give your Mom and Dad peace and may you enjoy being in the Heavenly Father's arms until you see them again. RIP you little angel. Marijo

Posted by A friend   May 11, 2018


Good night God bless little Alfie x

Posted by Dawn - Liverpool   May 10, 2018

Rest in peace little angel, my thoughts and prayers are with your loved ones. Not a day goes by you are not in thought and prayers. Love to you all xx

Posted by Jeevey Sian - West Bromwich   May 10, 2018

Fly high beautiful boy u have captured my heart for a life time. Your mum and dad are so strong and you should be so proud of them like they were of you little warrior xx

Posted by Alana Mitchell - Bradford - acquaintance   May 10, 2018


Rest in peace little boy, little angel. May God bless your parents

Posted by Marcin Kowol - Zabrze, Poland   May 10, 2018

Fly high little man, gone but nerve forgotten. Sending lots of love to you and your mummy and daddy xxx

Posted by Sara Anderson - Rothes, UT - Friend   May 10, 2018

You touched the heart of the world. A truely special boy, who will be remembered always x

Posted by Vicki Louise - Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK   May 10, 2018

We love you Alfie such a strong little boy who fought till the end you are loved so much by everyone sleep tight gorgeous boy

Posted by Annie Keating - Liverpool   May 10, 2018


Happy 2nd Birthday Alfie! I love you Im so sorry Tom and Kate about Alfie he was a fighter and will never be forgotten. Tom and Kate you showed the world faith in action and what true unconditional looks like God Bless You

Posted by Michelle Gonzales - Los Fresnos, TX - acquaintance   May 10, 2018

Alfie, truly amazing boy who touched my heart even though I didn't know you. Will always think of you Alfie and your family. Always in my thoughts. .God bless you all xxx

Posted by Carol Watkinson-Sharpe - Liverpool   May 10, 2018

Rest in peace Alfie Evans I am devasted you put up the greatest fight ever I'm sad I'm hurting you should have been healed we don't understand babies are supposed to live.

Posted by Tom Schilling - Lake elsinore, CA - friend   May 09, 2018

Happy Birthday Alfie. You have inspired change with your brave fight and so many are so proud.

Posted by Robyn - Memphis - acquaintance   May 09, 2018


Happy birthday in heaven sweet boy. Your mom and dad fought so hard to keep you here with them, but god needed you with him be their guardian angel. Aflie rain down on them with rays of sunshine, and let them know your sitting beside god and you will see them again some day.

Posted by shelia king - Murfreesboro, TN   May 09, 2018

You stole my heart the moment I seen you. You were in my prayers from that moment and always will be. You fought so bravely and deserved so much more of life. My heart breaks for you , your mummy and daddy. You are a beautiful little boy and greatly loved. Your with the angels now who I know will keep you safe. Sending All My Love. I will keep a special place always in my heart for you Alfie. XX

Posted by Phyl Mitchell - Winsford - acquaintance   May 09, 2018


Happy birthday little angel. Now you are wheres no pain. Youre safe. Youre free. God bless you
Forever in my heart.

Posted by Francesca Di Genova - Rome, italy   May 09, 2018


We love you Alfie Evans. Forever in our hearts.

Posted by Illona Lacik - TX   May 09, 2018

Fly high sweet baby boy. We love you Alfie we do.

Posted by Illona Lacik - TX   May 09, 2018

Hey lil man happy birthday, i hope you have an amazing day on your cloud today dont forget to let your mummy n daddy know your around.

I think of you daily and see you in my almost 2 year old his 20 days younger then you n his akso a fighter he had meningitis at 11 weeks old when we celebrate his birthday im going to buy an extra cake just for u xxx

Posted by A friend   May 09, 2018


Happy Birthday Alfie Rest in peace. God Bless you & your family. In our continued prayers~Love & Strength

Posted by J C - NJ   May 09, 2018

Rest with the angels baby Alfie xx

Posted by Louise Morris - Bolton   May 09, 2018

Happy Birthday Alfie! Still remembering you with my 15 month old boy today. Praying for your parents today for their hurt & pain, and for them to go forward to continue their family in memory of you. May your future brothers and sisters know all about you and the love you brought us.

Posted by Richard Mahn - Boise, ID   May 09, 2018


Happy B-day baby boy! I love you, and Croatia loves you!

Posted by Lea blazun - Zagreb, Croatia   May 09, 2018

I am so very sorry for your loss. What brave and loving parents you are and at such a young age. We will always remember little Alfie and shall he remain in all of our hearts.

Posted by Sarah Wensley - Mooroolbark, UT   May 09, 2018

My heart is broken for your family. Please know we have kept you in our prayers and ask heaven's mercy, grace and peace be showered on your hurting souls.
May something be done to prevent this tragedy striking another family.

Posted by Brian Bailey - Iowa   May 07, 2018

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by SUE ANN - LA   May 07, 2018

coccolato tra le braccia della Beata Vergine Maria, in attesa di rincontrarti con la tua mamma terrena; l'incolmabile vuoto che lasci può esser affrontato solo con la tenacia che hai dimostrato tu. Sei stato più forte tu.sei più forte tu. Per sempre nei miei pensieri. Riposa in pace cucciolo d'uomo.

Posted by Francesca Digenova - Roma   May 07, 2018

I didn't even know about Alfie or his situation until the very hour he passed away. Of course at that time I didn't know he was gone, but was in uncontrollable tears as I read about all he and his parents went through. It was hard because I have a healthy 15 month old son and could never imagine losing him. The next day I learned of his death. It made me vow to be a better father. May my son Joshua and I live for Alfie and his memory. May Tom and Kate be blessed with another child that will live his/her life out for Alfie and give his parents the love they deserve. God bless and may Jesus give you peace.

Posted by Richard Mahn - Boise, ID   May 06, 2018

Please accept our deepest, sincerest condolences for the loss of your precious little man. God needed another Angel by his side, and Alfie was his choice. Rest in peace, Little Man, rest in peace.

Posted by Kevin and Hildur Hamilton - Reno, NV   May 06, 2018

So very sorry for the loss of little Alfie in death.Please know that our God and Father of tender mercies,will be there for you and with you as you go thru this very trying time in your lives.May memories of Alfie bring joy to you.Pray always. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Posted by C S    May 06, 2018


GBNF! Beautiful baby Alfie! May you play with angels an watch over your mummy an daddy!

Posted by Vicky Williams - Liverpool uk   May 05, 2018

Rest In Peace little Angel

Posted by Carrie Reyes - Orland, CA   May 05, 2018



Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   May 04, 2018

Rest peacefully in the arms of Jesus sweet baby boy

Posted by Cissy Cortina - Live oak, TX - friend   May 04, 2018

in the arms of a angel gone but notforgotten

Posted by angela cranny - runcorn   May 04, 2018

May you feel the loving embrace of family and friends during this time
May our Heavenly Father who loves you dearly grant you peace from above
My prayers are with you

Posted by W - L, GA   May 03, 2018

I am so saddened and sorry for your loss. May you feel that kind of comfort that is mentioned 2 Cor 1:4 during such a time of sorrow.

Posted by Carrie - NY   May 03, 2018


My thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of sorrow. Alfie was a beautiful little boy..God bless you Tom and Kate.

Posted by Shelia King - Murfreesboro, TN   May 03, 2018

RIP little Alfie~thoughts and prayers to your parents.

Posted by Goodmans - NY   May 03, 2018


DEAR KATE: If Mothers were Flowers.....You would have been the One that Alfie would have picked!.....Mothers hold their children's Hands for a while.....And their Hearts forever!.....Of all the Gifts, both great and small.....A Mother's Love, is best of all!.....AND.....Of all the Moms in the World.....Alfie was so glad that you were his

Posted by A friend   May 02, 2018



Posted by A friend   May 02, 2018

I wish there were words that I could say that would ease your pain. My heart is sad for you. I hope you can find peace. You had a wonderful boy and you are wonderful parents that did everything in your power to fight for him.

Posted by - Jarrell, TX   May 02, 2018

Sleep tight little man look over Ur mummy and daddy xxx

Posted by Frances Gallagher - Ireland   May 02, 2018

I am deeply sorry for your loss. There is nothing anyone can say or do to make you feel better. I pray that within time your family finds some comfort knowing he is watching over you from above. Alfie and your family captured the hearts of so many across the world. He truly was such an amazing little fighter. God bless you all and you will remain in my prayers. God bless you Alfie James

Posted by Michelle Carey - Chicago, IL   May 02, 2018

To the parents, deepest, sincere condolences. You are exemplary parents. May you get the peace you need to keep going forward in life. God bless you both.

Posted by Gloria De La Cruz Vasquez - San juan, TX   May 02, 2018

may God bless you all and take take little Alfie into his loving embrace.

Rich, Stamford , CT

Posted by A friend   May 02, 2018


So very sorry for your loss , my heart aches for you , rest in paradise beautiful boy

Posted by Kerry Poirier - Northside East Bay, NS   May 02, 2018

Play and be happy in God's garden Alfie ... never forgotten beautiful boy xx

Posted by Angela Kelly - Liverpool   May 02, 2018

Our family is holding you in our thoughts and prayers. There are no words to ease your pain but I hope that you will find some small comfort in the love that surrounds you from all over the world. Your fearless battle on behalf of beloved Alfie is a testament to your great and enduring love.

Posted by Connie - Pittsburgh, PA   May 02, 2018

God bless you Alfie. You are a precious angel. God bless your parents who loved you beyond measure. God bless everyone who values life.

Posted by Jeanne M - NJ   May 02, 2018

We have a new little Saint in Heaven. May Our Lady hold you in her arms as she did her Son after His crucifixion. GOD Bless you all for being the parents we all should be.

Pamela & David Fogg
Wickford, RI

Posted by A friend   May 02, 2018


Posted by Kellijo Kaufman - Newark, NY   May 01, 2018

Wishing you blessings of peace and love

Posted by Cindy Phelps - Rogersville, MO - Friend   May 01, 2018

Alfie stole my heart and I fell in love with him from the beginning. You and Kate fought with all you had and Alfie knows that and you are amazing parents. Alfie will forever be in my heart I will never forget him, he was a warrior and he will watch over you and Kate and let you know he is there! God must have needed a hero in heaven because that is what Alfie is to me and I love him as if he was my own love you sweet angel you are amazing

Posted by Jaime Ingargiola - Middletown, DE   May 01, 2018


Rest in Peace Beautiful Angel in the loving arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Posted by Alicia Cramer - Saint Paul, MN   May 01, 2018

Posted by Springfield Ohio - Springfield, OH   May 01, 2018

My deepest and heartfelt condolences go out to Alfie's parents and family. I cannot imagine what you are going through but God feels you sorrow and pain and sees your tears. Our heavenly Father who created us desires and has the ability to undo the effects of death. He promises at Hosea 13:14 to empty the grave of our loves ones. Tears of pain and sorrow will be replaced with tears of joy when we welcome our loved ones back home to a beautiful, peaceful earth free of death, sorrow and pain. (Isaiah 65:17, 21-25)

Posted by - Lawrenceville, GA   May 01, 2018

Alfie-You captured our American hearts.

Posted by John John - New York, NY   May 01, 2018

To The Family of this Precious little one:
May God Bless you all and help you to understand that Alfie has gone home!!! He is shining right now and will not be in any more pain!!!!

Posted by Dr. Donna Wintons-James - Tampa, FL   May 01, 2018

Rest in Heaven beautiful Alfie. You are loved by so many.
To the Family: I am so so so sorry for your loss. The world is mourning with you. Your boy was perfect, in every way possible...

Posted by Marga - MI   May 01, 2018

While words fail to capture the pain of losing a loved one, we look forward to the time when words will fail to capture the joy of having our heavenly Father return your dear one to you.

Posted by A friend   May 01, 2018

Prayers and many thoughts with the family of this beautiful baby boy. We all love you little Alfie. God bless you all.

Posted by Brenda Davis - Boone, NC   May 01, 2018

Posted by Brenda Davis - Boone, NC   May 01, 2018


To Kate and Tom,

May memories of Alfie, the love of family and community along with the continued prayers from the world, surround and give you strength in the days ahead.

GOD bless you both.

Posted by Stephanie Harvell-Fierro - Houston, TX   May 01, 2018


god be with you are a special little more are so special and will always be are in gods hands now and at will have new life.precious angel.

Posted by eileen kimmel - northampton, PA   May 01, 2018

Dear Family:

I am really sorry for your loss. It broke my heart when reading about the hard moments your family is going through as parents. I know that no words can ease the grief and the pain that loosing a child can bring to a mother and to a father. But you are not alone, for God can become your stronghold. God knows our feelings as well. When we are broken at heart or crushed in spirit, he draws near to us. (Ps. 31:7) He sustains us by providing comfort and encouragement, specially in moments like these. May your beautiful family be granted the strength, inner peace, and find comfort under God's wings of protection. Our thoughts are with you.

Posted by - Puerto Rico   May 01, 2018

rest in paradise baby boy

Posted by A friend   May 01, 2018


To the Family. Words cannot express the sadness that we all feel on the passing of your little boy. So sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Rocky

Posted by Rocky Scirocco - Sanbornville, NH   April 30, 2018

May God grant the family peace and comfort as you grieve the loss of your dear Alfie.

Posted by VH    April 30, 2018



Posted by - LODI, CA   April 30, 2018

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family , for your struggle and for your loss . What the earth has loss , heaven has gained. Alfie is now resting in the arms of our lord and savior .

Posted by C Kaizer - MD   April 30, 2018

From Australia....with so much love. We here had been following your progress and we are devastated at your untimely passing. Alfie, may God Bless you forever in the endless light of Heaven. To your loving parents, we pray for you both in the weeks and months that lay ahead without your little boy. You have taught us all a profound message of love, the sanctity of human life and the precious value of every single person. Thank you and goodbye beautiful boy....xxxxx.

Posted by J Carlyle - Sydney   April 30, 2018


Little Alfie,
You are with our Lord in His merciful and loving embrace where every tear will be wiped away. Your short life touched my own and that of my young children. We love you and we are all grieving over your death, but we rest in the promise of Heaven for God's little ones. Your life was not in vain and had immense meaning! Your death has taught my children a valuable lesson in defending human life. Sending our love and prayers to your parents from Virginia USA.

Posted by Marie Ann R. - Fairfax, VA   April 30, 2018


For almost a year I followed your story and prayed for you, you were a little warrior now your an Angel I Gods arms. My deepest sympathy to your family may you find comfort in Alfie memories and know you did everything humanly possible to help him.

Posted by BJ Kaminsky - Alexandria, VA - friend   April 30, 2018

Cherish Alfie memories for comfort. May the family and friends put your trust in God to give hope and strength during this time of grief from Romans 13:14. My deepest sympathies!

Posted by - Decatur, GA   April 30, 2018


Rest in peace little angel.

Posted by - Roselle, NJ   April 30, 2018

You have touched our hearts, your are such a brave little warrior

Posted by Debbie Crewe - Stoke on Trent, UM   April 30, 2018

My heartfelt sympathy to the family on the passing of your love one please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

You have touched all of our hearts. Rest in peace little one.

Posted by Rosalie Randle - San Antonio, TX   April 30, 2018


My Heart goes out to the parents May the Lord comfort both of you, Alfie is now with the Lord an Angel. Sweet Lil Innocent baby! God Bless all you !

Posted by Cecelia Sanchez - Las Cruces, NM   April 30, 2018

You'll always in my heart, little angel. R.I.P
J love you

Posted by Rossella de Divitiis - Roma Italy   April 30, 2018

Posted by Wu family    April 30, 2018

So sorry for your loss. May the God of peace and comfort carry through this difficult time in his loving hands. Someday you'll get to see Alfie all whole and loved.

Posted by Traci Ahlstrom - Wichita, KS   April 30, 2018

Alfie rest in peace littleman you touched my heart that beautiful little face I will not forget xxxx you have parents to be very proud of love Tanya Jamie & Archie-ray xxxx

Posted by Tanya Hill - Bristol, BC - significant_other   April 30, 2018


Miss you baby boy

Posted by denise medhurst - dover kent   April 30, 2018

Love and miss you Alfie .you will live in my heart forever

Posted by denise medhurst - Dover kent   April 30, 2018

Sorry 4 ur lost I can keep the love ones and family in prayer

Posted by Anthony Lopez - Sanpedro, CA - significant_other   April 30, 2018

My litle Darling Alfie .For over a year i watched you grow.I loved you like my own child.I miss you Alfie

Posted by Denise medhurst - Dover kent   April 30, 2018

May God wrap his Arms around you at this Difficult time!.

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018


May we always trust the Creator; The Lord God Our Righteousness! May He comfort you over the loss of your very Beautiful Son. We were all Blessed by his time with us on earth, and the knowledge of where he is today; a Precious light, healthy, shining with The Lord Jesus! amen

Posted by CL - AL   April 30, 2018

Fly high little angel
J love you, Italy loves you.

Posted by alessia carpentieri - rome   April 30, 2018

There are no words that can remove the sorrow that parents feel when their baby has fallen asleep in death. Let us be comforted by the words at Psalm 146:4: "His spirit goes out, he returns to the ground, and his thoughts perish." Baby Allie feels no pain as he sleeps. Soon he will awaken and not remember his deep sleep at all. Parents, cherish the moments you shared with him! Heartfelt sympathy for your loss!

Posted by Dianne - Miami, FL   April 30, 2018


RIP little angel. You made the entire world stop and think. In your brief time in this world, you had tremendous impact. May you rest in the loving arms of our maker. We love you, Alfie.

Posted by Chandree K - Narberth, PA   April 30, 2018

Rest in peace Alfie xx

Posted by Sarah Hearder - AB   April 30, 2018

We are truly heartbreak for your LOST in the family.

Posted by jonmarie - windsor Locks, CT   April 30, 2018


Fly with the Angels Alfie, God Bless you in heaven and rest in peace. We love you Alfie you have touched a world of people you did not know but who loved you worldwide. Condolences to his family.Thoughts and prayers.

Posted by The Perrys - Union ( USA), NH   April 30, 2018


Heaven gained another Angel way to early. I am so very sorry for the family and friends of Alfie. My heart breaks for all who are hurting. May Alfie's story teach us all. May Alfie Rest In Peace.

Posted by Penney Ivey - SD   April 30, 2018

I am truly heartbroken over Your loss. May you turn to God in prayer for comfort and strength. And May He hear your petitions.

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

You touched my heart little angel. May you rest peacefully. Love you sweet baby boy.❤❤❤❤

Posted by Heather Johnstown - Pueblo, CO - friend   April 30, 2018

Rest in peace precious child.

Posted by Lois    April 30, 2018

Rest in Peace child, you are in God's house now and for eternity. Watch over your parents, because they are heartbroken over your passing.

Posted by AA - Fort Walton Beach, FL   April 30, 2018


rest in peace little angel you are in gods arms now.

Posted by KAREN SCHMIDT - CHICKASAW, AL   April 30, 2018

Rest in peace angel

Posted by Tina - friend   April 30, 2018

Rest in peace little darling!

Posted by pat    April 30, 2018

Prayers to the family. Take comfort in knowing Alfie is in the arms of our Lord.

Posted by Patricia Jacob - Torrington, CT   April 30, 2018

Deeply saddened to hear of Alfie's death. May cherished memories of your precious child provide a measure of solace to your family.

Posted by Marie    April 30, 2018

Rest in peace you sweet little one. Prayers to all the family. You will be missed precious!

Robin (North Carolina)

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

We offer our condolences and prayers to Alfie's family during this most difficult time of grief. Ma God comfort you.

Posted by Williams family    April 30, 2018

Dearest little Alfie for such a small boy you fought so hard and brave you brought the world together like no other little boy has before I would like to give my sincerest condolences to all the Evans/James families tom and Kate you done Alfie proud the whole world is sad at the loss of Alfie your family and Alfie will always have a place in my heart I'm sorry for your loss truly x

Posted by Jane Murphy - Dublin Ireland   April 30, 2018

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.

Posted by - OH   April 30, 2018


You fought the good fight, as did your parents. We all know you had so much potential. May the wrongs done to you and your family be put right by God. You are safe in the arms of Jesus now. My deepest sympathies Tom and Kate. Love from Nova Scotia Canada. We love you Alfie, we do!!!

Posted by Alisha Drapeau - halifax, NS   April 30, 2018

To Alfie's parents, family, friends, and all who supported and loved this beautiful little boy may you fine comfort with you during this difficult time in your lives. Words could hardly express the sorrow felt for the loss of your dear little Alfie. The pain of losing someone is something we never get use to, but when someone you love becomes a memory the memory becomes a treasure. So treasure that memory. I am truly sorry about the passing of your dear loved son Alfie Evans. How encouraging to know that God's Word holds out a grand promise. May your faith in His promise strengthen you as you look forward to its fulfillment. (Isaiah 65:17, 21-25)

Posted by PEP - DC   April 30, 2018

May the God of all comfort and mercy give the family hope and peace during this time of sadness and sorrow. Jeremiah 29:11,12

Posted by Jeanette McGhee - Columbus, Ohio   April 30, 2018


Alfie you are missed little man . My heart goes to his mom and dad . This was so wrong .We will never forget you.

Posted by Brandy Ballew - Cowpens, SC   April 30, 2018

Posted by JoAnn Praught - Andros Bahamas   April 30, 2018


Posted by GLADYS WILLIAMS - SYRACUSE, NY   April 30, 2018

Godspeed Alfie.

Posted by M. Dalton - Mogadore, OH   April 30, 2018

Words fail to capture the pain of having to say goodbye to such a precious little one. May our Loving Heavenly Father comfort all your hearts at this sad time until He brings your precious little love back to you. 2Thess.3:16; Isa.26:19.

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018

Im so sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort prove to be your strength during this difficult time.
Psalm 18:2

Posted by christian    April 30, 2018


You lost your life as a warrior little man, there are no words that can ever heal your mummy & daddy but you now have your angel wings & it's now time for you to fly high.... R.I.P Alfie Evans.... you will always be in my heart xxxx

Posted by Melody - Loughton, essex   April 30, 2018

Condolences to the family. Alfie is now safe in God's arms. Big hugs from myself and my family all the way from Canada xoxox

Posted by Sylvie Durette - STURGEON FALLS, ON   April 30, 2018

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your loved one. May God continue providing His comfort and peace to the Family during this difficult time of loss. James 5:11

Posted by Carol.C - Cleveland, OH   April 30, 2018


God bless you Little Alfie what a warrior you are loved all over the world people will remember your name for a long time to come you will always have a place in my heart where ever you find yourself in the universe I know your at peace. To tom and Kate if you see this just know that you are an inspiration to me and to everyone in Leeds you fought so hard dont ever let anybody tell you otherwise I really hope you can move forward. Always have faith you will see your little warrior again one day. We love you Alfie we do

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2018


In 1980, a lad from Liverpool, England, John Lennon, wrote a song about his 5 year old son whom John had taken care of since the boy was a baby. The song was "Beautiful Boy," and at the end it goes: Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... beautiful boy. Darling, darling, darling... darling Sean!.....I think we now know how Alfie's parents, Tom and Kate, felt about him.

Posted by Paul Alan - Crown Point, IN   April 30, 2018


True warrior right till the end. RIP kid x

Posted by Darren Cassidy - athlone, ireland   April 30, 2018


God Bless You.

Posted by wmc - IL   April 30, 2018

Rest In Peace 'Little Man'
We Will All Be Seeing You Again Soon...

Posted by Ralph Jones - Sagamore Hills, OH   April 30, 2018

Alfie Evans has tocado los corazones de todos nosotros esta no es una despedida si no un hasta luego porque en un futuro estaremos con tigo de nuevo. Mis mas sentido p├ęsame no hay palabras que puedan reconfortar tan grande perdida.

Posted by Nubia Miramontes - Mexico - significant_other   April 30, 2018

May God be with your entire family! Let your wings spread Alfie. Rest In Peace and may peace be with your family.

Posted by Tina Tiller - Carlsbad, NM   April 29, 2018

While words fail to capture the pain of losing a child, we look forward to the time when words will fail to capture the joy of having our heavenly Father return your dear little one to you. We hope these words can be & are a source of comfort for you & your family.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018





Posted by Jean Butler - FL   April 29, 2018

Sincere condolences to the family for your great loss. May the God of all comfort support each of you during your time of mourning.

Posted by Juanita - Ohio, USA   April 29, 2018

40 years ago,I lost my infant son. A dear friend told that he was budded on earth to blosome in heaven. Please accept my deepest sympathy, your loss was and is exceptionally painful. God understands completely because His son died and HE knows the horrendous pain that you are feeling. I pray that God will wrap His arms around you and love you and give you comfort. I truly believe that God gave Alfie to you and to many others and we all experienced great love from that beautiful little boy. I thank God for His gift to me to allow me to feel all the love that radiated from Alfie and from all of you.
God bless all of you and thank you for allowing me to also love Alfie.
Linda Ritchie Burns
Osceola Mills, PA

Posted by Linda Burns - Osceola Mills, PA   April 29, 2018

Dear Kate and Tom,
The death of a child is traumatic for the survivors, especially for the parents. It is an overwhelming ordeal that mere words cannot erase. May you have comfort and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord, during this difficult time.- (1 Timothy 1:2) Sorry for your loss.

Posted by Jeannie - Texarkana,, TX   April 29, 2018


The world lost a very precious and handsome precious Angel when you passed, Alfie. Dear God has another beautiful flower in his glorious garden in heaven. Rest in Peace.

Posted by John and Barbara Kukawka - Parma, OH   April 29, 2018

My condolences to the family of Alfie, please know that he is safe with God and all the faithfully departed in Heaven

God Bless

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

What beautiful light that will shine over little Alfies family forever. Mr.& Mrs. Evans my heart goes out to you and your family. What a beautiful child that was given to you by God. RIP Angel. Sorry for your loss.

Posted by Patricia A. Ware - Hamilton, OH   April 29, 2018

I am so sorry for your loss. Sons are an inheritance from God.The fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

Posted by A.V.H. - IL   April 29, 2018

A precious little angel who has made all of us stop and think in this life. A beautiful boy and I loved his name. Special prayers to the parents at this time. May you get the comfort from God that you need at this time.

Posted by Dixie Barker - Cincinnati, OH   April 29, 2018

My thoughts and prayers are with your family during this difficult time. May the promise in 1 Thessalonians 4:14 comfort your family.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018


Fly Free Precious Angel

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

May Our Lord give you comfort and peace in the loss of your little one. I have been in your place and fighting through hard days I truly understand. After many years our son came home. Just want to let you know I understand and pray Your baby and the memories he gave you can remain with you. He is at rest now and sitting on the lap of the one who gave him life. Amen

Posted by Gale Harvell - Suffolk, VA   April 29, 2018

To the family of Alfie Evans:
May the God of comfort be with you and soothe your pain. Ps. 94:19.

Posted by cdp - GA   April 29, 2018


Look down on us all and sleep with the angels

Posted by Ciara Foley - Limerick   April 29, 2018


I m glad your life touched mine.
God speaks through you.
Dear Kate and Tom, thank you for your brave fight.

Posted by Tina - Slovakia   April 29, 2018

To the Family of Little Alfie,
I hold your hand in my heart as you walk in sorrow for the loss of such a precious son. May Jesus lay his hand across your life and calm the stormy waters.

This beautiful baby was such a gift. RIP Alfie, this is my prayer for you and your family. In the name of the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, I ask. Amen

Mary Sickles
Portland, Tn

Posted by Mary Sickles - Portland, TN   April 29, 2018

Good bye little Alfie. Peace to your family.

Posted by Jerri' Ervin - Houston, TX   April 29, 2018

May you be at peace now Alfie, run, play and watch over Mum and Dad. We love you Alfie!!!

Posted by sharon smith - memphis, TN   April 29, 2018

Bless your little heart Alfie. May you run with the angels in heaven and keep watch over your parents and all who loved you so! You are a special gift from God, may you sleep in his arms forever.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

Dear Evans Family,
My warmest thoughts and condolences go out to you at this time.. words cannot take the pain away, i know, but with time you may be able feel it a little less, please know that our father in the heavens also feels your pain. He says he hears your cries,he sees your tears, and he will heal you. May the loving arms of our great father be around you There are many who grieve with you and look forward to the day you will see your little one again.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018


Alfie, sweet baby boy you changed so many lives and were so strong. You are so special and will NEVER be forgotten!
God Bless, and many prayers for the Evans family.

Posted by Amanda Pavlak - Shakopee, MN   April 29, 2018

May the Father of tender mercies help you to make it through these difficult days.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

Kate and Tom you should be so proud to be Alfies Parents. I fell in love with a Child I have never met and followed you every step of the way. Alfie is your Angel and your Beautiful Boy is with you always. R.I.P. you Gorgeous little Man.
All the way from CANADA


Posted by Denise Strohm - London, ON - friend   April 29, 2018


Posted by Dee Dee Branch - Cochran, GA   April 29, 2018


Rip Alfie heaven has gained a very special boy. Love and prayers to your family xx

Posted by Lyndsey Doyle - Glasgow   April 29, 2018


Deepest condolences to the family of little gladiator, Alfie Evans! Fly with the Angels, sweet boy! You were so loved by the whole world! We will never forget you!

Posted by Molly - CA   April 29, 2018

Sweet Little Angel, rest in peace! May you find peace and comfort knowing, little Alfie has touched so many lives and the whole world mourns with you. He still lives among us, only in a different form and God knew he was a special little boy whose love would be shared by all. Soar with the Angels & Godspeed, Alfie will be forever remembered and missed by all! God Bless the Evans family and thank you for sharing your journey with us! Amen!

Posted by JAN PATRIARCA - BELLINGHAM, MA   April 29, 2018

Losing a precious loved one is very painful but losing a precious child is even more devastating but May you gain strength from those who knew and grew to love you and Alfie.

May the God of comfort soothe your aching hearts during this most difficult time.

Posted by JMS - MD   April 29, 2018

Prayed for a miracle but it wasn't to be, rest in peace Alfie. I had a picture of Cilla Black greeting your with this song to you as you ran through heavens gates into the arms of Love itself Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Margaret St.John-Dees - Darnestown, MD   April 29, 2018

Words can not express what you are going through. My condolences to Alfie's family. God Bless you all.
Trudy, New York State-United States Of America.

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

To; the parents of Alfie Evans.Loss of a child is heartbreaking. Our heart aches for you and your family . Know that are family mourns with you.
What a beautiful baby. God has another angel in heaven. We give are deepest sympathy to you and your family.


Posted by JAMES CAMPBELL - POUGHKEEPSIE, NY   April 29, 2018


Beyond sorry for the whole family.

Posted by Marcus - Sacramento, CA   April 29, 2018

Alfie and his parents have touched my life,and so many others. Thank you. Life is precious and you did everything with God. Who is always with you.

Posted by Cherrie Sage - Sinking Spring, PA   April 29, 2018

Sorry for the loss of your beautiful child.

Pam Rhoades. Racine WI

Posted by Pam Rhoades - Racine, WI   April 29, 2018


RIP sweet boy heaven gained an angel my condolences to the family and friends

Posted by Alice Hoekstra - Chandler, AZ   April 29, 2018


RIP Alfie, fly high with the Angels.

Posted by Gina Garduque - Fresno, CA   April 29, 2018


Rip little man gone but never forgotten

Posted by michelle faulkener - devon   April 29, 2018

To Alfies parents and friends. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious child. He won all of our hearts and will not be forgotten. I hope that one day you all find peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Posted by Robin Wagner - Tallahassee, FL   April 29, 2018


Rest Alfir you are now at peace. My tears fall for you and your family. God wrap your loving arms around this sweet child and give his family peace and healing.

Posted by Virginia Dessart - Green. Bay, WI   April 29, 2018

Dear Kate and Tom, I am so very sorry for your loss. What happened to you and Alfie is so wrong. My heart goes out to you, and I will keep you in my prayers.

Posted by Andi - Los Angeles   April 29, 2018

Have prayed with love and in solidarity for Alphie and his Mum and Dad since I first learned of them. His parents have shown amazing love for their child and they have my heartfelt condolences. I was very moved by what Pope Francis said in that Tom Evans, in his unyielding efforts to save his son, reminded him of God, Our Father, in that he stops at nothing to save his children. Tom and Kate, you are an example to all in what it means to love.
New Hampshire, USA

Posted by Constance - Lebanon, NH   April 29, 2018

Sweet Alfie, now a sweet Angel. Love and strength to you Kate and Tom...♡

Posted by Cathy Pennington - Oldsmar, FL   April 29, 2018

Psalm 139:13-16 For you formed my inward parts; You knitted me together in my mother womb. I praise you. I am fearfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Luke 18:16 But Jesus called them to him,saying, Let the children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs to the Kingdom of God. Alfie you are loved by many who gotten to know your story I will never forget your mom and dad's fight to keep you here with them, your are amazing and so beautiful, you are now in heaven with your heavenly father free and will be awaiting for your mom and dad when they will also come home one day.

Posted by ANNETTE KEARNS - Chesterfield, VA - friend   April 29, 2018

God bless Alfie Prayers to his family ❤

Posted by Kathleen - PA   April 29, 2018

May God keep Alfie in his loving care.

Posted by Maria A. Mitchell - Union City, GA   April 29, 2018


Posted by Heather Ritchie - Eavn, GA - Family   April 29, 2018

I believe Alfie & Charlie Gard are playing, giggling and already best friends in Heaven.

Posted by Julie - Lakewood, CO   April 29, 2018

There's a new star in the sky a very beautiful star
That burns so brightly it's light can be seen near and far , A star who's twinkling will never fade,
Always glow
And as it shines everyone will always know
As we cast our eyes at night towards the heavens
Shining brightest of all
A precious little star...Alfie Evans.

Posted by Julie Scholes - Oldham   April 29, 2018

I am deeply sorry for the loss of Elfie. May God bless you and your family.

Posted by Sandy Murray - Painted Post, NY   April 29, 2018

Rest in peace little angel. God will look after you now for you are his newest son.

Posted by Christina Barkley - Greensburg, PA   April 29, 2018


RIP Dear Child. I a, sorry for your loss. My prayers for God's peace, comfort, and strength are with you.

Posted by Cheryl Landin - Rocky Mount, NC   April 29, 2018


Posted by Joan Walton - Columbus, GA   April 29, 2018

to my friend Alfie ... I was too precious to be forgotten ... what you left us will never be lost .. #Alfiesarmy Always and Forever

Posted by Ilaria Seccia - Pescara Italy - friend   April 29, 2018


Posted by Ann Stokman - Milwaukee, WI   April 29, 2018

My heart shattered in a million pieces when I heard that sweet Alfie had passed away and I cannot imagine the pain you both and your family are experiencing. My prayers go out to both of you for peace and comfort. My God hold his loving arms around you and your family close and give you the strength you will need in coming days. What a beautiful little angel heaven has received. Fly high sweet baby boyl! Gone too soon!

Posted by Natalie West - Toney, AL   April 29, 2018

I miss you more than anything, alfie

Posted by Lacey Lanz-Nixon - Pueblo, CO - friend   April 29, 2018

My heart goes out to Tom and Kate the most amazing people in this world, you fought so hard for your little worrier, but God saw he was tired so gave him his angel wings and he will always be close to you rest in peace to the most beautiful angel in the sky, ALFIE James Evans xx

Posted by Caroline Kenney - Manchester   April 29, 2018


Sweet dreams alfie you little warrior spread them wings and wrap them round your mammy & daddy keep them safe .
Tom & kate sending you love and prays at this difficult time . Your little warrior will be by your side forever guiding you . Xxx

Posted by Andrea banks - Middlesbrough   April 29, 2018

Rip prince Alfie xxxx

Posted by Jules Davies - Cardiff   April 29, 2018

Sleep tight beautiful boy, always in my thoughts

Posted by sue yates - Walsall, TX   April 29, 2018


A special little boy who fought so hard, the whole world loved you. Sleep tight Alfie, you are one special little angel who will always be in everyone's hearts. ❤❤❤

Posted by A friend   April 29, 2018

May you Rest in Peace, Little Angel...

Posted by John and Barbara Kukawka - Parma, OH   April 29, 2018


Our Blessed Saviour loves our children so much.I know that Alfie with his innocence was welcomed in heaven with embraces of Our Lord and his Blessed Mother. Rest well Little warrior.

Posted by Emily Butler - Mobile, AL   April 29, 2018

Sincerest condolences to Tom and Kate and all of Alfie's family. Alfie has changed this world forever, touched so many lives, and moved so many with a tenderness that only he could. May he rest in the peace of Christ, and may God console everyone whose heart has been forever altered by Alfie's precious life.

Posted by Debbie - Iowa City, IA   April 29, 2018


Heaven has gain a beautiful angel. I am deeply saddened for the loss of your beautiful boy. I pray for you and him everyday. May he Rest In Peace and smile down on you both forever. He may not be with you physically but he will be forever carried in your hearts and the hearts of many.

Posted by Michelle ledbetter - Elizabethtown, KY   April 28, 2018

Fly high little man , miss you already

Posted by Rose Santarlas - Fayetteville, NC   April 28, 2018

Posted by Joan Beach    April 28, 2018


Dear Tom and Kate: Little children were brought for Jesus to lay his hands on them and pray. But the disciples scolded those who brought them. "Don't bother him," they said.....But Jesus said, "Let the little children to come unto me, and don't prevent them. For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." And he put his hands on their heads and blessed them before he left....MATTHEW 19:13-15....AND ...."You are my 'Special Angel,' sent from up above.....The Lord smiled down on me, and sent, an angel to love!"

Posted by Paul Alan - Crown Point, IN   April 28, 2018


May the Good Lord welcome Alfie Evans into the Kingdom of Heaven. DEAR KATE AND TOM: From a song in a good movie named Alfie starring Michael Caine in 1966;....."As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, alfie,.....I know there's something much more,.....Something even non-believers can believe in.....I believe in love, alfie."

Posted by Jan F. - IN   April 28, 2018



Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

Good night sweet prince, you are a hero to all of us...we love you..

Posted by Heather Gregory - ROCK CAVE, WV   April 28, 2018

Godspeed little angel.....

Posted by Sue McClelland - FL   April 28, 2018

May Alfie's family find comfort, peace and strength from the encouraging words of Luke 7:11-17. It is a preview of what will occur in the near future. I am truly sorry for your loss.

Posted by J. L. - PA   April 28, 2018

You don't know us but we know your Alfie and your family. Our condolences and love to you all. May GOD give you the blessing and the love to endure this terrible passing of your child. Know we pray and think of you all, and the people of the United States will never forget Alfie Evans.

Posted by tony/donna gaiter - rochester, NY   April 28, 2018

Rest in peace little guy. Many prayers for you and your family.

Posted by Christina D - IN   April 28, 2018

Rest In Peace sweet little Alfie❤

Posted by Sharee Conatser - Albany, IN   April 28, 2018

My deepest condolences to Alfie's family. May you Rest In Peace Alfie. Heaven gained a precious little angel !

Posted by Wendy Boza - Holbrook, NY   April 28, 2018


God Bless his little soul! My thoughts and prayers are with his parent's and family. Rip little man!

Posted by Steve - U.SA., FL   April 28, 2018


May you Rest in heaven with the angels. God bless you Alfie.

Posted by Sheila - L.A., CA   April 28, 2018

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived, and look torward a future with your loved one again.

Posted by M B    April 28, 2018

My sincere condolence condolence to Alfie parent, relative's and friends during this time of great loss.may all take comfort in remembering that little Alfie is in our heavenly father memory act 24:15?;

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

Bless you Alfie, my how you have changed the world!!!! Love to Tom and Kate the two greatest parents ever put on this earth. Love to you Alfie fly high

Posted by Heather Grisham - Jackson, TN   April 28, 2018



Posted by Glen James Hausfeld - Minneapolis, MN   April 28, 2018

My sympathies to your entire family on the passing of your beautiful son. Heaven has truly gained a saint today. He will be your angel forever. No doubt you will feel his presence close to you. You led a valiant effort to transfer your son to alternative care. Your son is surely aware of your efforts on his behalf. May your example lead to a change in the British legal system. May God bless you all and wrap his loving arms around little Alfie.

Posted by James D - Mansfield, MA   April 28, 2018

Sending my heartfelt condolences to your famiies during this time of sorrow.

Posted by Carol Bernardini - Camp Hill, PA   April 28, 2018

My condolences and prayers for the family of sweet little Alfie. May God grant solace during this most challenging time. With Love & Prayers ~ Ann

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

God Bless the Family.He is an precious Angel now Watching over You. May he rest in peace.

Posted by BEVERLY White - Pittsfield, MA   April 28, 2018


My thoughts and prayers to Alfie's Dad and Mom. Alfie is in Heaven now. I know his parents will miss their son.
But Alfie is in a beautiful perfect place called Heaven.Our Heavenly Father has healed Alfie. He will be able to walk the streets of Heaven. Just like my daughter who went to Heaven eight years ago. My daughter was a special needs adult. She was in a wheelchair. Now my daughter can walk the golden streets of Heaven. We will see our beloved children one day. The Lord Is My Shepherd. Psalm 23.

Posted by Diana Patton - Melbourne, FL   April 28, 2018


Posted by Freddie Rhett - SavVannah, GA   April 28, 2018

Sometimes the sorrow id more than we can bear but precious memories can cause our hearts to heal. May the God of all comfort give your family peace.

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

My heartfelt condolences to you and your family for your loss.

Posted by Caroline Purser - Port Orchard, WA   April 28, 2018


Posted by VIVIAN - PA   April 28, 2018

Sympathy to the family, RIP Alfie!

Posted by Denise - NC   April 28, 2018

RIP little man. Fly high. Condolences to his parents, in whose hearts he will always live.

Posted by Doreen Harrison - Kamloops, BC   April 28, 2018



Posted by - ID   April 28, 2018


God's Blessings to your precious Angel

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

I am genuinely sorry for the loss of your precious son Alfie. I know this is hard for your family but God will sustain you.

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

Rest in peace dear little one.

Posted by Rita Musk - Mentor, OH   April 28, 2018

Posted by Rita Musk - Mentor, OH   April 28, 2018


Please accept my Deepest Sympathies

Posted by Scott Chamberland - Saint Agatha, ME   April 28, 2018

We pray to St Alfie James for his parents and those who supported them during this difficult time. May God bless you all.

St Alfie pray for us!

With love from the Ermold family in Northern New York, USA

Posted by Rebecca Ermold - Potsdam, NY   April 28, 2018

My Condolences To The Family;
I'm so sorry for your great loss. May all of the precious memories that you all shared with your loved one, bring you all some comfort when sadness sets in.

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2018

The little fighter has earned his place in Heaven.

Posted by Cheryl Wessman - Troy, OH   April 28, 2018


Posted by p d - IL   April 28, 2018


Posted by celeste - PA   April 28, 2018


Posted by d b - manchester, NH   April 28, 2018


I' ve been following this story for some time now and I can say it is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. I pray God give you the comfort you need at this most awful time in your life. Little Alfie is a very beautiful precious child. This was a very unfair situation.I am so sorry for your loss.

Posted by susan braxton - Greenville, NC   April 28, 2018