Condolence & Memory Journal

Always remember as a child you and kamook would sneak out of wounded knee and go to my grandmas to re-supply. You guys were laughing so hard about how at wounded knee you would bury pot lids in the ground and the national guard thought they were land mines, so they were to scared to rush in. Condolences to the family. Great Man, Great Warrior!!

Posted by Shawn Cuny - Waterflow   November 21, 2019

He was my friend. I shall miss you and always love you, Banks. Love, your JoJo

Posted by JoJo SHIFFLETT - Alexandria, VA   July 19, 2019


Posted by Tracy Francis - Cadiz, KY   June 08, 2019

Rest in Peace, your service to your people will be remembered always.

Posted by Peggy Andrews - HOUSTON, PA   June 01, 2018

The many things and many doors he opened to us young people we will always share until we can speak no more. Thank you Grandfather.Jan Chiodo Wilhelm six nation's NY

Posted by A friend   February 23, 2018

You were an inspiration to all who knew you,thanks for your fight, you made a big difference,walk on, many friends await you,you were well loved Spring water likens,Ocoee R.I.P

Posted by Springwater Likens,ocoee - Corydon, IN   January 26, 2018

You are still my weren't perfect but you left the world a better place. We all should be so honored.

Posted by Kaiah Grace - GRETNA, LA - neighbor   December 17, 2017

I'm sorry for the loss of a good man, and one I met at Portland , ore. Over forty years ago...I had the chance to reminise about our chance meeting when Dennis came to Yakama Nation, and to my surprise he remembered how we met.we kept in contact in recent years and I am truly honored to have had his friendship, my deepest condolences to the family. Sorry for a late post, I didn't want to accept his passing. I realize he's in a good place now.

Posted by Julie Umtuch - Harrah, WA   December 08, 2017


Posted by DAVID RUNNINGWOLF - PRESTON, CT   November 24, 2017

from the brunette clan of bass lake,,your strength lives on through out all the our native with the other great eagles..

Posted by steve kelly - dl, MN   November 18, 2017

Prayers, his writings, philosophies, understanding of social issues in different perspectives help me with enlightenment, importance being involved in the community, have great respect for this man, think of him as one of the greatest literature writers, move me emotionally, intellectual, and spiritual. Prayers of comfort, be greatly miss!

Posted by Dawn Johnston - Tulsa, OK   November 15, 2017

"There are new heavens and new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise..."-2Peter 3:13

Posted by A friend   November 15, 2017

Bless you on your way, my brother, Dennis. Thank you for making a difference in my life. I am so grateful and honored to have known you, prayed with you, laughed with you, one of the greatest men I have ever known. Your wisdom will inspire us forever. Blessings on your family.

Posted by Tara - Hoopa, CA   November 14, 2017

I am grateful beyond measure for the ways I learned from Dennis' wit, compassion for The People, and steadfast heart and spirit. He taught us to pray for the people always, and that friendship is a gift beyond measure or logic. He lies on in our memories forever, and my life has been enriched by what I learned from him. Thank you, Dennis, for your life and your startling wisdom. All my relations!

Posted by Judith Gips - King CIty, CA   November 09, 2017

Truly sorry to hear about your loss. May you rely upon the God of all comfort as he helps you take each day at a time.
With sympathy,

Posted by A friend   November 07, 2017

Rest in peace, brother Nowa Cumig (Dennis Banks). Your memory as part of our family will live on forever.

Posted by Brian Ohkubo Covert - Kawanishi, Japan   November 07, 2017

Rest in peace.

Posted by John Bradley - Monivea   November 06, 2017


My thoughts are with the family at this time Dennis was a man who stood for what he knew was right for his people and all people.

Posted by Faith Richardson - Hopkins, MN   November 04, 2017

May the memories and spirit of Nowa Cumig be remembered and followed for generations thru song dance story and prayer,
May your journey be peaceful ojibwa warrior champion of the people,

Posted by Eric & Linda Bufford - Jeffersonville, IN   November 04, 2017

Great Spirit In The Sky Dennis! Have a beautiful journey.

Posted by J Grant - MI   November 04, 2017

I never had the great honor of meeting Dennis Banks. However, he greatly influenced my life. I watched his documentary "A Good Day To Die" that truly inspired me. I took pride in my indigenous culture and set out to be immersed back into the culture that has been stolen through assimilation. Today, I am an American Indian Studies College student. I am actively involved in a flourishing community of students striving to be a voice on our campus for indigenous students. We had a march and drumming yesterday in your honor. The seed was planted by Dennis Banks and I am forever grateful. Mr. Banks, you are my hero and my heart is truly saddened that you are gone. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Posted by Twyla Gonzales - Fresno, CA   November 04, 2017


You have given much love to your people. You were a brave warrior, much love to your family, are Great spirit, tunkashila has open arms for you...

Posted by Elizabeth "star" Stee te ki wa/stardancer - Yellow springs, OH   November 03, 2017

On behalf of the Suquamish Tribe we extend great sympathy to the family of Dennis Banks, the Leech Lake people, and the American Indian Movement. Dennis Banks had a strong connection to our homeland, visiting here in 2008 and this past summer on the Mother Earth Tour. He was a true Indian Coutnry Hero. Leonard Forsman, Chairman, Suquamish Tribe

Posted by A friend   November 03, 2017

Dear family of Dennis Banks
Dennis and I became friends following his return to SD. I was the pastor at Custer Lutheran Fellowship at the time. I invited Dennis and other AIM members along with Sheriff Dee Glasgow and three original members of the jury to our church for a time of reconciliation. It went well and I was honored to begin a friendship with Dennis. He invited me to ceremonies at Lone Man School near Oglala, and took me for a ride down Main Street in Custer when he was a limo driver in Rapid City. He was a good man, a great leader, a friend and an example to the youth and to those who strive for justice.
My prayers are with you all.
Pastor Chuck Hazlett - Custer SD

Posted by Chuck Hazlett - Custer, SD   November 03, 2017

May you journey be as straight and swift as an arrow to the Great Spirit. May the Great Spirit give you and yours comfort during this time when your hearts are so very heavy with sadness.

Posted by Donna Evening Star - Galeton, PA   November 03, 2017

My deepest sympathy to the family of friends of Nowa Cumig (Dennis Banks). I got to meet him when he was a guest speaker at SunWatch Indian Village in Dayton, Ohio in 2008, and he signed my copy of his book, "Ojibwa Warrior". God Bless his family in this difficult time.

Posted by Karen Finlay - Dayton, OH   November 03, 2017


Posted by Barry Jeffers - Eureka, CA   November 03, 2017

On September 29, 2017 the Nebraska Supreme Court stopped the sale of alcohol at Whiteclay onto the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The work started by Dennis Banks and so many others must contiune.

"In 1999 the Oglala Lakota people asked for help as the State of NE ignored their pleas to stop the violence, the death and the lawlessness in Whiteclay , NE. Many went to Whiteclay at the urging of Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Vernon Bellecourt, Clyde Bellecourt, and many others! The murders of Little John Means, Ronald Hard Heart, and Wally Black Elk, and others prompted the Lakotas to stand up and to be counted with their feet! The murders remain unsolved and ignored even now! That is not acceptable!

On July 3rd of that year 2500 Lakotas and their supporters marched from Pine Ridge to Whiteclay in peaceful and prayerful protest only to be met by a 130 federal officers and troopers in what will be remembered as an act of cowardice and intimidation directed at elders, women and children. They arrested and prosecuted six that day including Russell Means, OST President John Steele, Webster and Tom Poor Bear, Gary Moore and myself! We were never convicted of any crime! Dennis Banks negotiated our release that day and I never had a chance to thank him!

I am leaving for Leech Lake, MN now to memorialize and mourn the loss of Dennis Banks Saturday and to thank his family for what he did for me, for the Lakota people and for caring people in NE and everywhere! It is right that I do so! When I return I will demand that the Governor, the Attorney General, the State Patrol and even the FBI go to Whiteclay to solve the countless murders there! The cold cases must be looked at! That brought Dennis to Whiteclay. It brought us all there! It is time to go back and to ask tough questions! All of us! Tell NE we are coming and that we do not go away! Dennis Banks would say Ah- Ho!"

Frank LaMere
Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska

Posted by A friend   November 03, 2017

I'm sorry for the family's loss. Your loved one tried to make a difference in the culture. You can look forward to the time when cultures will not have to try to fight for justice or understanding. The Creator never meant for anyone to be maltreated. We can all look forward to true justice to be future..

Posted by Mrs. K. Jackson - ID   November 03, 2017

Thank you for helping the American Indian Movement and helping the Indian background grow more.

Posted by A friend   November 03, 2017


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   November 03, 2017

Thank you for all you did for The People, old friend.

Posted by Maryobrien Askenette - Chgo/keshena, WI   November 03, 2017


You are an amazing man whom was loved and admired for your selflessness in the defense of human rights. You are free and at peace. Soar with eagles and rest in the loving arms of your ancestors. You have left this earthly place but you leave behind a legacy for all future generations.

Posted by Regina Spires-Ehlers - Omaha, NE - Acquaintance   November 03, 2017

I have always admired Mr. Banks for his work to get the government to honor their word. Peace to his family, the world is a better place because of warriors like him

Posted by Wilma Romereim - Canton, SD   November 02, 2017

My prayers with the family at this time. Dennis is with our ancestors now

Posted by Wanblie tu mani - Sioux, SD   November 02, 2017


Posted by Rock StJohn - SD - Friend   November 02, 2017

Thanks for your time for the people and me

Posted by Don Fly - Collinsville, OK - student   November 02, 2017

My friend you will be missed. Your tireless efforts and endless giving of yourself has inspired many and rest assured you have awoken many. You have laid a path for others to follow. Thoughts of your smile, laughter, songs, your magic tricks and playing with the children were magical moments that will never be forgotten. Until we meet again much gratitude for everything and many blessings for your family that they may be surrounded by light and love. Continued prayers for you as you make your journey to the spirit world. Send him off WELL. CELEBRATE his LIFE. Creator may you give his family and friends all the strength and support they need as we help him journey home. A'ho Tracey and Tiffany P.

Posted by Tracey Pitcock - Berryville, VA   November 02, 2017

Dennis I just was looking and organizing my photos 10/28 and found two of you I was planning another show but your images stayed with me I put them on my wall looking and thinking and then decided it was time to present the images and the story I called delores Huerta and was told the idea was great and especially considering his death I didn't know but now I believe the course has been set for me to show and talk about the great leaders and spirit that is necessary to continue on the path we are doomed Dennis I remember your words and I will never forget and I will show the spirit of the native American People

Posted by gena foucek sinopoli - santa cruz, CA   November 02, 2017

Thank you for teaching me everything you did. I would have liked to learn more, but my parents received orders overseas.

Posted by JNP - Niceville, FL   November 02, 2017


With gratitude and respect forever. And love always. Skolnick.

Posted by Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli - San Rafael, CA   November 02, 2017


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   November 02, 2017

Our condolences to the Banks Family.

Rhonda B., Shane S.. and Sammy

Posted by A friend   November 02, 2017


With gratitude and respect forever. And love always. Skolnick.

Posted by Sharon Skolnick-Bagnoli - San Rafael, CA   November 01, 2017


With great respect we send our heartfelt condolences to the Banks Family. Dennis was a True Warrior, and a Brother to so many. His Legacy will live on, never to be forgotten. He has his place of Honor at the Great Council Fires. Rest in Peace Brother.
Mary Strong Earth Woman
Yonah Dan Burch
Billy Nakomis Young
Becky Woman Warrior Heart
Johnny Eagle Bull Gunn

Posted by Mary Strong Earth Woman Burch - Newburgh, IN   November 01, 2017

Let Dennis Banks also be remembered for the valued service he provided to the City of Minneapolis as a member of the Minneapolis Capital Long-Range Improvement Committee. Appointed by the City Council he worked for the betterment of the community where he lived.

Posted by Charles Hanna - Minneapolis, MN - Friend   November 01, 2017


My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Dennis Banks. Walk in the Light, Warrior. You opened eyes and hearts. May your work continue on through the voices of those you left behind and the young ones still to come. Rest in peace, sir. A'ho.

Posted by Sharon M - CT   November 01, 2017

Brother, you will truly be missed by many of us. Thank you 4 for all the fight you have fought for our people here on Turtle Island. Along with the rest of our brothers and sisters who have gone before you and continue to this day.
The spirit world is celebrating your arrival until all our spirits our together again as one. Love you, brother Dennis Banks.

Your sister,
A.J. Walker

Posted by Auggie walker - Laveen, AZ - sister   November 01, 2017

One of the all time great human beings in the history of the United States! We can always use more like him. Prayers go out to his family and for his memory.

Posted by Bobby Wilcox - Greer, SC   November 01, 2017

You were kind to take the time to talk to me many years ago and I have remembered the conversation well these many years. I had finally gotten to meet one of my heroes. Rest well...

Posted by Toni Savage - Fort Worth, TX   November 01, 2017

Our entire World will miss Dennis James Banks RIP

Posted by Dawn Thurman - Minneapolis, MN - friend   November 01, 2017

May the Great Spirit bestow his blessing and watch over the family of Dennis Banks for the loss of their love one. He was an inspiration to the Native Americans.

Posted by NSue Slivers - Las Vegas, NV   November 01, 2017

May the wind be at your back, sir. Thank you for your many years of struggle for the rights of Native Americans.

Posted by catherine podojil - cleveland heights, OH   November 01, 2017

Condolences to the family and friends of Dennis Banks.

Posted by H R    November 01, 2017


RIP. Your fight is over.

Posted by Norman Smith - Blackville, SC   November 01, 2017

Dennis Banks started an idea and it was followed by a movement. Unless we rise up by our concerted efforts, within the framework of our combined planning, we shall not progress at the tempo demanded by todays events and the mood of our people.
My deepest sympathy goes out to my friend Glenda and her siblings; their families, as they struggle through the grief and sadness..they are in my thoughts and prayers.
Farewell Dennis, Doksa, ake waunkte

Curley Youpee: "Sung Gleska Tatanka Nunpa

Posted by Curley Youpee - Poplar, MT - friend   October 31, 2017

my condolences to the family and Thank you Dennis, for standing tall when we needed you

Posted by Winona Jamison - Swinomish Rez, WA   October 31, 2017


Posted by Alan Maki - Warroad, MN   October 31, 2017

RIP Warrior

Posted by Jay Silverheels IV - Soma   October 31, 2017


Posted by otimio vasquez - Lamesa, TX - Acquaintance   October 31, 2017


Prayers & Respect
We Love You, deeply be missed

Posted by CCT/Nation    October 31, 2017

Great Individual Indian Leader, who will deeply be missed. Prayers and Blessing to the family of Dennis

Posted by Cheryl Priest - Omak, WA   October 31, 2017

My prayers and thoughts are with y'all
Dennis will be greatly missed, but his legacy will go on.

Posted by Gloria Cox(Stratton) - Jacksonville, FL   October 31, 2017

My sincere condolencesto the family and friends.

Posted by Dennis FLORES - Lorain, OH - Friend   October 31, 2017

Condolences to the children of Mr Banks.

Posted by Donovan Sargent - Minneapolis, MN   October 31, 2017

My heartfelt condolences and prayers for the family of Mr Banks. May God provide true comfort and strength to the family during this most challenging time. With Love & Prayers

Posted by A friend   October 31, 2017

I share your grief in this time of loss may you be strengthened as you continue on your path. The Creator is smiling at his return home.

Posted by Jorge Aros - Frankfort, KY   October 31, 2017

Such a great lost for our people. He was very instrumental reaching out to our youth, suffering from drugs and alcohol. Enjoyed helping with his ceremonies. RIP My Brother!!!

Posted by Ruth Ann Ramirez - Mayetta, KS   October 31, 2017

May our brother of our Native Nation succeed with his journey in flight.

Posted by Bettyjo Mendoza - Plainview, TX   October 31, 2017

To The Family Of Dennis Banks
My condolences to the family on the loss of your dear beloved one. May the God of all comfort,comfort you and grant you peace now and in the days ahead.

Posted by R. C. - IL   October 31, 2017


My Sincere Condolences to the family of Dennis Banks!
May you journey well, your strong voice for Native America will be deeply missed!

Posted by Norberta Concho - Laguna Pueblo, NM   October 31, 2017

great pleasure to meet this awesome man.

Posted by A friend   October 31, 2017

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by A friend   October 31, 2017

sorry to hear.I knew his brother back in the 6os"Mark Banks"nice man.Sorry for your loss brother Mark.

Posted by larry callahan - Citrus Heights, CA   October 31, 2017

Thanks for your lifetime of courage, dedication, inspiration, and leadership in advancing the interests and welfare of Native Americans. May you rest in peace now and the movement to obtain justice for Native Americans continue and succeed.

Posted by richard parks - memphis, TN   October 31, 2017

God bless this warrior.

Posted by Lori Schoen - St. Louis, MO   October 31, 2017


Posted by c. r. - PA   October 31, 2017


May your family and friends find peace in their hearts at this difficult time and comfort in the memories
Your strength, determination and inspiration will be missed
Walk on in Love

Posted by Cynthia Komula - Cleveland, OH   October 31, 2017

So sorry for your loss. Psalms 31:7 says, "I will rejoice greatly in your loyal love, For you have seen my affliction, You are aware of my deep distress." God will provide you and your family with the comfort you need during this difficult time.

Posted by Damrlos Baptista - Tampa, FL   October 31, 2017

A Great Warrior whose perseverance and
dedication will be remembered by all who
believed in his struggles in life.

Posted by Joseph Parks - Hibbing, MN   October 31, 2017

Grief is hard especially the first year. May the promise of a time with no injustice but of peace comfort you now. Ps 37:10,11,29

Posted by Chloe Stapp - Friend   October 31, 2017

My sincere condolences to the Banks family and friends for your loss. Treasure the memories shared with your loved one over the years. May you find comfort and peace from God who is able to strengthen all those calling on him. (Psalm 145:14, 18)

Posted by J. L. - PA   October 30, 2017

I met Dennis Banks in the 1990s. He was a deeply spiritual man who honored his birthright and served his people. It was an honor and a pleasure to spend the time I did with him. He personified what it meant to be a Native American and a US citizen.

Posted by Tom Alibrandi - Santa Cruz, CA   October 30, 2017

With admiration, my condolences to the family.

Posted by Marie - MN   October 30, 2017

He gave it his all. R.I.P.

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017

Dennis Banks walks on.

Posted by - kc., mo   October 30, 2017


Please accept my Deepest Sympathies

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   October 30, 2017

With heartfelt sympathy during this difficult time. Please accept my deepest condolences. May you continue to cherish the precious memories you had together. May God's loving kindness and comfort help you and your family through this very sad time. Psalms 29:11

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017

Mr Banks,take your much deserved rest you won't be forgotten,RIP,Mark Mounts

Posted by Mark Mounts - Davenport, IA   October 30, 2017

May the family find peace and comfort in knowing all sickness, all pain and death will one day be gone for this has been promised.

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017

We are so sorry to hear of this loss. We met Dennis when we lived outside of Sisseton, SD about 40 years ago. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family

Posted by Wayne & Nina Nielsen - Custer, SD - Acquaintance   October 30, 2017

So sorry for the loss of Dennis Banks. Mr. Banks felt the need to advocate for Native Americans based on injustices of his people. God states at Acts 10:34 he is not partial as we all should be.

Posted by Mrs. McLeod - NC   October 30, 2017


A leader. A visionary. I was so fortunate to meet him. Blessings to your family.

Posted by Marsha - Federal Dam, MN   October 30, 2017

Rest in peace

Posted by KENVEX    October 30, 2017

A role model, visionary and one of the last great warriors of our time. Rest in peace.

Posted by Rod Durocher - Prince Albert, SK   October 30, 2017

We'll miss you !

Posted by Adrian Barnette - Topeka, KS   October 30, 2017

You gave my great grandson, Big Bear his name. You are family and we love you and will miss you greatly. You will be remembered for many things, but always with love and respect.

Posted by Drusilla Mounce - Somerset, KY   October 30, 2017


Posted by Joan Walton - Columbus, GA   October 30, 2017

Rest in peace Mr. Banks. Your work on earth is complete.

Posted by Cowana Parker - Wichita, KS   October 30, 2017

May the God of all comfort be with family and loved ones.

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017

Dennis was a committed Indian - he was a warrior, leader, creative man. I had the pleasure of meeting him a number of times. And he was always gracious, full of humor and a humble human being. May he rest n peace and may his journey allow him to continue to contribute as he has done in our lifetime!

Posted by Randy Scott - Ocean Shores, WA   October 30, 2017

Walk on brother.


Posted by d burr2 - cc, TX   October 30, 2017

To the family: Our heartfelt condolences to the nation

Posted by Wright - Chicago, IL   October 30, 2017


Prayers ~

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017

Good bye my friend, travel with good memories.

Posted by A friend   October 30, 2017