Condolence & Memory Journal

I was a great friend of his

Posted by Wen Heng - Shenyang - Friend   October 18, 2017

He was a really good friend

Posted by Brock Barret - Lianog - Friend   October 18, 2017

My deepest condolences for your loss. His deep concern for the welfare of people cannot be forgotten. He wanted all to have the same freedoms and enjoy peace. God promises that same thing and I believe one day we will experience that on earth. Find comfort and strength in knowing that God wants to help you through this difficult time, rely on him for strength.

Posted by A friend   July 25, 2017

My deepest sympathies to those affected by Mr. Xiaobo's passing. May the Most High give you comfort during this difficult time time. His work will not be forgotten. Hebrews 6:10

Posted by A friend   July 23, 2017

We will miss you

Posted by Gary Bear - Shenjang, liaoning,china - Friend   July 20, 2017

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by - OH   July 19, 2017

Freedom was Liu's fight not just for himself but for all others. Let us rejoice that this also is the promise of our Almighty Heavenly Father of tender mercies that soon Liu and us all will live in a world of freedom and peace! Isaiah 32:17"The result of true righteousness will be peace,And the fruitage of true righteousness will be lasting tranquillity and security. 18My people will dwell in a peaceful abiding place,In secure dwellings and in tranquil resting-places." My prayers and condolences are with your family. May find comfort and strength in our Heavenly Father's words.

Posted by Blizard W. - Palmdale, CA   July 18, 2017

My prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time now and days ahead.

Posted by A friend   July 17, 2017


Posted by T C - GA   July 16, 2017

My sincere condolences to Liu Xia, Liu Tao and other family members, friends and all who were touched by Liu Xiaobo and his principles. Know that our Creator is aware of his many wonderful works and will reward him with an everlasting future and peace and freedom of us all (Proverbs 19:17, Isaiah 65:17, Hosea 13:14, Psalms 37:1-11) AMEN!) ~ Linda, Queens, NY

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2017

When news such as this arrives halfway across the world to those of us who have never come close to suffering what this man did and especially the reason why, and despite the failure of perhaps the vast majority of those who will read this tribute, my prayer is for each one of us to realize just what a priceless blessing from our Creator this thing is we call freedom. So incredibly priceless that, despite the extreme and desperate efforts of tens of millions to replace it with what goes on in places like China, North Korea, Berkley and the like, this is still the one location on the planet 99 percent of the rest of humanity continues to gladly risk their lives to get to for the right reason. This can only be due to the desire God has given to every individual to experience and enjoy the peace and safety of true freedom. May millions worldwide do what is essential for all to see this become a reality.........Matthew 11:28-30, Romans 10:9-13

Posted by Jim Martin - Trinity, TX   July 15, 2017


Rest in peace.

Posted by A friend   July 15, 2017

Deepest condolences to Mr. Xiaobo family. There is no greater love, than a man who would lay down his life for a fellow man.


Posted by A friend   July 14, 2017

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Tyler    July 14, 2017

Rest in peace. There will be more people like you in this world to make peace on earth.

Posted by Julia M    July 14, 2017

Grief can be so hard, but our special memories help us cope. Remembering you and your loved one today and always.

Posted by - Ellenwood, GA   July 14, 2017

The family and friends of Liu Xiaobo have my deepest sympathy forRtheir loss.

Posted by R D - SC   July 14, 2017

Our condolences to the Xiaobo family, it's sad when we lose a loved one, God promises we will see them again. Pray to our most high creator at Psalms 83:18 so he can continue to give your family comfort and peace through this difficult trial.

Posted by A.Marie    July 14, 2017


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   July 14, 2017

May You find comfort in knowing that you can see your loved one again on earth.Psalms 37:29.

Posted by M William - NYC   July 13, 2017


GREATNESS will still follow LIU.......PRAYERS

Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   July 13, 2017

May the Father of tender mercies be with you as you mourn.

Posted by A friend   July 13, 2017


Godspeed.... And go him now to a place only heroes see...

Posted by Harry Simpson - Buckeye, AZ   July 13, 2017


Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   July 13, 2017

A message of sympathy for your family:may these few words of sympathy help at least in part to ease the burden that you bear and the sadness in heart .... Thinging of you at this sad time.

Posted by A friend   July 13, 2017

I send my condolences to the family. May the memories you have made provide you with a measure of comfort during this difficult time.

Posted by A friend   July 13, 2017

In loving memory of a wonderful person. We will love you and miss you always.

Posted by A friend   July 13, 2017

To have a mind to speak what you believe can be a most important weapon. Thinking is something no one can take away from us but it can mean we have to suffer. My most sincere condolences for your loss.

Posted by - IN   July 13, 2017