Condolence & Memory Journal

ONE GREAT American!! Father Edward Ohm

Posted by A friend   August 15, 2018

Mrs. Schlafly will remain a role model for me throughout life. I had the opportunity to meet her in Connecticut decades ago, while I was still young, and I do believe I had the privilege of bringing her in my vehicle to or from the conference I attended with her as guest speaker. My mother Judy D. Snow who was born a year ahead of her contemporary icon (d. 3/6/13) introduced me to her work on behalf of women. I have admired her work and her promotion of Eagle Forum. Mrs. Schlafly epitomized all that is best of female intuition, common sense, unfailing labor and unparalled protection of our most vulnerable, families and their children. I hope she has a great reward for her valiant fight.

Posted by Jean Snow - Frederick, MD   February 13, 2018

I am new to Phyllis'struggle; but that doesn't make me stupid. What it does do is make me appreciate more what she stood for and what she accomplished! So I never met her. Never got to appreciate her company. Never was able to enjoy her discourse one on one. Even so, I have been able to read her writings, read what others have written about her, and bottom line? I miss someone I have never had the privilege to meet! It's like saying "I never met George Washington but I miss him"? Really? Well, it might help if you understand that I am retired military ( Submarine Service) and as a consequence, it is easier for me to identify with those who place others ahead of self. I wish I had the privilege to have met her. Phyllis has earned my highest regards and her family has my sincere condolences.

Posted by Ron Godwin - San Diego, CA   February 12, 2017

What a clear voice for doing the right thing in life! America needs more strong women like her to know the difference between right and wrong and to have the ability to verbalize it.

Posted by Jim Baures - 13835 W. Thomaas Dr. New Ber, WI   December 20, 2016

What a wonderful woman and remarkable role model to all Americans. I long for an America that would be filled with citizens of her caliber!

Posted by Adam - Champlain, NY   December 06, 2016


Posted by Valenda Newell - Indianapolis, IN   November 20, 2016

She was a great woman with a very good heart to defend traditional values that is good for the people. So sorry that she passed away. All my condolences to the family.

Posted by George - Bradford, MA   November 10, 2016

What a great lady. A fighter for Jesus Christ who showed such grace and wisdom. I would like to be more like this very very fine good woman. Thank you family for sharing her with us.

Posted by Vonda Wiedmer - Madison, KS   October 24, 2016

So sorry to hear of the death of Phyllis Schlafly. I was honored to meet her in person several times. I will has a Mass said for her.

Posted by Joe Voglund - Anderson, IN   October 17, 2016

In the early 1970's, Phyllis Schlafly personally answered the phone the day I called her at home to ask her to help us fight the ERA out here in RI. Although we had never met or spoken previously, she agreed immediately to fly out and testify at RI's first televised legislative hearing, where she did her usual amazing job ticking off the arguments against the ERA, arguments which would never be successfully refuted. She returned another time to debate a feminist at Brown University, and was totally unflappable despite being treated very rudely by students banging on the doors and windows and turning their backs on her. Our family was privileged to host her overnight in our home, where we and our five children were blessed by her presence as she joined us for breakfast around our table. I loved Phyllis -- an unforgettable woman who possessed great faith, courage, perseverance and wisdom. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." Psalm 116:15
Judy Ryder, (retired) President of Eagle Forum of RI

Posted by Judy Ryder - Scituate, RI   October 05, 2016

It is never easy to say goodbye to dear ones.
Phyllis was a dear mentor, friend and an amazing lady whom I admired and was proud to know and then be a part of her organization as state leader for Montana Eagle Forum. She never hesitated to call and offer her personal help and wise advise as we "restarted" Montana Eagle Forum in 2002, and as a personal friend who was so kind to my husband and I when we lost our daughters. God didn't make many like Phyllis, what a blessing to have had her in our life. She will be missed. May she rest in the arms of Christ whom she loved deeply.

Posted by Terri Ann Paske - Helena, MT   October 04, 2016

I worked with Eagle Forum in Mississippi for a number of years, and had the honor of knowing the wonderful Phyllis Schlafly. She had all the qualities to become our first female president of the United States. I am certain that time will continue to validate my opinion.

Posted by Jacqueline Pierce - Jackson, MS   September 26, 2016

What a wonderful example for me as a young mother at the time.
God bless our nation

Posted by deb - WI   September 16, 2016


Phyllis Schlafly provided a sterling example of American womanhood. Her leadership inspired many. May she rest in peace, as surely she was greeted at Heaven's gates with, "Well done, good & faithful servant."

Posted by Phyllis Nemeth - Arcadia, CA   September 15, 2016

Sorry for your loss , may she rest in peace Ecciesastes 9:5 the dead know nothing at all , in futures God going to awaken the dead All those who fall asleep in death . God keep in his memory they are precious in his eye. Psalms 116:15

Posted by A friend   September 15, 2016

Triumphant Life Work - may the torch be passed on! Blessings and comfort to all who knew and loved her!

Posted by Jennifer - WI   September 15, 2016


I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of the loss of Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly. She was a wonderful woman and leader; she will be truly missed. My wife and I were blessed with the opportunity to meet this great lady. After the tears have dried and the goodbyes have been said, all we have to hold onto are the happy memories that we've shared with our loved ones who have passed, this is what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our minds, and they will continue to live on, through us. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. Please accept my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends.

Posted by Douglas Tipton - Troy, MO   September 14, 2016


God bless you, Phyllis, and your entire family. I offer my most sincere sympathy to all. Thank you very much for doing all you could to make our country and world better. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Bart - West Bend, WI   September 14, 2016


God bless you. My condolences to your family.

Posted by Debbie - Naples, FL   September 13, 2016

God bless you Phyllis and thank you for all you did for this country and the world.

Posted by Larry Schmidt - Milwaukee, WI   September 13, 2016


God Bless You!

Posted by Cameron Gehlert    September 13, 2016

Our country has lost one of its finest patriots. God has gained a faithful servant. We have loved you for decades and will continue to carry your torch. We cannot let your work be forgotten.

Posted by Karen Bracken - Ocoee, TN   September 12, 2016

Rest in peace Phyllis ! We will miss you . . Intercede for us, the militant on earth.

Posted by Lucy Dippolito - Wichita, KS   September 12, 2016

Matthew F. Sullivan
Phyllis Schlafly was a most inspiring presence we were truly blessed with. May her legacy always live on!

Posted by Matthew Sullivan - Lake Zurich, IL   September 12, 2016

May your hearts soon be filled with wonderful memories of joyful times together as you celebrate a life well lived.

Posted by - OH   September 12, 2016

God bless you Phyllis and thank you for all that you have done in support of the traditional family. You have inspired so many of us to become involved in the issues that shape our society. May you rest in peace.

Posted by Susan Hendrix - Florisssant, MO   September 12, 2016

My sincere condolence's to friends and family of Phyllis Schlafly. She was a true American patriot!

Posted by George Corwin - Evart, MI   September 12, 2016

Posted by George Corwin - Evart, MI   September 12, 2016

My sympathy to the family and to her Eagles all across America. Our Chief Eagle had hope in the Lord, and now has her strength renewed and is soaring on wings like eagles.

Her footprint on America will forever be remembered.

She trained her eaglets to run and not grow weary, to walk and not faint. And, so in her honor--for the conservative issues for which she so valiantly and tirelessly fought--we shall carry on.

Posted by Bunny Chambers - Oklahoma City, OK   September 12, 2016

Dear SCHLAFLY Family Rory and I wish to express our condolences's on the passing of Phyllis SCHLAFLY.she'll surely be missed.luv,Faith/Rory

Posted by Faith/rory Tobin/Dockett - Newton Centre/Brighton, MA   September 11, 2016

Phylis was a very great Christian woman, I had great admiration for her. May her soul rest in peace. Mrs mary a. Isbell.

Posted by Mary Isbell - Overland, MO   September 11, 2016


I have not heard of you until you walked the stage to endorse Trump at a rally in St. Louis, MO on March 11,2016. I looked you up and found your stand against the Equal Rights amendment and many other things. I then realized your part in the making of American History. Rest in Peace great fine lady.

Posted by Vicente Bautista - Chicago, IL   September 11, 2016

Mrs. Schlafly was my mother's favorite writer and conservative standard bearer. Her name was a household authority. Rest in Peace and know that others will try to imitate your example. My sincere condolences to her beloved children and grandchildren.

Posted by JOYCE CLEMONS - CARDINGTON, OH   September 11, 2016

At the age of 16,I was introduced to Phyllis Schlafly by my conservative mother and her friends. For 53 years since then, I have watched her valiant stand for God and our Republic. She fought the good fight, in the arena where there are so many sharks, and every time, she prevailed!

I'm proud to have fought against the con-con with her in the 80s, and proud to have written about her and her stands for righteousness so many times.

We will miss this patriotic woman whose spine of steel forged a great organization. Eagle Forum will now be led by Phyllis's brilliant chosen successor, Ed Martin.

Ed's leadership will guide us to continue Phyllis's standards and the battle for our country.

We mourn the loss of this great lady, but heaven is surely rejoicing.

To her family and friends, we ask the Lord to bless you with wonderful memories of this dear woman, and to give you that peace that passes all human understanding during this time of grief and loss.

We shall see her again! God be praised.

Posted by Kelleigh Nelson - Knoxville, TN   September 10, 2016

To those of us in Colorado, "Phyllis was our John Wayne in a skirt". We first met Phyllis in the late 1970's when she came to Colorado to help us in our battle against the Equal Rights amendment. She was so intelligent and persuasive,our group "The League of Housewives" joined with her Eagle Forum and have followed her leadership ever since. After 40 plus years she never disappointed us.

Colorado Eagle Forum, Jayne and Jim Schindler

Posted by A friend   September 10, 2016

Our thoughts and prayers are with you in your time of grief. May your memories bring you comfort.

Posted by Ps. 55:22 - GA   September 10, 2016

Prayers and Love to Phyllis's family and we, her American family, must be inspired now, more than ever before, to carry her message and her torch with conviction. Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful gift.

Posted by Rosalie Pendleton - Bonita Springs, FL   September 10, 2016

Rest in peace, Phyllis Schlafly. What an inspiration you were to all of us who love this country. Your courage and dignity will always be remembered.
Janie Hartley (Texas)

Posted by A friend   September 10, 2016

Thank you Phyllis for all you have done in support of the family and the unborn children. You were an inspiration
to so many. May your work continue through the Eagle Forum.

Posted by Carolyn Trice - St. Louis,, MO   September 10, 2016

Father God, we ask that you bless Phyllis's family, comfort them in this time of loss and grief, and surround them with your Holy Spirit.

Posted by Larry Nelson - Knoxville, TN   September 10, 2016

Dear Phyllis, thank you for the profound effect you and your wonderful organization of Eagle Forum have had upon my life and the lives of so many in our nation. Your charming wit and wisdom, in both your written and spoken words, your courageous actions and the example of leadership you have set have made a big difference in American history and will live long after you in the annuls of time, Orlean Koehle (Santa Rosa, California)

Posted by Orlean Koehle - Santa Rosa, CA   September 10, 2016

Phyllis was the most wonderful patriotic lady, one who for 70 years led the members of Eagle Forum to victory in saving our Republic. She deserves the thanks of all Americans.

I know that we all mourn her loss, but heaven is rejoicing that she's come home. The banquet in heaven for this dear woman was surely a magnificent celebration. I know the King of Glory, Jesus, stood up with open arms to welcome her home, and surely said to her, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Bless you Phyllis for all you've done for all of us.

Posted by Kelleigh Nelson - Knoxville, TN   September 10, 2016

My deepest sympathy to your family, and prayers for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Schlafly. Our parents can talk about us all now! Julie Miller, sister to John, Jim, and Joe Miller.

Posted by Julie Miller - Alton, IL   September 10, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly, what a power and force for good! You will be missed! Thanks for all your tireless work and energy give to America. Right to the end, you were a Patriot. May you rest well, for you have earned it.

Posted by Sharon Ealey - Brecksville, OH   September 10, 2016

A great woman and true conservative .....we were blessed to have you so long.

Posted by Donna Whitener - Waukee, IA   September 10, 2016

God bless you Phyllis for your leadership and perseverance. Our nation is better for your work.

Posted by Ted Meehan - Newtown Square, PA   September 10, 2016

Phyllis, thanks for the wonderful defense you gave to the traditional family at a time when nobody else would be a voice for them. Your actions have always been an inspiration to me. I hope you found true tranquility in the arms of the Eternal One.

Posted by Andrew Rabel - Melbourne   September 10, 2016

Phyllis, I pray for you and your family -- including your eagle family who have stood by you in recent trying times. I feel blessed to have spent time again with you recently. You astounded us with your unwavering energy to work for good in the Church Militant! Life is so short and you wasted none of it and you showed us how to use our God-given gifts. Please pray for us to carry on until we meet again!

Posted by Priscilla Gray - PORT HUENEME, CA   September 09, 2016

To the one and only Phyllis Schlafly. With wisdom, grace and dignity, you did what you were sent to do, and you did it well! It has been a true honor to serve under your leadership. Your legacy and work will continue to go forth.

Posted by Tammy Nichols - Boise, ID   September 09, 2016

To the Schlafly family,

So many memories! Who would have guessed that our mothers would be called Home in the same year. Thank you, John, for coming to our mom's funeral. I am sorry I cannot be there, but others from the family will. May God grant your mom eternal rest.

With prayers,
John W. Miller & Family
Hyattsville, Maryland (formerly of Alton, Illinois)

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2016

God Bless You. Thank you for sharing your presence with us.

Posted by James Joyce - Palm Desert, CA   September 09, 2016


What a rock star in the political world! Great intellect and drive! Thank you all family members for sharing her with us!

Posted by Mary Gomez - Olathe, KS   September 09, 2016

My father, Luther R. DuNard LCMDR knew Phyllis when she lived in Alton, enjoyed political discussions with her, admired her tremendously, and bought the 1964 edition of her book, A Choice Not An Echo. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
Carolyne DuNard Laitinen

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2016

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.

Praying for her blessed repose among the saints.

Posted by Larry Kloth - Whiting, IN   September 09, 2016

Phyllis was a gift to us all! Thank you to her family for sharing her with us for so very long, and for all your support of her efforts. We love each of you and will keep you in our hearts and prayers. May you feel her love for you always - reaching out from the eternities.

Posted by Elise Bouc - IL   September 09, 2016

I was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Schlafly one time in a social setting. She volunteered to have my wrestling to her house for dinner and honors banquet. Her nephew, Dr. Bruce Schlafly, was a part of the team. It was a wonderful day and showed how down to earth and this lady was. Our experience lead me to remember her as a very kind lady who was willing to help others in any way she could.
May this wonderful lady rest in peace.
Chris Gianoulakis
WU Wrestling

Posted by - DC   September 09, 2016


Light a candle to remember the unborn and the service of those who love them!

Posted by Sophia Mirabella Burns - Wildwood, MO   September 09, 2016

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Posted by Gary Fiktus - Cleveland, OH   September 09, 2016

Thank you Phyllis! Thinking of the words of St. Paul, you fought the good fight, finished the course, kept the faith, remained faithful to the ideals of our founders, and our national motto - In God we trust. I'm sure Mom and Dad are glad to see you! Please give them our love.

Bob and Kristin O'Connor

Posted by Bob & Kristin O'Connor - Rhinebeck, NY   September 09, 2016

A great lady! God Bless her!

Posted by John J. Herda - Burlington, MA   September 09, 2016

Phyllis served God, America, and Humanity. She truly used her God given blessings and gifts to help make the world a better place. We must honor her hard work and accomplishments by standing firm for "The Laws of Nature and Nature's God" and actively promoting Truth in all facets of our lives and culture. Teri Pace (Orange, Virginia)

Posted by A friend   September 09, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly was a woman of great faith. Her faith in the Lord Jesus led her to follow Him through countless trials and triumphs. I praise Him for the privilege of knowing her and learning from her gracious brilliance over the last 30 years.

Posted by Cathie Adams - Dallas, TX   September 09, 2016


My Prayers are with you & family.

Posted by ANIL Desai - Port St. Lucie, FL   September 09, 2016

Many tears have been shed; our lives will never be the same again.
We thank God for her leadership and all she did to educate us and motivate us.
She was born on a very special day - the Feast of the Assumption of our Blessed Mother into heaven. Phyllis was no doubt destined to do great things.
She went to her heavenly home on Labor Day which was fitting as she labored tirelessly for the Lord, for the family, and for the country we all love.
She was courageous to endorse Donald Trump and for so doing she will especially be remembered; many are very grateful to her for this.
Phyllis was an inspiration; when we became discouraged her encouragement kept us fighting for that which is right. She will never be forgotten.
Blessings to all who have truly loved her.
Mary Jane & Jack Fritz

Posted by Mary Fritz - St. Louis, MO   September 09, 2016

May your diligent efforts to shape our nation away from darkness but toward light and truth never lose fervor, that we shall carry your torch. We will sorely miss the courage and leadership you exhibited before us. You will live in our hearts, Phyllis, as we continue down this road. God Bless. Stacey West (PA)

Posted by Stacey West - Sewickley, PA   September 09, 2016

With respect and sympathy to the family.

Posted by Jim Hollingsworth - St Louis, MO   September 09, 2016


Posted by Sandy Cathcart - Bridgeton, MO   September 08, 2016

A woman I greatly admired but never met.
You will be missed. Rest in Peace.

Posted by Sandy Cathcart - Bridgeton, MO   September 08, 2016

We have loved and admired Phyllis for almost 50 years. She has been like a modern day Deborah to our nation, standing strong for God, family and country. We are grateful that God raised her up and used her so mightily for the good of this nation. May Eagle Forum continue to help light the way. We wear our Eagle with pride and thankfulness for a job well done by Phyllis Schlafly.

Posted by Katie and Frank Hennecy - Columbia, SC   September 08, 2016

I Thank God for Phyllis Schlafly.

Posted by W F - Ladue, MO   September 08, 2016

I will forever cherish the thoughtful letter from Phyllis Schlafly she sent to me as a Delegate to the RNC in Cleveland this year, along with the book 'How the Republican Party became Pro Life.' That book is part of the hallmark of her legacy defending 'life' to the fullest, constitutional intent of our founding fathers, and as I like to say the mothers too (i.e. - Abigail Adams). My prayers will continue for Mrs. Schlafly's family and close friends who are carrying the torch of truth and freedom in Eagle Forum. May the wings of the Pro-Life movement soar higher and wider than ever before.

Posted by Monica Morrill - Stoystown, PA   September 08, 2016

Phyllis lived the American dream. Her life's work, though Eagle Forum and her many publications, was to ensure the continuation of that dream. The dream lives on, in no small part, to this remarkable woman and the power of her pen! She is the loving arms of her Savior, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Thoughts and prayers are with the family, as they celebrate her life and commit her to His eternal care. Karen L. Kiefer (Scottdale, PA.)

Posted by Karen Kiefer - Scottdale, PA   September 08, 2016

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by Matthew McGuire - Cheshire, CT   September 08, 2016

I remember meeting Phyllis many years ago and she was such an encouragement and example to me personally. She never gave up and was such an inspiration to so many. May the Lord richly bless her family at this time.
Marvin Munyon (Watertown,WI)

Posted by A friend   September 08, 2016

We join with millions of Americans in expressing sadness at the loss of Phyllis Schlafly, a national icon.

We had the great pleasure and blessing of being with Phyllis and getting to know her during her annual visits to Naples Florida. We always marveled at her ability to instruct and inform us, in plain language, on the issues of the day - amazing every single guest at the Eagle Forum luncheons with her wit and sharpness that belied her age. These gatherings always included our area's leading conservative students, who will carry forth her message for years to come.

We loved watching Phyllis's beautiful beaming smile as she graced our annual Naples St. Patrick's Day parade.

Phyllis served as a national leader in America's conservative movement for over 50 years. Throughout these years, she selflessly dedicated her life to preserving America and its core values for future generations. Her grassroots leadership gave our country and the free world the Presidency and accomplishments of her dear friend, Ronald Reagan. We are forever in her debt.

Phyllis Schlafly was a personal hero to us. She was the wind beneath our wings. We loved her. We miss her.

Posted by Lucille & Jack Tymann - Naples, FL   September 08, 2016

Thank you Phyllis Schlafly for courageously defending the rights of women. Women who choose to serve as full-time mothers deserve respect for their commitment to husbands, children and family life. May your work live on and continue to inspire future generations!

Posted by Dorothy Ahlswede - Ong, NE   September 08, 2016

I will miss Phyllis. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Posted by Liz Miller - Alton, IL   September 08, 2016

Coming of age in the 70's...Phyllis was my hero. I thank God for her example. Rest easy, Phyllis...your work is done here. May we carry it forward.

Posted by Denise Smith - Pacific, MO   September 08, 2016

Phyllis Schalfly was a good friend and confidant in my life. As Montana State President of Eagle Forum and proud supporter of her and her never ending fight for American families, Right to Life, and many other strong conservative causes, I pledge to forever fight for her and Eagle Forum and America.

She will leave a never ending legacy and path to restore America's greatness in the world.

We will sorely miss her.

God Bless you Phyllis and may you rest in peace.

Eric Olsen

Posted by Eric Olsen - Billings, MT   September 08, 2016

The entire country weeps at the loss of this strong, Godly voice for righteousness, great teacher, and wonderful example. I pray for your family that you will know God's peace and for God's blessing on our country.

Posted by Shirley Pye - Highland, IL   September 08, 2016

A fierce and gracious warrior has been welcomed Home. Phyllis Schlafly lived a life of courage, sharing wisdom and truth while exhorting countless others to do the same. We will never know this side of heaven the impact of this amazing woman. Thank you, Phyllis!

Posted by Trayce Bradford - Grapevine, TX   September 08, 2016

Posted by Richard Escobales - Buffalo, NY   September 08, 2016

RIP Phyllis. Your patriotic duty is over but you will never be forgotten. You are truly now flying with eagles. Prayers for you and your family.

Posted by Margie Jones - Godfrey, IL   September 08, 2016

Phyllis will be missed by all of us who knew her and deferred to her Godly wisdom. She had an ability to communicate the most complex information in a way everyone could understand.

Phyllis was truly a Godly woman called for "a time such as this." I will miss her and I'm so glad I knew her even though it was in a small way.

Posted by Pat Carlson - Fort Worth, TX   September 08, 2016

Posted by David Hospkins - Liberty Township, OH   September 08, 2016

The Lord has welcomed his servant into heaven. This lady was an inspiration to millions. She was even gracious enough to give my husband and me a ride to the airport one time when I know her day was such a busy one.
Phyllis helped spotlight Mississippi's need to put phonics into our reading curriculum. I was awarded her special Eagle award for our work together and I so treasure it!
Rest in peace,dear one!

Posted by Rita Martinson - Madison, MS   September 08, 2016

I met Phyllis about twenty years ago when I attended my first Eagle Council. She has been an inspiration to me and countless others over the years. Her stamina, wisdom, and patriotism are amazing! We will miss you -- a lot!

Posted by Bob Lattimer - Stow, OH   September 08, 2016

There has been many a day, that I have enjoyed listening to her radio broadcasts. Mrs. Schlafly's straight forward thoughts and speaking, has been a blessing to me. My condolences to the Schlafly family and friends.

Posted by K P L - DC   September 08, 2016

Phyllis "inspired" the creation of our Dallas Eagle Forum and her conservative ideas, courage and determination "to make a difference" continue on in our efforts and in our hearts. She will not be forgotten; rather she lives on in heaven and in each one of us.

Thank you Phyllis for paving the way for us "to make a difference."
Pam Colquitt
President Dallas Eagle Forum

Posted by Pam Colquitt - Dallas, TX   September 08, 2016

Having known you for almost all of the 83 years of my life and having grown up together, I will miss you terribly. My admiration of you, however, will continue.
Your cousin, Ned Pfeifer

Posted by Ned Pfeifer - Philadelphia, PA   September 08, 2016

Thank you for all that you have done for us, for our families, and for our nation. Your devotion to us all is inspiring and we will miss you. However, your work and your goodness will go on.

Posted by Ed and Carol Martin - Ballwin, MO   September 08, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly-an American woman who understood, defended and loved the Red, White and Blue. Through Eagle Forum her priorities for God, life, family and country were all beautifully woven together.
How blessed I was to work with her in my life.
May she rest in peace and may Christ and His Blessed Mother bring comfort to the Schlafly family

Posted by Nancy M Czerwiec - Oak Lawn, IL   September 08, 2016

Probably the most courageous and inspiring lady I ever knew. She will be sadly missed. Rest in peace, Phyllis.

Posted by Jack Walters - Columbia, MO   September 08, 2016


Thank you for your contributions. We pray you walk with God in Peace.

Posted by Thomas Sutherland - Stagecoach, NV   September 08, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly an American woman who understood, defended and loved our Red,White and Blue. Through Eagle Forum her priorities of God, life, family and country were beautifully woven together.
How blessed I was to work with her.
May she rest in peace and may Christ and His Blessed Mother console the Schalfly family.

Posted by Nancy M Czerwiec - Oak Lawn, IL   September 07, 2016

Fearless & Willingly so, Phyllis was a Warrior in the Truest sense. God bless you guys as you deal with her loss & remember her legacy. If you shut your eyes, I think you can hear the Lord say, 'Well done, thou good & faithful servant."
That is what she was. She fought the Good Fight.
Rest easy, Phyyllis.

Love to all of you,
Marjorie & Diane Provan

Posted by Marjie & Diane Provan - McKeesport, PA   September 07, 2016

I will miss this great friend whom I admired so much..she was very much an inspiration to me many years ago when I became involved in Eagle Forum...I loved her Phyllis Schlafly Report she wrote and used it many times to educate people on the issues...Know the Lord has the gates to heaven open to welcome her...

Posted by judy hoffman - indianapolis, IN   September 07, 2016


Mrs. Schlafly was an American patriot - and a good Catholic too. May she rest in peace and her family and friends find comfort and peace. She will live on in the work we all do to keep her vision alive. Her support for Donald Trump means so much to me, it shows how she loved America and Americans - and how smart and courageous she was. Truly unique and a role model for women, a real role model.

Posted by Mary - St. Louis, MO   September 07, 2016


I had the wonderful opportunity to meet your Mother at the RNC convention in Cleveland. Her life was lived to the fullest and her influence will be seen through many generations. Condolences and prayers for family and friends.

Posted by Kristi Nichols - Independence, MO   September 07, 2016


God Bless her precious family. She was a great inspiration to all of us. I hope her new book makes her proud as she looks down from heaven when Trump becomes our next President

Posted by Mary Goode - Maryville, IL   September 07, 2016

I knew Mrs Schlafly from afar since we attended the same parish and lived in the same town.I was always proud of her stands on abortion. Jim Voss.

Posted by Jim Voss - CA   September 07, 2016


Phyllis Schlafly is Known for be Conservative Icon for Jesus Christ.

Posted by Grady Youngblood - Fort Lauderdale, FL   September 07, 2016

I worked for Mrs. Schlafly right out of high school for the summer in 1974. She was a wonderful boss. The family has my deepest sympathy on the loss of her. Prayers for you and her.

Posted by Julie M. - St. Louis, MO   September 07, 2016

My hero always. Beautiful mother, lovingl wife, devout Catholic and worked hard all of her life for our Christian and family values. I will miss her. She left the world a better place.
God bless her soul.

Posted by Sarah Daniel - Alton, IL   September 07, 2016

I had the honor and privilege of meeting you a few times prayers with deepest sympathy go out to you and the family with Godspeed Rest in Peace

Posted by Michael Meyer - St.Louis, MO   September 07, 2016

My condolences to the Schlafly family. I pray that all can have comfort from Isaiah 40:1.

Posted by Robyn - NC   September 07, 2016

I would like to extend my condolences to your family. Psalm 41:6.

Posted by A friend   September 07, 2016


Prayers for the loss of an icon for the unborn. Phyllis Schlafly never faltered in her determination to make a difference. Rest in blessed peace dear lady

Posted by Violet Corbett - Knob Noster, MO   September 07, 2016

A grate lady will see Jesus and all of us in her hometown are inmorning.

Posted by Jamesearl Ray - Alton, IL   September 07, 2016

Such a special lady to look up to and a wonderful role model.

Posted by Vickie - Swartz Creek, MI   September 07, 2016

Thank you, Phyllis, for putting God first in everything you did and for standing up for family values. Thank you for equipping me with your knowledge through all the work you did, so that I too can keep fighting the good fight for traditional values.

Posted by Sarah Garza - St. Louis, MO   September 07, 2016

Thank you O Lord for your child whom you gave unto us for a season. Please bless her work that she has left behind. Bless it all to bring glory to Your Name and so that the voices of the poor, the oppressed and downtrodden may recieve Your justice and salvation.

Posted by Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller - FL   September 07, 2016

Phyllis dedicated her life to being the Lord's servant to her family and country. I am grateful for everything she has done for everyone, for which nothing was ever asked in return. Whatever perfections she could not achieve in life are now hers. She is now perfect in every way.

Posted by David Usher - St. Louis, MO   September 07, 2016

Thank you for what you did for our country, Mrs. Schlafly. I consider it one of the greatest honors my life to have known you, spent time with you, and worked under you as a young woman. I cannot imagine the conservative movement without you!

Posted by Rachel Wisdom - St. Louis   September 07, 2016

David Sponseller, Ann Arbor, Michigan
It is frightful to envision an America denied the following benefits of her lifelong activism for traditional families and for military strength: the pro-life platform of the Republican party, the miraculous defeat of the ERA, blocking federal child care, phonics in education, anti-missile defense, fighting judicial tyranny, etc., etc. Her gifted and untiring leadership and her colossal amount of writing and speaking will never be equaled. Two of my most cherished memories are introducing Phyllis at one talk and eating a box lunch with her at another, both in Michigan.

Posted by David Sponseller - Ann Arbor, MI   September 07, 2016

Eternal rest, grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Mary, Queen of Angels, escort her to the throne of your Son, Our Lord. Offering our family Rosary for her repose and consolation for her family.

Posted by N O - Houston, TX   September 07, 2016

Dear Andy,

Our prayers and sympathy are with you at this time. Your mother was "the" pro-life champion of her time and an inspiration to millions. Your leadership of the Legal Center for Defense of Life now mirrors her ardor. God bless the Schlaflys!

Adele & Natasha Gilhooly

Posted by ADELE GILHOOLY - Morristown, NJ   September 07, 2016

Eternal rest, grant unto her o Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace.

Posted by Sue Koehler (nee Middendorf) - St. Louis, MO   September 07, 2016


A true, positive, and righteous spirit. You will be missed. Mourn not for Phyllis but for her family. May God bless you all.

Posted by J Young - Washington, DC   September 07, 2016

May God raise up your soul to sing with the angels. You have been an inspiration to many. Rest in peace, dear lady, and may the Lord forever keep you in His arms. You will be hugely missed! Thank you for your many contributions.
Pam Gould

Posted by Pam Gould - Plymouth, MI   September 07, 2016

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by - OH   September 07, 2016

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by JF    September 07, 2016

Well done., Phyllis. Thank you.

Posted by Helen Lukens - Centennial, CO   September 07, 2016

I was blessed to read Mrs. Schlafly's book The Power of the Christian Woman when I was young and avoid the careerist path my mother took. I am sure she is blessed in the Lord's presence, and may He give your family peace and strength in your loss.

Posted by A former Eagle - IL   September 07, 2016

What an amazingly beautiful woman; forthright honesty and courage that surpasses human understanding. Her journey in Heaven has just begun! Thank you, Phyllis Schlafly, for being a gift that will forever keep on giving. A true blessing for America and such a role model for all women. God has a beautiful new angel!

Posted by Sally - MA   September 06, 2016

God promises life again on paradise earth ( John 11 : 25 ). May that promise bring you comfort and hope.

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2016

Phyllis Schlafly is an American story like none other. RIP dear, brave, 'Happy Warrior'.

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2016

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends. 2 Corinth 1:3-5

Posted by TA - Gulfport   September 06, 2016

Dear Liza, Joe, Juliet, Maria, and Alexander, I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother (grandmother) was an inspiration to all of us in her diligience, perseverence and sheer brilliance. Regardless of whether one agreed or disagreed with her political stance, we can all agree she was extraordinariliy prolific and her years of work and dedication to her causes went far longer than most people would consider or imagine. I am proud that I knew her as a neighbor and a friend. She is a role model to which we can all aspire.

Posted by Susan Grammer - Alton, IL   September 06, 2016

To Schiafly Family,
My deepest condolences and sympathies, may the peace that surpasses all understanding guard your hearts during this difficult time.

Posted by Andrea - FL   September 06, 2016


Posted by michelle plakas-kaiser - kaiserslautern, germany   September 06, 2016

We are sorry for your loss. May the God of all comfort provide you with the needed strength to cope with everyday life without Ms. Schlafly. May God's will be done on earth as it is in heavens very, very soon!

Posted by Dianne    September 06, 2016

I am so sad and sorry to see that Phyllis Schlafly has left us. I used to enjoy hearing her Eagle Forum reports on Christian radio. She was a great lady who loved America.

My sincerest condolences to her family at this very sad time.

Posted by CBG - TX   September 06, 2016

My condolences to Phyllis Schlafly'S family .

Posted by JJ - Katy , Tx   September 06, 2016


God bless you and your family! Awesome lady. Thank you for all you have done!

Posted by Cindy Last champagne Detilliet - lockport, LA   September 06, 2016

So sorry for your loss .

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2016


Rest in peace. God bless your family.

Posted by Lillian Sinclair - Crawfordville, FL   September 06, 2016

As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.

Posted by - AZ   September 06, 2016


Rest in Peace

Posted by Scott Chamberland - St.Agatha, ME   September 06, 2016

May you Rip. Prayers out for you & family.

Posted by Merrill Dale Barnard - Marietta, GA   September 06, 2016

In the light of something good we all reflect well and want the best for those involved. Many are the voices that cry out, those who help are seen in the light by some and as barriers by others. We thank those who manage the courage to make a difference. My condolence.

Posted by - IN   September 06, 2016

"May the Lord of peace himself give you peace constantly in every way..." (2 Thessalonians 3:16)

E.W, Illinois

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2016

Truly sorry to hear about Phyllis Schlafly. What a long and wonderful life she enjoyed! Her legacy will surely be remembered. May she live forever in our hearts and in God's book of life.

Posted by A friend   September 06, 2016

A smart, courageous, beautiful woman who loved her country and stepped up to create a movement of strong, focused women.

Posted by Terry Graham    September 06, 2016