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We missed you still in our hearts . Another year has came since you went home to live with our father God in Heaven. Know you are still singing and preaching to the angels in Heaven. R.I.P. 1/8/2020. The Abner, Lee family in Roanoke, Alabama. R.I.P. Pastor Andrae.

Posted by Lisa Lee - Roanoke, AL - Significant Other   January 08, 2020

Well, it's been almost five years since Pastor Andrae' left us to be with the Lord. Oh, how I miss just knowing that he is there in California! His music lives on, however, because I hear one of his songs practically everyday--either via radio, sung by someone, or referenced in a scripture. I will never forget this great man of God because he has been a valued part of my life on my Christian journey. His sister, family, and church are in my prayers. Let's try to live the way he wanted: Let's "keep on singing, shouting, and lifting our voices to let the world know that JESUS SAVES." His sister, family, and church are in my sincere prayers. Sandra C. Hamilton/Memphis, TN

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   January 06, 2020


It's now been almost three years now! It seems like it was like just a week ago. Time goes by so fast! I had seen him the last time back in 78 or so in Houston. I got to talk with him for a few minutes. He was so kind and never rushed anyone. He knew who I was when I mentioned my father who he knew back in the late 60's and they had a good friendship. I miss hearing him sing and speak of God and his grace! We love and miss you, Andre! Ken Baker

Posted by Ken Baker - Lake Charles, LA - Friend   January 07, 2019

Pastor Andrae', Tomorrow will mark four years since you left us, and you are gravely missed, to say the least. Your ministry is still blessing me as I watch youtube concerts/performances on a regular basis. During these times, it seems as if you are still here, and I thoroughly enjoy it. However, slowly some of these performances are disappearing from youtube. Practically all of your TBN visits (the programs where you visited) are no longer included on their new website, and I really hate it. I occasionally enjoy them on their once-a-week Classic Praise Programs. I've written letters and made calls to my favorite/local radio station requesting that your music get more air time, but to little avail. Ever since you left, I've desired to own your DVD, LIVE IN LOS ANGELES, but could not find it anywhere. All of a sudden, it popped up on youtube, and I play it all the time. (It's wonderful!) Well, about two weeks ago, it (DVD) popped up on I was so excited! It was expensive, but I purchased the Used/Almost Like New DVD, and it is worth every penny that I spent! Well, I just wanted to let you know that I still miss you and your music, but I thank God for your life because it is a true blessing to me. Although the title changes frequently, my current favorite song right now is "Your Love." REST IN PEACE as you enjoy being with the Lord. You truly deserve it. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   January 07, 2019

I first met him when I was ten or 11, through my father. Right away, I was expressed by his piano skills and singing. I continued to follow him through out his career. I was a huge fan of his music and message. I'll miss him because there will be no more songs from him to hear and sing. Rest In Peace my Brother.

Posted by Ken Baker - Lake Charles, LA - Friend   November 17, 2018

Pastor Andrae,' HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's almost your 76th birthday, and my thoughts are with you and Pastor Sandra. You've been gone for over three years, and we all still miss you so very much. While in Pacoima, CA recently, I visited your church and couldn't help but wish you were there: I could only imagine what a joy that would have been. However, just knowing that I was in the building where you served faithfully for many years made me feel connected. I am still playing your music, and it still enhances my Christian walk. The Lord really used you through your music, and although you are not with us, your message lives on through that music . ."JESUS SAVES." Continue to Rest in Peace, my brother --knowing that we are still "Thinking of You." TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   June 23, 2018

Once again, it is I--thanking God for the life and ministry of Pastor Andrae' Crouch. Yesterday, when I went to youtube to play some of his music, someone had posted something new --something I had not seen before. Oh, how I enjoyed watching and singing along! After that, I turned on the TV to watch a favorite church program, and --to my amazement--the service began with a choir selection that was a medley of songs. The medley included Pastor Andrae's "I Just Want to Take a Little Time to Thank the Lord" and "To God Be the Glory." I went to bed feeling good and still hearing those songs. Today, at my church, the missionary went to the microphone to speak, and she asked the congregation to help her to sing "To God Be the Glory." On my way home from church, "Let the Church Say Amen" came on the radio, and my heart rejoiced --even though I felt sad because Pastor Crouch is not here for me to tell him these things. It has been over three years now since he left us to be with the Lord, but his music and ministry live on. I thank God for blessing me with this great interest in and desire for his music. "To God Be the Glory."

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   May 13, 2018

I've just finished enjoying another "church service" with Pastor Andrae' via You Tube. What a Praise and Worship leader! This man sang from his heart --to the Lord. How he is missed!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - friend   February 26, 2018

I've just finished watching a TBN Classic from 1985 --when Pastor Andrae' Crouch introduced Tata Vega as a new singer with his group. How I enjoyed it! We all miss Pastor Andrae', but we Thank God for his ministry in music. To God Be The Glory!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   February 04, 2018

I've been thinking about Pastor Sandra on and off all day today: Today marks the three year anniversary of Pastor Andrae's death. I know she must miss him terribly. In an interview once--commemorating the contributions of the late Walter Hawkins, both she and Pastor Andrae' gave their remarks. In hers, she mentioned how hard it was when they lost their older brother, Bennie. She told how the Lord will be with you at a time like that, and one day "You realize that it doesn't hurt as bad." My prayer for her today is just that --that it doesn't hurt as bad as it once did. How we all miss Andrae'! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   January 08, 2018

January 7, 2018--Time is swiftly passing, and tomorrow will mark three (3) years since Pastor Andrae' went home to be with the Lord. I just wrote my tribute to him, but when I clicked on "Edit" to make some corrections, I lost it. I really miss this man of God and wish I had known him when he was here with us. We, the body of Christ, should never -ever forget Pastor Andrae' because his songs are mainstays in most of our church services. Although his autobiography, Through It All, was most inspirational, he was only 30 years old when it was written. We need a more up-to-date biography now --preferably written by or authorized by his beloved twin, Pastor Sandra. This man dedicated his entire life to the service of the Lord whom he loved completely. Watching him "have church" via You Tube is still a treasured part of my life because it has really enhanced my Christian walk. We need to have a book, some TV programs, etc. that spotlight his contributions to Gospel Music. Some of his lesser known songs that I adore include "I Have No Regrets," "It Don't Take Long," "Nobody Else Like You," The Story of Jesus," "I Got Me Some Angels," and 'I've Got the Best." His last album, "LIve in Los Angeles," is fantastic! His (then) new arrangement of "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" was wonderful. Well, I will honor the memory of this great servant for the rest of my life. As always, I am praying for Pastor Sandra. We LOVE you, Pastor Andrae'. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY."

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   January 07, 2018

It's me again! I was just thinking about Pastor Andrae' and the great contribution he made to the world: He taught us to LOVE, WORSHIP, and PRAISE the Lord. I was watching You Tube/Live in Los Angeles just the other day. What a blessing it is to me! I enjoyed it so very much. How I wish I had met Pastor Andrae'! I know he would want us to "Always Remember Jesus" and continue to "...Let the world know that Jesus SAVES." His twin, Pastor Sandra, remains in my prayers. A fellow worshiper, Sandra C. Hamilton, Memphis, TN.

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   October 02, 2017

Well, Pastor Sandra has a birthday tomorrow --July 1st. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to her. I hope it will be a happy day for her. I am so very grateful to God for blessing us to have had the music and ministry of both Pastor Sandra and her twin, Pastor Andrae', for so many years. How we all still miss Pastor Andrae'! I know he is proud of her, and I'm sure she misses him. I still enjoy watching them "have church" via youtube --almost daily: This is a mainstay in my Christian walk. May the Lord continue to bless her in every endeavor. May the world always remember --Not only Jesus, but Pastor Andrae' as well. He was such a great worshiper and teacher. He is greatly missed. "To God be the Glory."

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   June 30, 2017

It's me again. I was thinking about Pastor Sandra Crouch the other day, and I prayed for her as I always do. I admired the way she looked after her twin, Pastor Andrae' Crouch. He so often mentioned (in his interviews) just how much he loved her. The two of them were a great combination in winning souls for the Lord, and I know he would be proud of the way she is carrying on without him. Oh, how we all miss him and his music! I think of him so very often, and I usually play his music on YouTube or via record every day or so. He is still a major contributor in my Christian walk. When he sang, he gave his all in tribute to the Lord. It was all about the Lord, not the record charts, it seemed to me. Well, he longed to see Jesus, so I believe he is where he worked so hard to go. I plan to get there one day, too. In the meantime, I will bless the Lord and remember Pastor Andrae'. Until the next time . . .

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   May 08, 2017

I am about to visit You Tube to enjoy the music and message of the late Pastor Andrae' Crouch. Although I never met him, I somehow miss him terribly. He has been such a great influence on my Christian walk. I have been trying to collect as many of his albums as I can, and I really enjoy playing them. I even walk on my treadmill in time to his music on the Live in London album. How I wish I could tell him how much his ministry means to me --even now! Well, I'm trying to live the way he taught us to live: In everything we do, we are to give God the glory. We are to love HIm and live for HIm . . . trying to tell the world that "Jesus Saves." As always, my sincere prayers are with Pastor Sandra and New Christ Missionary COGIC --and the wonderful people who sang with Pastor Andrae'. I thank God for this great Minister of Music. He was the ultimate minister of Praise and Worship. I thank God for his life. --S. C. Hamilton

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   March 11, 2017

Condolences to u Sandra and family God is withuall

Posted by cassandra wright - Philadelphia, PA - Friend   January 12, 2017


In memory of a man of God. Gone Home to Jesus, but not forgotten. I know you have preached, teach and song you some lovely brand new songs in the Heavenly choir up there with Jesus. Just save a seat for us down here. Long as I know I got a seat in the kingdom. That's all right. You is still in our hearts. Long as you stay in our hearts. Memories will never die. Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesse, Lesia Abner Lee and family, Roanoke Alabama.

Posted by Jesse and Lesia Lee - Roanoke, AL - Significant Other   January 10, 2017

Well, in just two more days, on January 8, 2017, we will have been without the presence (here on earth) of our beloved Pastor Andrae' Crouch for two (2) years. I still miss just knowing that he was here --somewhere on earth. This man was a true Praiser and Worshiper: He never stopped loving the Lord. His music still has so much meaning: It's timeless! My prayers are with his twin, Pastor Sandra, and the New Christ Memorial Church of God in Christ. I know they miss him because I do --and I never had the pleasure and honor of meeting him. I thank God for him and hope to see him in Heaven one day. To God be the Glory!

Sandra C. Hamilton

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   January 06, 2017

You tube: "Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus," "Always Remember," "It Don't Take Long," "Jesus is Lord," "My Tribute," "The Blood," "Mighty Wind," "This Is Another Day," "There's Nobody Else Like You"--just to name a few -- His message was clear: " Jesus is LORD!" I praise God for this great man who devoted his life in service to the Lord. He seemed to delight in just singing to the Lord --with NO REGARD for anything else. As he often said, "God is AWESOME and worthy to be praised." My prayers are yet with Pastor Sandra because I know she must miss Pastor Andrae' terribly. As we end this 2016 year, may we all welcome the new year in by PRAISING and WORSHIPING the Lord. Let us praise Him for what He has done; let us worship Him for who He is. I'll never forget Pastor Andrae' and his influence on my Christian life --even after he left to be with the LORD. --S. C. Hamilton/ Fellow worshiper

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   December 31, 2016

While doing some research via computer earlier today, I came across an article that I had not read about Pastor Andrae' Crouch. He was such a dedicated minister of Music. When he sang, a gathering ceased to be a concert and became a "CHURCH" experience. I believe this man dedicated his life to the service of the Lord. His entire existence was evident of this. How we miss him! I'll never forget him. My prayers are with Pastor Sandra. -- S. C. Hamilton

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   October 14, 2016

Well, it's been about twenty months since Pastor Andrae' went home to be with the Lord. I miss him, but I am blessed to enjoy his music via you tube. He was so dedicated to his ministry, and he dearly loved his twin, Pastor Sandra. (I pray for her daily because I know she misses him.) I am so very grateful to God for allowing me to be blessed through Pastor Andrae's ministry. To Go be the Glor!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   August 16, 2016

I am thinking about Pastor Andrae' today. As I was driving along in my car yesterday, I heard this familiar voice on the radio. When I realized it was Pastor Andrae' singing "Through It All," the tears just flowed. It was so good to hear his voice, but a reminder that he is gone. How I wish I had known him personally, but his ministry is certainly a blessing to me right now. He was an anointed man: His songs have so much meaning. I have read his book nine times: Each time I find something that I did not fully realize the time before. I view his concerts via youtube practically every day: It's like being there --having church with him. I thank God for this servant. I miss him terribly. Pastor Sandra is in my daily prayers. To God be the Glory! Sandra C. Hamilton, Memphis, TN

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Friend   May 28, 2016

January 7, 2016 --How quickly a year passes! It's hard to believe that Pastor Andrae' Crouch has been gone for a year tomorrow! Although I never met him, I miss him terribly, but I really enjoy playing his music via youtube practicallly every day. I'll never forget him. My prayers are with his twin. Sandra C. Hamilton, Memphis, TN

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Sister in Christ   January 08, 2016

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Posted by I love elder crouch he was truly a man of god ! Now he is with - Dallas, TX - Sister in christ   December 27, 2015

October 30, 1987, I received Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, November 1, 1987, my son, DeAndre` was dedicated to the Lord, by Christmas 1987, I purchased my first Andrae` Crouch cassett tape: "No Time To Lose"..."Oh It Is Jesus"...."I Got To Be Ready", for that very cassett tape set my soul on fire to be water baptised Easter Sunday 1988 and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost by Fall 1988, and to see my son receive Christ himself, October 31, 1996!!! Thank you Andrae` Crouch for all of your music, 28 years later it ALL...still sets me straight with the Lord, thank you for building my spiritual foundation. In HIS Service, Minister TL Rodgers

Posted by Deepest Sympathy To All of the Crouch Family, Minister TL Rodger - North, TX - sister in Christ Jesus   June 09, 2015

Oh how God loves you, Andre, He has chosen to take you to the holy Kingdom where there is no more pain and no more suffering. I have always loved you from the first time I heard you song and what a great artist you are. My favorite song is Let the church say Amen. I know that God has spoken and that you had to go when he called your name. Andre rip . I will remember you until the end and I hope to meet you in Heaven.
Marilyn Page in Rock Hill, South Carolina

Posted by marilyn page - rock hill, SC - friend   May 31, 2015


RIP Pastor Andrae. Your music has been and is an inspiration with my walk with the Lord. Your music lives on.

Posted by Jannet Francis - Sunrise, FL - Fan   May 04, 2015

Dear Lynn and Ed:So sorry to hear about Uncle Charlie. Because of the stories Jimmy and Margie told me, and the time he came to visit us, felt I knew and loved him. Think of you and Jersey often, Love, LaVerne Murphy

Posted by Mikay - eltvuwwVl8, WV - UwRO8O8V   April 05, 2015

just starting to run. my conrcen is that I have really crappy knees (includes floating meniscus in both of them). as such, I worry about my knees taking all of the shock and pain. would deep bending such as described above still be a suggested approach?

Posted by Babiche - hXkE5dZZ2, CO - HE2bbxEjb   April 03, 2015

Please bring back Inhale with Steve Ross I used to do it with my mom every night, and he is so far the only yoga instructor that doesn't drive me inasne! I need to do yoga but cant seem to unless I can have fun with it, I would settle for even a DVD

Posted by Fehmettin - t5fRtX0y, GA - T5TEEhAS   April 03, 2015

I have always enjoyed Pastor Andrae's music, but since he left us, I've been drawn to the computer practically every day to find certain songs and/or interviews. How he has inspired me on my Christian walk! I wish I could tell him just how much his ministry is helping me now. Both Pastors Andrae and Sandra have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, and it's not in vain. Andrae's ministry will continue through his music and his twin. I hope the Lord will inspire Pastor Sandra to one day write a book about the beautiful and close relationship she shared with her twin. The two of them are an inspiration to watch. When they sang, they often made the same arm and foot movements. One can feel their closeness to each other and sincere love for God as they "held church" during a concert. How I wish I had known what I know now about Pastor Andrae's life! I hope he knew just how much he was loved. May he now rest in peace and enjoy being with the Lord. (The Lord truly used him in a mighty way!) I pray that Pastor Sandra will find peace and comfort in her many memories of her brother so dear. Let's try to live the way Pastor Andrae taught us --to praise the Lord before we ask Him for anything . . .to thank Him for everything, and to give Him the glory in everything we do. I praise God right now for giving us Pastor Andrae!

Posted by Sandra C. Hamilton - Memphis, TN - Admirer/Fellow worshipper   February 18, 2015

Andre has meant so much to me personally even though I've never met him. through his songs I have learned how to worship get closer to God. his humility and reference to God was a great example to follow. prayers for the family.

Posted by Florine Evans - Simi Valley, CA - friendsnipi   January 20, 2015

I pray for the Family that God will take care of your hearts and give you peace in this time of loss. May God Bless you and keep you safe.

Posted by Barbara Biggers - Rialto, CA - Family Friend   January 16, 2015

I prayer for the Crouch family for the gift of God that has return home. He will be greatly missed, but his music will forever be in our hearts.

Posted by liz - Middletown, NY   January 14, 2015


He prayed for us while he was here on earth. Now he is home with Jesus. So please don't forget to pray for his sister Sandra and the rest of our family. Every day, while you down at the alter, please don't for get to pray. Mr. Crouch has gone on home to get this angel wings, put on his long white robe and wear his golden crown. He will not take nothing for his journey right now. His work down hear has spoke for him, he has finish the race. Now there is nothing more to be said. But, I know if he could say anything else to us, he would tell us, don't worry about me. I am a solider gone on home to Jesus to see him face to face. I'm going on home to be with my Lord. I been born again. Remember me from my prayers , when I prayed for you. My songs of Jesus I song to you. If nothing else, my sermons I preached to you, the words of Jesus. That's the way God plan it. I done all I can do here on earth. So I am going on home to sing a brand new song in the Heavenly Choir. Mr. Crouch was truly blessed and we was blessed by his prayers, songs and preaching. Rest in Peace God Soldier. You was one of God Best Children here on earth. You will be missed.

Posted by Abner and Lee Family - Roanoke, AL - Brothers and sisters in Christ   January 14, 2015

Andrae Crouch and his music were a gift to all of us from God Himself! We will miss him.

Posted by Dorie Vigil - Salt Lake City, UT - Sister in the Lord   January 13, 2015

He was the first and most impacting gospel singer_artists un my life. How can sooooo many beautiful songs come from one human being? As a child i dreamt of being one of his backup singers. So much i could say,but just thank God for impacting me at such a young age

Posted by Kathy rodriguez - wayne, NJ - sister   January 10, 2015

I am remembering my childhood and the times I spent listening to Andre Crouch's music. He really ministered through his songs.

Posted by Candice - Chesterfield, VA   January 10, 2015