Condolence & Memory Journal

growing is such a magical, beiuatful part of life. of course, sometimes growing is a real b****. when i think back to my adolescence and the natural growing pains that came with that phase of life, i can't help but cringe. thank god i survived that! but then i think about being 60, looking back at myself now in my 30th year of life, and i wonder if i'll be just as thankful then that i survived these growing pains as i feel now about being 15. when i was young i thought "growing up" meant i was done with my teens, i had moved out into the adult world and that was that. but now i know better. we are always young, always learning, and therefore in a constant phase of growing up. i'll be growing up in my 60's and if i make it into my 90's, i'll be growing up then too.

Posted by Shandra - l7smmdH6r6Q, FL - cNlKW9N0oj   November 13, 2015

Shalom ! Your spirit abba will forever live . We will hold fast to your teaching s until the victory is won. Yahkim

Posted by Hodiel - Port Elizabeth, IN - Saint in the kingdom of yah   March 09, 2015

Shalom..Abba Hagadol thank you for providing us with the vision,and giving us the strength to carry on the torch of truth...Abba you give your life to us give us life and now it is time for our lives to reflect your life...Todah YAH for raising up the Good the Shepard and sending him to the lost sheep of the House of Israel to awaken us from the deep sleep of deception..Ben Ammi lives with in us

Posted by Yahyl Ben Israel - Atlanta, GA - disciple   January 06, 2015

Rest in Peace Brother. YAH is Righteous.

Posted by Yisrael - Atlanta, GA - Hebrew sister   January 04, 2015

I love you Ben Ammi and will greatly miss you.

Posted by Yasha - detrour, MI - friend and stydent   December 30, 2014

Leave a condolence or a memory.

Posted by Yasha Ben Yishrael - Detroit, MI - good friend and student   December 30, 2014

Condolences. A great leader has been lost.

Posted by Darkeeyah - Atlanta, GA - nonrelation   December 30, 2014