Tragic Events

  • Flight 9525 Victims (2015)

    Flight 9525 Victims

    By KIRSTEN GRIESHABER, The Associated PressHALTERN, Germany (AP) — A stunned German town mourned 16 students who went down aboard Germanwings Flight 9525 on their way home Tuesday from a Spanish exchange, while the opera world grieved for two singers who were returning from performing in Barcelona — one of them with her baby."This is surely the blackest day in the history of our town," a...

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  • Pierre Korkie (2014)

    Pierre Korkie

    By ANDREW MELDRUM, The Associated PressJOHANNESBURG (AP) — South African Pierre Korkie was just a day from freedom, after being held captive for 18 months by al-Qaida in Yemen, when he was killed in a U.S. rescue attempt Saturday, according to the non-governmental group Gift of the Givers.Korkie, one of two hostages killed in the military effort, had been working as a teacher in Yemen before he...

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  • Luke Somers (2014)

    Luke Somers

    By The Associated Press, The Associated PressLuke Somers, an American who was killed during a rescue attempt against his al-Qaida captors in Yemen, had been working as a freelance photographer and editor in that country, and those who knew him say he had "wanderlust" and was drawn to new experiences.Lucy Somers told The Associated Press Saturday that that she learned of her 33-year-old brother's...

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  • Thomas Eric Duncan (2014)

    Thomas Eric Duncan

    EMILY SCHMALL, The Associated Press DALLAS (AP) — Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States, grew up next to a leper colony in Liberia and fled years of war before later returning to his country to find it ravaged by the disease that ultimately took his life. Duncan, 42, arrived in Dallas in late September, realizing a long-held ambition to join relatives....

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  • Werner Franz (2014)

    Werner Franz

    FRANK JORDANS, The Associated PressBERLIN (AP) — Werner Franz, believed to be the last surviving crew member of the German airship Hindenburg that crashed 77 years ago, has died. He was 92.Franz was a 14-year-old cabin boy when the hydrogen-filled Zeppelin caught fire and crashed in Lakehurst, New Jersey, on May 6, 1937. The disaster was captured by waiting photographers, film crews and a radio...

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